Sunday, October 27, 2013


It seems as if while I have made myself busy with all the sewing projects etc., and making sure I have posted what I am doing there, I might have neglected to post about what is REALLY more important to me than anything, and that is my relationship with Jesus, and my belief that in His Word lies ALL the answers we might seek.  So I am going to try to set Sunday aside to post about just that.  So, here is today's thoughts....

Psalm 1:2  But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law he mediates day and night.

As I was dwelling on this verses this morning, I began to think to myself, what is it that makes me happy? What is it that makes most people happy?  And is it different from that which I truly delight in?

I think in the world we live in today, happiness is something most people assume they were born to experience, and something they feel they deserve to have.  So as a result, many spend their lives in the pursuit of this happiness, and do whatever they feel is necessary to gain this sought after emotion. Relationship after relationship sometimes can be the result, as the strive to find the "perfect" mate who will bring them the happiness they deserve.  Maybe it is their career that they feel is the key, and educate themselves and work diligently to achieve the goals they set forth to ring about the results that will surely lead to a nicer home, a better car, or whatever it is that they are sure will bring them the most pleasure. However the problem is really very obvious it would seem.  Nothing is ever really enough, and the pursuit is always allusive.

I think that sometimes even for us Christians as we look for happiness in life, we make the mistake sometimes of thinking that our happiness will come as we read through the scriptures looking for peace of mind and security.  But I think as we really read the Bible, and meditate on what it says, we find that God is a lot more concerned about holiness than happiness.  He is a lot more concerned about the state of our hearts, than the state of our feelings.  Undoubtedly, the will of God will bring happiness to those who obey, but the most important things is not how HAPPY we are, but how holy.  I think sometimes it might be easy to cultivate a religious joy, without ever cultivating a righteous life.

If a person delights in something, you certainly don't have to beg then to do it generally ~ kind of like my sewing ~ or to find the time and effort to pursue it.  We do that all by ourselves.  We can measure our delight for the word of God by how much we hunger for it, and how much we are willing to re-arrange our time and schedules to find the time to spend times with Him.

What makes us happy?  What gets us excited?  This is a good way to see just what is important to us.  If personal pleasure is the only thing that makes us happy, then we are a selfish, self centered person.  If being with our family or friends delights us, that is certainly much better, but is still falls short.  The righteous man finds his the law of the Lord.

The righteous man only has God's Word on his mind two times a day:  day and night.  That about covers it all!

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Sunday! God's blessings to you all!  Debbie


  1. You are a vibrant, living testimony to our Heavenly Father. This post blessed my heart this Monday morning.

    Wishing you joy today!

  2. Amen! Thanks for sharing this very important reminder.

  3. Great reminder, thanks!!


  4. Ahh so true and a little convicting!


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