Sunday, August 25, 2013


Well I survived Taylor Swift! haha.  Actually, it is a night that will go down in the memory books for sure. The girls made it soo much fun.  It was a first for both of them, for one of them even being in LA.  And LA is a unique place is all I am going to say about that right now.  We arrived plenty early and were the first to arrive in our "suite" which was our goal, so that the girls could grab the front row, (we have been blessed enough to be in this suite more than once so we knew how that worked!) but let me back up a bit.   The place was PACKED and I mean truly PACKED even as early as it was, and we had to park down the street a bit after we found out there was NO WAY to drop me off a little closer.  Which meant I had a decent little walk before I ever walked into the Staples Center.  I enjoyed the walk as there was so much to see, (I could just "people watch" forever....soo entertaining, but that's definitely another post!) in spite of my ridiculous knees.  But let me tell you by the time I got to the door I was grateful I had grabbed my cane (which I do whenever I have to walk quite a distance) for more reasons than one.  One of the guys at the door looked at me and said, "I notice you have a cane, would you like a ride to your seat?"  He was standing there with a wheel chair.  I gratefully said, "Why yes I would as a matter of fact I would."  And how glad I was I did...we were CLEAR ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE of where we had to be.  It would have been a LONG LONG walk.   He wheeled me up to the door of the suite and promised he would be back at the end of the concert.  This was truly a blessing for me, and I was very grateful.  The suite had been packed with roast beef and turkey sandwiches, and HUGE platters of veggies and dips.  There was iced water, beer, and every kind of soda you could think of.   We enjoyed our dinner and got ready for the show.  Soo now let me tell you about that.  Taylor Swift was amazing!  I love her voice, and her music is cute and entertaining so that was all good.  And she danced a little bit (but soo tastefully compared to some I have seen) and her dresses and costumes were just gorgeous!  One of her opening acts I recognized from American Idol a couple of years ago...Casey James.  If you like country music (one of my personal favorites) he was REALLY good.  And cute too, haha,  The other guy, whose name escapes me at the moment, well, not so much.  Now the girls LOVED him, but I was glad when he was done, haha.  Now let me tell you about the negatives.  OH MY GOODNESS it was L O U D...Now I have been  to been to a few concerts in my day, even some within the last 5 years or so, so I knew of course and was prepared for it to be loud but this was like nothing I had ever witnessed.  The place was completely sold out (in fact, I guess Taylor Swift has broke all records for sold out performances at the Staple Center) and so there were some 15, 000 of us there.  But soo many of them were young girls, and all of them screaming at the top of their lungs.  I expected this too of course not having been born yesterday, but WOW, is all I can say.  Now our two girls did their fair share of screaming and singing along, but they were sooo mild compared to the other 3 girls that joined our suite with their parents later.  They were right behind us (we grabbed that first row remember) and so they were screaming right in our ears....and just randomly too.  Not like at the beginning or the end of a favorite song, but just whenever the urge struck them...which was often, haha.  Seriously though, if it had been our girls, I would have said something.  But instead I spent a great deal of my time with my ears covered with my hands, lol.  Trust me, I could still hear everything I wanted to hear.  But other than the loudness I did enjoy every little bit of it.  HOWEVER, I don't think I will be rushing into any more of these concerts any time fact, maybe never again, haha.  I may be officially too old for this type of entertainment.




Soo, that was this grandma's experience at a Taylor Swift concert.  The girls loved it and had a wonderful time, and THAT brought me lots of pleasure.

It is time to leave now for church, and a pot luck to follow, so I will tell you about my experience with learning the stitch regulator at sewing machine class yesterday later.  Let me just tell you this....going to class after having been to a concert the night before and not hitting my bed until 1 am, did not go well for me. Pretty sure I was the dumbest slowest to learn student in the class...sigh.  I have got LOTS AND LOTS of practice coming up I think.  Hope you all enjoy your days!  Blessings!  Debbie


  1. How nice for you to do that for your grand daughter and to get to spend time with them. How nice that you were in a box. It sounds wonderful and I just loved that that you got to ride instead of walk to your place. I am sure they will remember it forever.
    What a fun night. I really like your new quilting project it looks so nice. Debbie you did such a good job!
    Have a lovely Sunday.

  2. If your teacher knew all that you had been through the night before, she would have given you lots and lots of one on one instruction. ☺

    You are a saint! This would be a nope-you-can't-make-me for me, but you did it and the girls are going to remember forever. What fun for them!

  3. What a great post, and what a great memory you have made with your grand daughters...who are adorable.
    I too love Taylor Swift, I think I'm better watching on the tube.. I can pause her, turn her down, go to the restroom and not wait in line etc...
    I guess I too am getting old...fond memories of many concerts back in the day :-)


  4. Oh, my, ear plugs would have likely been really nice to have. I cannot abide that loud of music, but sounds like you were a real trooper. Blessings for the new week!

  5. How fun! I enjoy Taylor Swift's music. And I remember Casey James from American Idol. He was good. You really are the BEST grandma Deb!

    Blessings and love,

  6. OMG you are some cool grandma! this is so precious! Lindsey and Annabel will remember this forever, and so will you dear friend. I am so amazed at how these two young ladies have grown, they are so beautiful, and such great friends too.
    Thanks for sharing, "Cool Grandma"

  7. What a neat thing to do for the grand girls! They will remember it always!!!
    : ) Kris

  8. What a fabulous grandma you are!! The things we do for our grands, eh? Just think of the memories you've made.

  9. You get the Grandma Rocks award this week!! I love every single word of the story (so glad about the cane inspired ride...) and I love every picture.

    My favorite one is the sing-along one.

    True confession: Because both of my girls love T.S., I love her too. I know every one of her songs and would probably look like your granddaughters at a concert. I'd have my hand on my chest, belting out the song.

    The only other singer who gets me up and rocking with my girls as much as she does is Martina McBride.

    They are our mother/daughter singers. I'm so glad you got to go!

  10. The girls will remember this for a long time (I am sure you will too ha ha )You went above and beyond, this grandma probably would have bowed out, I know I am way too old ha ha. Have a great week

  11. Hi there, I am so impressed that you took the girls to a concert-I'm not sure I would have. I understand about being tired and then having to go to sewing class-you will get the hang of your machine very quickly.
    Have a blessed day my friend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  12. I think you win the "Best Grandmother" award for the week! I can't imagine the reverberation of sound that is probably still pounding in your head, but also know you were making special memories with your girls for a lifetime. Can't beat that!

  13. I like Taylor : ) I think she's a talented writer, and I admire her style and the fact that she's mostly stayed out of the negative limelight. Sounds like a fun night to me!


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