Wednesday, January 28, 2015


It has been quite a while since I joined in with the Hodgepodgers, though I do read many of you who do.  I've missed it.  To be honest I don't really have the time today, but I am making it.  I am sitting at the sewing machine for too long of periods of time again and my neck is letting me know.  This seems like a good alternative (for a little bit anyway!).

1.  When did someone last suggest you "chill out"?  Or when did you last tell someone (or want to tell someone) to "chill out"?  Or when did you last tell yourself to "chill out"?  I think I spend a lot more time telling myself to "chill out" then others, lol.  Not that I haven't done so or at times WANT to do so, haha.  I can't go into details here but there is a situation that is going on right now where I need to just "chill"...I have learned from years of making the mistake that if I would just let some things "BE" they have a way of working themselves out.  I don't like to be angry, I am a DEFINITE peacemaker and try as hard as I can to be fair and open.  But sometimes your just "right", you know?  Those are the times I've told myself in the past to open my mouth and speak even if it is in anger.  I usually regret it.  Sooo, I am "chilling".  lol

2.  What most recently caused your heart to melt?  Oh goodness it doesn't take much for my heart to melt over here.  Recently it seems it is related to one of my grandkids or another.  I think my most recent one would be that Melody told me that a couple of days ago she was standing outside little Luke's door (he's 20 months) after she had just put him down for a nap and heard him singing Jesus Loves Me to himself.  Both our hearts were melting.


3.  "An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered.  An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered." G.K. Chesterton      Your thoughts?  When did you last experience either an adventure or an inconvenience?  How did you see it at first, as an adventure or an inconvenience?  Does it feel the same in hindsight?    Well, I am not sure...I guess my last adventure would have to be last Sun when my hubby took me into downtown LA to the garment district to look for leather to make baby moccasins.  I definitely looked at it as an adventure at the time even though I knew very well it would be a GIANT hassle as well.  Long drive, bad parking, WAY WAY too much walking (I've got arthritic knees) HUGE overload of fabric to look through etc.  I was definitely excited to go however.  But in hindsight it was not what I had hoped for.  Didn't find the leather I was looking for, walked WAY WAY too long (I paid for that later!) and found myself soo overwhelmed with the amount of homeless people in the area I could hardly stand it.  What does this say about me?

4. A Wendy's Frosty, root beer in a frosty mug, or a frosted chocolate cupcake...of these three, which one is your favorite "frosty" treat?  Well since I am not supposed to eat ANY of these things and we are just dreaming here then it's easy.  If I could eat any of these things right now it would be a frosted chocolate cupcake for sure.  The last one I had was at my 60th birthday party last Sept.  Sooo good!

OH YUM....

5.  Would you say your life so far this year has been more like a circus or a symphony?  Explain why...I have a feeling this will be the one I over-think.  There is always at least one that I do.  I guess I am going to go with a circus, lol.  Probably because it seems I have things going on in many different areas right now.  All the sewing for the new baby.  Organizing things for both the Sprinkle shower coming up and for the 40th anniversary/vow renewal party as well.  I am also hosting women's Bible study at my house next week.  My little brain is on overload, lol.  

6.  Since it's a "snow day" here, what's your favorite song containing the word "white"?  Well White Christmas popped into my head and I can't think of anything else now, lol

7.  If you had to leave the city you currently live in, what would you find the hardest to leave behind? Well considering we have only lived here about 4 and half years I honestly can't think of much of anything I'd mind leaving behind.   It's not that I don't like it here as I do, but the things I like most about this city I can find many other places.  It is nice that everything is close and convenient.

