Saturday, March 29, 2014


Well this week-end has started off a little "shakey"  and I mean that literally.  We have had an earthquake in So. California and right smack in the center of Brea, which for those of you who don't know it, is MY hometown!  Now for those of you who are native Californians and may not know this, the closer you live to the epicenter of the quake, the worse you feel it.  So you know where that left me.  However! when the earthquake struck we were on our way home from an evening in Claremont where my middle son had just finished hosting a stand up comedy night.  We were sitting in bumper to bumper traffic (Yes, at almost 9:30 at night!) and were at a complete stand still when suddenly (and I do mean suddenly) our car did a jerking rolling thing and honestly I thought we'd been hit. Hubby and I looked at each other and I yelled out, "We've been hit!" and he yelled back, "No Deb, I think it was an earthquake!"  Oh no I thought....if we felt IN the car (where you usually don't) and this badly, it was either really close or a really bad one or both! We were only about 15 minutes from home at that point.  We immediately turned on the radio and learned within a few minutes that the earthquake was a 5.4 (a pretty big one) and centered in OUR city!  We drove home speculating as to the damage we might find, because having lived before where the quake is centered before, we KNEW there'd be some.  And we did find some.  All of my plates off a decorative shelf we have were on the floor and broken.  Some pictures were off the wall.  Some nick nacks and figurines were knocked over (but not broken).  Our entertainment unit doors were open and videos had toppled out.  It just looked like someone had picked the house up and given it a good shake....which I guess is what kinda happened.  But nothing serious thank God and all of our neighbors seemed to be OK.  I can honestly imagine how scary it would have been to have been home when that hit and I was glad we hadn't been.  Meanwhile, we are have tons of aftershocks, most of which we are feeling pretty badly as we again are right in the center of it.  They are not DOING anything, besides making my heart jump every time, lol.  MEANWHILE, my niece Jessica has had a couple of complications with her pregnancy and has been hospitalized and had labor induced!  Talk about your weird night.  I crawled into bed around 11 hoping I'd be able to sleep, and was only awaken twice with little quakes so that was good.   I intend to shower and dress and drive over to the hospital to sit with my sister while her first grandchild decides when to make his appearance.  Sooo how is that?  I'd appreciate a prayer or two if you can for the safe arrival of Weston.  He is only 3 weeks early, so all should be fine, but I know it is scary for all of them.  Plus Jessica's blood pressure has been quite high.  Well, we will probably continue to have aftershocks for a few days and I guess it is the old it is what it is.  How glad I am that the Lord has all this all in control.  Hope your week-end has started less shakey!  Blessings to you all!  Debbie

Soo thankful for the shelter of His wings..

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.  Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging."  Psalm 46:1-3.


  1. That is way too exciting...God must think you all need a jolt to get your hearts going or something. Ackkk... Glad that you found no more damage than you did. That would certainly have been freaky to be home and have the plates come off the walls. God also knew that you didn't need that much of a jolt. =D

    I am already praying for one happy delivery and will add your sister's grand. Very cool.

    Take care out there!

  2. I saw this just now on the news and I thought of you and thought you must be at the epicenter.
    I am glad you are all safe. I will be praying today for your niece. Also for peace as you have to keep feeling the after shocks.

  3. oh how well I remember those earthquakes growing up in Pasadena. The verse comes quickly to my mind... "and underneath are the everlasting arms". Scary though, isn't it?

    Have a blssed weekend.

  4. Debbie
    I'm so glad you're safe. It must have been frightening for you!
    I pray for your niece's delivery.

  5. Praying for sweet Weston and Jessica!!!!
    Wasn't that earthquake something? Scared me to death! No damage here, just frayed nerves!
    xo Kris

  6. Just heard on our local news that there have been hundreds of aftershocks. I hope that they are wrong. That would be too unsettling.

  7. Debbie, Last night when we heard of the earthquake, I stated how glad I was to have left those behind!!! I so well remember Loma Prieta; we were 2 mls from the epicenter and although being a native Ca., I had tremendous post traumatic stress. We put tacky wax under everything and I lived with clothes and shoes at the end of our bed until we moved here. I well remember the aftershocks and being terrified every time a floor shook. I also remember the sound that accompanied the quake.
    Hope this was it for you guys and that the aftershocks will stop.
    Praying for His protection on you and yours.

  8. Praying for your Weston and his mama.

    And praying for you all ... I heard that and wondered if you were affected in any way. Wow ... scary! Glad that there was only minimal damage and that you all are ok.

  9. I just saw that on the news. Glad you are sorry for the broken things.
    Praying for you and the new baby to come.

  10. Sorry about the damage at your home. They always catch us by surprise!
    We are 64 miles from you and we certainly felt the quake. Keeping Jessica and little Weston in my prayers.

  11. What a weekend!! Oh my!

    I am thankful with you, that you and yours were under His protection. Love the verse at the end of your post!


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