Friday, April 25, 2014


Well I have spent almost all of my spare time this week working on my new quilting project.  I know I am have said this before, but it is REALLY my first official quilt.  Now I did make one for Jessica's new baby I know, but it was not something I chose, and the pattern was soo simple, there wasn't one, lol. She wanted it VERY simple, in just big squares, so how hard was that? lol  And then there was the one with the giraffe's, but it was not your typical quilt in that it was just the front part of a self binding blanket and I kind of made it up as I went.  Also, the colors were not something I would have chosen as I stuck with her color theme. And then there WERE the table runners.  They WERE official table runner quilts, but again, small and not really using a pattern.  Either made up or followed a tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  But ALL of these things have gotten me to where I am now....following a beginner basic quilting pattern with colors "I" have chosen (though I am pretty sure she will love them) and using the embroidery part of my machine which was what I have wanted to do from the very start.  I have had the machine for 10 months now, so I guess it is not too bad.  I was kind of apprehensive about this quilt despite the fact that the pattern is so easy as I just am hardly learning what the terms etc. mean, and I wanted to force myself to read the pattern and figure it out on my own without running for help at every step.  Honestly if I hadn't watched as many tutorials as I have, I doubt I could have done it, but hey how else am I to learn?  It started off a little edgy right away as I had NO idea what "strip sets" were, or how they would become the square sizes I needed.  I read ahead and saw the term "cross cutting" and figured they would somehow be connected.   Rocket scientist I know, lol. Anyway, I followed the step by step pictures and quickly figured out what they were doing and got it done. Now I was SUPER careful, SUPER slow, and SUPER meticulous about cutting my strips and my center squares as I know how important it is that everything match.  It REALLY was helpful when I went to sew things together.  Those strip sets were REALLY nice and made things soo fast, but then I am sure you quilters already knew that.  Anyway as I got my first block together (with 17 different squares) I was honestly thrilled and wanted to frame it and hang it on the wall, lol.  One of those times where I wish some of you quilting ladies lived next door to me so I could have run over and shown someone (OK, and made sure it was right before continuing on).   Anyway, I had ALL of the nine blocks cut and assembled by late yesterday afternoon, and this morning I sat down and connected my blocks.  Again, kind of scared.  I KNEW they had to match perfectly or the whole thing would be off and not being sure I had even put the blocks together right for sure, it did have the potential at least for going very badly.  I had listened to a tutorial on how to nest and match those seams (plus you kind of have to do on rag quilts, but more forgiving) and I decided that even though you are technically NOT suppose to sew over pins while you sew, I went ahead and left them in.  Now to tell you the truth, I almost NEVER even use pins of any sort for any of my garment sewing.  I have done it so many times I don't really have to and it just takes time and is kind of fiddly.  But I WANTED these perfect (which I think I have mentioned, but am saying it again for emphasis). Sooo all of this to say.....I have the top together and am ready to cut and put the borders on.  Shouldn't be too big of a deal as I have put borders on my runners and it was pretty much a non event.  So let me show you...




So I guess I will get off of here, eat my lunch while browsing on-line to brush up a little bit on tips for attaching borders, and "maybe" attach the first border this afternoon.  Plus I need to finish up my laundry and run to the store really quick too.  We only have a couple of cleaning projects lined up for the week-end, and I am looking forward to relaxing and having not much else to do.  Hope you all have a good week-end!  Blessings to you all, Debbie

Oh I almost forgot I have to show a tiny video of some of little Luke's first steps.  He is just shy of 11 months.



  1. The quilt is looking gorgeous Debbie. You got the blocks all lined up so perfectly!
    Little Luke's first steps reminds me of the way Herman Munster walks
    So cute...

  2. I adore the material you are using. So very pretty and it looks like it is coming together well. Of course I don't jack about quilting. Love the video of Luke's first steps and the picture too. Have a great weekend!

  3. Very pretty fabrics and they are working up beautifully. You are amazing! I am so impressed that you've come so far with it already.

  4. It looks to me like those corners met perfectly! You go, girl! :D

    It is going to be beautiful...I knew it!

  5. Oh Debbie, those seams are matching up perfectly!! Outstanding! You're making such excellent progress!!

    I sewed garments for many years and always used pins (and always sewed over them!!). Hard to imagine setting in sleeves or matching anything without pins. So using pins for piecing was no big deal for me. I find that I get way, way better accuracy when I pin (and I still stitch over my pins ... I do use a very fine pin).

  6. Debbie your scripture quilt is going to be so beautiful and what a keepsake, one of m favorite scriptures you placed on it. That Luke is so precious, and wow what a happy little boy he is. Thanks for sharing, enjoy your weekend, I haven't been around in Blogland to much lately as I have been so busy!

  7. That is just a beautiful quilt! I do love the scripture block in the center. You do such amazing work.
    I love the video and the baby feeding the dog. They are such cute boys.
    I do hope you have had a nice weekend. I have had my four grandsons this weekend so I have had my hands full. :)

  8. Oh, I'm most impressed! Everything looks perfect to me and I love the color. I don't think I'd ever have the patient to quilt. Keep up the good work!

  9. It is going to be just beautiful. I love it all, and my favorite part is the inclusion of scripture, of course.

    And I'm ginning right now at your little "Frankenstein" taking his first steps. How cute is the grin on his face!?!

  10. Your doing a wonderful job. Love the colors in that quilt. Sweet video and picture of Luke.


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