8.  Insert your own random thought here...I am doing this on Tuesday afternoon on a little break and I enjoyed it.  I spent the WHOLE morning hassling another little romper I made for the new baby.  I "tried" to make it yesterday afternoon and for the first time in such a long time I can't even remember I had to throw in the towel.  I just could not understand the pattern directions.  I ripped out, tried several different things only to end up ripping out again.  Talk about telling yourself to chill.  lol  I honestly wanted to cut the fabric to shreds or even just light a match to it and drop it into the trash can, lol.  You'll be glad to know I did neither of course and mainly because it was fabric that Melody had bought and some of her favorite.  How on earth I managed to cut out a completely different romper pattern with the fabric using the pieces I had I honestly don't know.  But somehow I did.  It was NO breeze either however as the armholes are soo tiny it was really hard, and my zipper foot is broken (Yes, I broke the zipper foot on my machine...another first!) and there is a zipper in the back. Trust me, it looks like I didn't use a zipper foot to put it on with either.  But it's done.  I don't see me making another romper too soon though but that's OK.  Lot's of other patterns that are just as cute and WAY easy for this grandma.  I intend to spend the rest of the afternoon making some matching moccasins for this outfit, though they will NOT be out of leather.  I am going to use felt.  S00 hope I don't need to tell myself to "chill" again.

Well it's about an hour and half later and the moccasins are done!!  I am soo pleased with myself, lol. Does that sound bad?  But if you knew how hard my last couple of days have been at the machine you'd give me a break, lol.  They were MUCH easier than I thought they might be.  Honestly the booties were harder.  But they are NOT perfect yet.  They are NOT out of leather.  They are a glittery navy blue and hot glue showed kind of easily on it for some reason.  Have not run into that problem before. I burnt my thumb BADLY.  If I hadn't added a bow you don't even need hot glue as the rest of it is sewn.  But this grandma has a hard time leaving off bows.  I am hoping as I make a few more of these I might get it down well.  I'd like to make some for all the babies I know.  Vinny and Luke for sure anyway.  But I need to practice some on the felt before I touch the leather.  And who knows...maybe I will get really good and I can sell some of these.




Hope you all are having a good day.  Soo glad I jumped back on this week!  Blessings to you all! Debbie


  1. Oh Debbie I can feel your frustration with the sewing projects and shopping trips that don't go exactly as you had hoped. And yes, there have been many times I needed to remind myself to just chill. I enjoyed reading your Hodgepodge today and so glad you had time to join us. The little booties are adorable and I would imagine there could be a market for them. Have a great rest of your week.

  2. Ouch! Hope your thumb heals quickly!

    That story about Luke singing Jesus Loves Me definitely melted my heart!

  3. Cute little romper! And such a sweet photo of the babies : ) It's so nice to see you in the HP this week! Enjoy your day, and happy sewing!

  4. The photo of the grands is definitely melt worthy!! How darling is that! I love the fabric you chose for the romper. I need to get busy and sew some of those. Cute!

  5. Eek! That blister!

    Again, I always enjoy reading hodgepodge posts. Of course, as a fellow grandmother, I loved the photo of your little grandsons and hearing about the "Jesus Loves Me" solo. Yes, that would melt a heart.

    Your chocolate cupcake has my mouth watering, even at this hour of the morning!

  6. Debbie...your poor finger! However, your creations are adorable! Love those mocassins! You are so talented! Yes, your grandson singing "Jesus Loves Me" is PRECIOUS, as is that photo!

  7. That photo of the boys, love it!! Frame worthy for sure :-)
    You are very busy, love the ensemble, turned out super cute!!


  8. Well I sure hope that you chilled that thumb...ouchie! You now have first-hand knowledge of "sticking out like a sore thumb." All of your projects turn out beautifully in the end, Debbie. What an adventure getting to the end sometimes.

  9. That is so sweet about little Luke singing. I said White Christmas too!

  10. You are keeping busy with your sewing! you've made some cute things for the new baby.

  11. Oh ouch, those hot glue burns are not fun! The little romper and moccasins are simply precious! Last night on the news it showed a young mother who has a thriving business with ten employees making baby moccasins. She started because she couldn't find ones that would stay on her sons feet. She is in a lot of stores now, even Nordstroms. Who knows? Might just happen to you. I liked reading all of your answers to the questions.


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