Monday, April 14, 2014


What a GORGEOUS morning it is here this Monday morning!  The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and there is a wonderful cool breeze blowing in ALL of my open windows.  Some around here might consider it too cool this morning to have the windows all wide open, but I LOVE it that way.  After last week's heat I am so appreciative of this right now.  Our week-end was so nice.  Sat. we got up and got busy right away which is hard for us hubby to do as it is his only morning to sleep in a little bit.  I don't sleep in no matter what, lol.  I NEVER have except for when I was a teenager though I guess.  I just can't.  I wake up and I want to get up.  I can't bear wasting time in bed for some reason.  Now I am in it soon enough at night trust me, but not once it is morning.  But I regress with all of this.  I guess the bottom line is you are either a "morning person" or a "night person" and I have always been a morning gal.  Anyway....hubby decided to give the carpets in the living room/dining room and the area rug in our family room a good shampooing. OK, if I am being honest, I begged asked him to give them a shampooing, and he agreed.  (I am sure he has learned in this area it is just easier to do it when I ask him to ~ wink).  Now I am doing a little spring cleaning, and this is just part of the process.  But again, if I am being honest I just have somewhat of a carpet fetish.  I cannot bear dirty carpets, or even messy carpets.  I vacuum frequently and replace carpets probably LONG before they really need to be.  (Or I have worn them out with my cleaning as my hubby has accused me jokingly of, lol)  Truth is right now I would LOVE to replace these carpets...but again, I regress. Since he was going to work on that I decided to finish up Donatella's dress and make Vinny a pair of shorts. But I guess that makes me back up a bit to Friday.  If you read my Friday's post, then you know I was GOING to make Donatella's dress on Friday morning.  But as it turned out, I decided to run over to the doc's and have my ears cleaned out.  A long and uninteresting story so I will spare you that.  Then, I went by my health food store gal's place and talked her about my continuing hot flashes.  I am working with her and natural products for this issue as my doc's refuse to give me Estrogen after the breast cancer.  Though, my cancer was NOT estrogen related my blood tests said, I guess they are just being cautious.  But I have managed to get LOTS of relief from some of her natural products, and she has helped me a lot with her digestive products as well.  Anyway, after that I decided I was out I might as well get my nails done, and after that I strolled through downtown Claremont to see if there was anything worth seeing, lol.  Bottom line was I didn't get home until almost 3!  So I did start in then on the dress, but figured out I made ANOTHER error in that I didn't buy enough fabric to finish the dress.  I did think I was getting away with a small amount of fabric for such a wide skirt, but didn't give it too much thought after that, lol. back to Sat.  I ran over to the fabric store to get the needed fabric, finished up the dress...soo cute, and made Vinny's shorts and hubby jumped in the shower after WONDERFULLY shampooing the carpet, and we left to go to lunch and a movie.  We ate at Kubuki's.  Now this was at one point in time my all time favorite restaurant.  I LOVE sushi.  I LOVE Japanese food in general.  But there really wasn't much I could eat there with my gluten issues so we had stopped going there.  Well, I am happy to report they FINALLY have a gluten free menu AND gluten free soy sauce which is REALLY very tasty. (some of  what I have bought...not so much!)  Anyway, I had both a Salmon roll and an avocado roll and they were sooo tasty!  Feeling pleasantly full we went and saw Kevin Costner's new movie Draft Day.  It was very entertaining.  But then I LOVE Kevin Costner, and I LOVE sports movies, so it wasn't really too hard to amuse me.  After that we did our grocery shopping for the week and came home and relaxed with the TV.  Perfect day to me...A little work, and a little play.  Then Sunday we went to San Diego and church and had lunch at my son's house and visited the afternoon away.  We got home around 6 and relaxed again until we tumbled into bed, tired, but pleased with our week-end.  The girls dresses fit them well, and they both seemed VERY pleased with them, so I was happy to think I will definitely be making some more of them.  Hope you all had a good week-end too.  I am going to make hubby a new shirt this week, and maybe a couple of other things as well, but not much more on my agenda. ENJOY your weeks!  Blessings, Debbie






  1. I too hate to waste time sleeping goes so fast I want to be aware of each moment as it passes.

    Girls dresses are so cute!!

    Have a great week,


  2. Great read Debbie, I am one of those who absolutely doesn't like to sleep, I guess I am afraid i might miss something. ~smile~

    i can relate to the hot flashes, and like you couldn't take HRT, so i sought alternative medicine. I found something in a capsule form of herbs, called Change of life, boy did it ever change my life! Good luck with your search. i grow and believe in using herbs for cooking and medicinal purposes!
    As always your talents for creating special gifts for your loved ones amazes me, You need to bottle that energy and sell it, I will be first in line. LOL~
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh I love that material. It is so cute. They look so cute in their dresses.
    I bet the baby looks cute in his shorts.
    You have such nice weekends. The weather was perfect. Too bad it doesn't stay this way. :)
    I have all of my windows open today too. It was a bit cool but it smells so wonderful today. They must be cutting hay near by as it smells like new hay.
    Have a wonderful week, I am a morning person too. Sort of like chickens, I would love to go to bed with the sun goes down. :)

  4. Oh, I'm with you, I'm a morning person too. I get more done before 9 AM than most do in a day. :o) I definitely wear down by 10-10:30PM.

    Clean carpets, sushi, a good movie equals a wonderful day.

    Easter blessings!

  5. As soon as my eyes open, I spring up out of bed. I am with you, in that I can't stand to waste precious time!!
    The dresses and shorts are darling.
    I love to have the windows wide open too Debbie. But it got to 94 here today. Too hot, too soon!!!
    xo Kris

  6. Those dresses are darling and that length is great. They can grow taller and stll enjoy them. Are you keeping windows open so that those clean carpets will dry out?

  7. My daughter's boyfriend is a big sports fan, so we plan to see Draft Day when he arrives this weekend. Kevin Costner knows how to make a sports movie! I'm a morning person too : )

  8. I'm not sure if I'm a morning person ... I'm up and out of bed early in the morning, but I'm not ready to really get up and at 'em as soon as I'm out of bed. I don't like wasting any time in bed (although I would have liked to have spent a little more time in bed this morning as I didn't fall asleep until almost 3:30!) ... but once I get up, I take my time getting into my day. My early morning is when I read blogs, check email, etc. I don't usually spend much time online the rest of the day so I allow myself an hour or two in the morning to get ready to face my day. But once I get up and really get going, there's no dawdling. ;-)

  9. Oh, I forgot to say how gorgeous your girlies are in their new dresses ... those dresses aren't too long ... and before very long, they'll be too short! :-o

  10. First, I'm glad you're enjoying the Danielle study. (I just read the post that I had missed.)

    I am actually the same about carpet being clean, which is why we have our own shampoo machine too. I could use new carpet in the bedrooms and dens and DEFINITELY up the stairs but we just don't have that much money.

    I love the dress (both dresses!) and the little shorts too. You have some very blessed grandkids to have a grandma who can sew like that.


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