Monday, April 8, 2013


To say that I have had a busy 3 days would be putting it pretty mildly, haha.  Or to say that I am DEFINITELY tired and dragging a bit this morning would also be an exaggeration.  But then to top it off I have a VERY busy next couple of days coming up as well. Most of the time I was busy with wonderful things, so that's a good thing, but even when it wasn't, I am grateful for every moment, and glad that God gives me strength to do what I do.  I will TRY to  do my best to nutshell everything for you even though if you know me at all I don't do a very good job with that.

Let's go back to Friday.  It was just one of those days that I couldn't seem to fit everything in it that needed to be done, so I made a list of what was most important and stuck to it as best I could.  First on the list was I needed to take mom to the doc's as her feet and legs have been swelling and that is never good.  I had already promised myself to avoid the doc's on Friday's as best I can as it just seems to fluster mom as she is getting herself ready to go to my sister's for the week-end.  Now she really doesn't have to do much as we are both completely set up with EVERYTHING mom needs, but this really doesn't seem to matter much, she still frets.  So by the time she was showered and dressed and sitting in the doc's office we were both a little stressed.  The doc order some tests, drew blood, and prescribed some new meds.  I left pleased that they had done the blood work right there.  One less stop, haha.  After another stop at the pharmacy, I still needed to feed her lunch and get to the x-ray place (for Tues. morning's appointment) pack up her stuff and drive her to my BIL'S work  I had another hassle at the pharmacy (perhaps it's time to change, but it is the less expensive one around) and then I got to the x-ray place and realized I had left the orders laying on the desk at the doc office (which was weird on my part as this is not even the doc who ORDERED the x-rays in the first place ~ I had dug through my purse looking for something else, and then just left them laying there I guess) soooo of course this was a big delay which eventually got straightened out thanks to those wonderful fax machines.  However we were late getting to my BIL's which meant he had to sit there waiting (which I hate to have him have to do) mom was semi flipping out, and it eventually meant LOTS AND LOTS of bumper to bumper traffic getting home for me....sigh.  A BAD day.  Went to bed exhausted.  Sat. morning we got up and had to scurry around as Jeff was going to help my oldest son move, and I was going to take Jeffie out to celebrate his ninth birthday.  A MUCH MUCH better day, haha.  Or I guess for me anyway, not so much for hubs.  Jeffie and I headed out and got his hair cut, and then went to lunch at our favorite fish restaurant.  He is the only 9 year old I know who when given his choice of ANYTHING he wanted for lunch would chose fish.  And not just fish.  He chose fish, veggies, and for dessert ~ a bowl of fruit!  haha.  He just seems to like and prefer healthy food.  What a lucky guy.  Anyway, after lunch we went and saw the new kid movie Croods.  It was really pretty good.  Jeffie laughed his way through the whole thing while sipping a GIANT blueberry ice.  I will confess Grandma dozed once or twice, haha.  After the movie we headed over to Toys R Us so he could pick out his birthday present.  He had the money we were giving him, plus the money his great grandpa Class had given him as well, and boy did he ever deliberate on his choice.  He finally settled on a new Lego set, his new favorite pastime.  We went back to the new house then where the move was going MUCH slower than we had hoped for.  It was almost 10 that night before we finally got back home where we both collapsed into bed.  Sun dawned early and we had to head down to San Diego for church and to celebrate my youngest son's 33rd birthday.  I want to tell you about the message as I felt like it was preached just for me....sooo good!  I don't have time to go into now but I am going to really try to tell you about it before the week is up as it was just that good.  After service James picked the restaurant this time and we went to his favorite BBQ place and had just the best ribs.  We lingered for quite a while (the kids played some video games) and visited and talked the time away.  We had an extra hour or so to spare so I got to run by the fabric store to get this week's supply of flannel which was on sale. Hubby got a nice little nap in the car while I shopped.  ; )   ALWAYS enjoy going there, but that hour sure went fast!  After that we headed down to Buena Park where we were meeting my oldest son's family to celebrate Jeffie's birthday at a place called Medieval Times.  It is a dinner/show place that serves your dinner while you watch a show of knights competing in various games.  The horses were magnificent.   It was REALLY fun, and Jeffie loved every minute of it.  We didn't get home until late again however, so it was two tired people who toppled into bed again last night.  Today I have to change sheets and do all the laundry that I didn't get to on Friday, in addition to running to the grocery store.  And! to finish off this day I have to go to the dentist this afternoon and get a check up and get these old choppers cleaned.  Mom will be back around 4 and I will need to get dinner and settle her in.  I am tired before I begin, I won't lie.  Tomorrow we will head down to Newport for which will hopefully be the VERY last doc appointment down there.  The rest of the week will hopefully be spent resting and at my sewing machine.  Hope you all had a good week-end, and have a wonderful week ahead.  Blessings to you all!  (these were all taken with our phone camera, so it is what it is, lol)







  1. Hi Debbie, Oh what joy to spend time with your family, especially grandson's birthdays. Great pics-seems like everyone had a wonderful time. It is a new week filled with lots of possibilities. We are scheduled to get between 8-12" of snow here tonight and tomorrow; I'm not looking forward to it but maybe I'll get some sewing done.
    Have a great day my friend.
    Love, Noreen

  2. What a fun family time together! I love the photos. I hope you gather the strength for today. May the Lord give that to you Deb.

    Blessings and love,

  3. You pack more fun into a weekend! And other things. I admire the grit that it takes to accomplish all these things. You're amazing!

  4. Oh my, I'm exhausted just reading about your weekend. Hope you can get some rest & relaxation this week, dear one.

  5. God continues balance the challenges with your joys...which keep you going so strong.
    What a weekend.
    Oh Medieval Times...we did that for the four of us last year for our January birthdays.

    Now I can say...I think I would have stayed home in have the energy level of a 20 year old!!

    Blessings and Hugs

  6. Debbie
    Medieval Times sounds like a lot of fun. Love the picture of the group (crazy how much they charge for those photos) You have so much amaze me! guess god gives us just what we need for the tasks that he has put before us.
    Have a great week

  7. Wow you were busy. It sounded really nice though, you are such a good grandma and grandpa. I have always wanted to go to that Medieval Times place. I see it when we are down there.
    I don't know how you do it.
    I hope this week isn't quite so busy.


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