Thursday, April 3, 2014


It is late Wednesday afternoon and I am sitting here listening to the rain pattering on the roof, and smelling chicken baking in the oven.  Thought I might try to get this post together and ready to publish, as I won't really have time in the morning.  I have had a busy week....a busy week of celebrating birthdays that is.  April 1st is both my older sister Diane's birthday, and my good friend's as well.  So on Tuesday afternoon I met my girl friend at our favorite restaurant and had a wonderful lunch and visit together and then we went and saw the movie God is NOT Dead.  It was a really good movie with a great message of course, and we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. This is the friend who I have been friends with since we were 9 years old.  And considering this is the year we turn 60, it seems like we had something to celebrate, lol.  I am a good six months behind her, so mine is still coming, lol.  And then my sister Diane and I will meet tomorrow to celebrate hers. We are going to start our day a little earlier though and get in a little shopping first at one of our favorite places, Joanne's fabric.  Then we too are going to do lunch and a movie. Haven't really settled on what yet, but I am sure we will find something.  How grateful I am to have BOTH of these women in my life.  They have both seen me through all of life's best and worst moments, and between the two of them I honestly couldn't count up all of the good times we have had.  I made both of them similar gifts this year, just in different colors.  I embroidered a scripture design I found on a piece of fabric, and then made a pillow out of it.  I was REALLY pleased with the way they came out, and put to use the fact that I recently learned how to make piping as well.  I made the piping for the pillows a lot bigger than the one I made for the bumper pads, and I wasn't sure if it would come out OK, but it did.  A woman who works at the quilting store who was helping me match fabric for the piping on the second pillow (I had brought along the first one for her to see) LOVED it and wanted me to make her one for her MIL if I was interested. I did consider it seriously, as I did enjoy making them.  But decided against it for the same reasons I always do.  But now I have added on the fact that I have a hard enough time with my neck making the things I want/need to for my own life, I don't think I can take on projects for money. Though she told me if I was ever interested, she could get me a lot of orders.  Anyway, let me show you my pillows.


My machine really does embroidery beautifully.  These pictures don't do it justice, but I am always a little too lazy to drag out the good camera.  There are things I can do to improve my pillow making in the future though, and I am anxious to make some more.

I also made myself a set of Easter coasters, and 12 new bibs for Vinny.  Guess he is cutting some teeth and is drooling soo badly, she really needed a few more.  Grandma had LOTS of fabric on hand, and I enjoyed this little project too.  I set out a couple of my Easter decs as well this week.



This week-end will bring even MORE birthday celebrations as it is both my little Jeffie's 10th birthday (how can he already be 10!?), and my youngest son James 34th (even more incredulous that he is in his mid thirties now!)  April is a busy month.  But more on that later.  My dinner is smelling delicious, and I need to get it on the table.  Hope you all have been having a GOOD week. I heard a line in the movie God is NOT Dead that just keeps running over and over in my head.  "God is good all the time!"  "All the time, God is good!"  Soo true!


  1. Debbie
    As usual, I'm blown away with your sewing projects! They are so pretty.
    Happy B'Day to your sis and girlfriend too.

  2. Wishing all a very Happy Birthday, My older sister, who is my best friend has a milestone birthday this month. To have a friendship last for so long says volumes about both of you.
    Your pillows are absolutely beautiful,as all of your work, I am like Kimberly blown away with all that you accomplish.
    Love your Easter decorations, I have just started with mine.
    Thanks for sharing, enjoy your day.

  3. Good Morning, I hope you post pics of your birthday celebration. Just think in a couple more years you can get s.s.
    We had rain here all night too-so early for us.
    I love all that you are making-girl you don't let any grass grown under your feet. You are always so busy-wish I had your energy.
    Have a wonderful day my friend.

  4. Both pillows are gorgeous, though that first one is strikingly so. What kind of fabric is that? Sounds as if you are enjoying Birthday Alley and will continue so to do. Lunch out and a movie along with a little shopping...what's not to love?! I suppose if you ever run out of projects for your own purposes, creating pillows would supply the income for your fabrics and notions, but when sewing becomes work, I don't think it's as much fun.

  5. Those pillows are beautiful! My favorite is the first one. So gorgeous. The bibs are really cute too. You do such good work.

    I loved that movie! I kinda want to go see it again. :)

    Happy Birthday to everyone! Have a great day.

  6. Debbie...can you toss some of your talent my way...pretty please? Those bibs are just the cutest!

  7. Well I am crazy about the pillows! Just beautiful! I know the "girls" will love them. Yeah, those would sell easily, especially on Etsy. Hey, maybe I will make some of the scriptures I am working on into pillows.
    I want to see that movie but will have to wait until it comes out to rent.
    Have a good weekend, Debbie.

  8. God is good. All the time.
    So true, Debbie.

    As usual, I am delighted with your handiwork. I'm also delighted to read (not here but in a comment to me) that you are considering leading a Bible study in your home. I think that is wonderful.

    Hope you are enjoying your many birthday week!

  9. Love the pillows, hope you enjoy your birthday week, sounds like you have some fun things planned

  10. Many happy birthdays! I love the pillows and you know I love that verse :-) Such a gift in those hands of yours!


  11. How blessed you to have such good friends who have seen you through thick and thin. Cherish them, as I know you do.

    Those pillows are gorgeous. I've thought about making pillows from quilt blocks ... blocks that I love but don't have the desire or patience to make a whole quilt out of. Those corners (especially with the piping) intimidate me ... so I'm fascinated by yours ... they're perfect!

    DH and I saw "God Is Not Dead" last weekend and enjoyed it. We don't usually go to the movie theaters but when there's a good Christian movie out, we like to go to send a message to Hollywood as well as support the actors, directors, producers, etc. who make the faith-based movies.

  12. Wow, look at those bibs! I need to get busy and make bibs for Baby Lucy.

    Your last sentence reminds me of Beaver in Chronicles of Narnia, when asked if Aslan is safe. "Is he—quite safe?" [...] "Safe?" said Mr. Beaver [...] "Who said anything about safe? 'Course he isn't safe. But he's good. He's the King, I tell you."


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