Monday, February 23, 2015


Good morning!  This will probably be short as I don't have too much new to mention, so it will be just one of those rambling, "what did she say?" kind of posts, lol.

I took my quilt to the quilters on Friday.  It was different in that the quilt store that had become my new favorite has ALSO shut down their doors.  Stars and Scrapes.  Well actually they didn't close down altogether, but they are moving to a new location and they have not opened up their new doors. However, I had exchanged many a text message with the gal that did the quilting for me and asked her what her story was.  She is still doing quilting so I could either send her the quilt in the mail or drive it over.  I chose to drive it over.  Well....don't know about repeating that.  It might depend on how well this comes out as she IS the best price I have found.  But she wasn't exactly around the corner.  Not that the store was either which was where I was taking the quilting in the past, but her home is even further.  Anyway, on top of that she was wrapping up a cold (or so she said!) though it seemed to me that she was knee deep in one.  She was practically without a voice and coughed an alarming cough a couple of times.  I wanted to put a mask on and possibly some gloves and get out of there as soon as possible.  We discussed design, thread, backing etc. and I left as quickly as I could. I touched NOTHING (I even let her open the door for me when I was leaving) and when I got into the car I quickly used my antibacterial lotion I carry in my purse and gave my hands a good scrub.  The quilt of course will be washed a couple of times as well before it goes anywhere.  Might sound a little paranoid I guess but I can't tell you how many horrible colds and flu's have been going around out here and I want to continue to escape.  They seem to just hang on forever to whoever falls victim to them as well. I will tell you frankly it is one of my pet peeves.  WHY? do people refuse to realize that they are contagious and continue to go out and about or mention that they are under the weather? Now I realize of course that sometimes you just have to go out.  And you may not be sick enough to be in bed and life goes on etc.  But this woman was sick!  She should have mentioned to me that I might want to give it a week or so before I came to her house.  At least given me an option to decide rather or not I wanted to expose myself.  I KNOW I would have mentioned it.  Enough about that! lol should be done in a week.  

Sat hubby and I had a slow leisurely morning (how we love our Sat. mornings!) and then decided where to lunch (it is pretty much our routine) and what movie we might want to see (another one of our regular activities).  We picked sushi and McFarmland USA.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It had almost all of what I think makes a good movie.  Starred Kevin Costner first of all who might be one of my very favorites.  Based on a true story and I always enjoy that for some reason.  And then it was a sport movie....we are now gathering speed on what I like.  Then, it was what I call a "diligent worker movie" haha.  Which means the stars work hard and against great odds and are successful in whatever they are struggling with.  All in all a good movie that I would recommend.  After that we grocery shopped (ANOTHER regular Sat. activity) and spent the rest of the day parked in our favorite spots watching our shows on TV, visiting and chatting away.  It's what we call a perfect Sat.  lol  Doesn't take a whole lot to entertain us.

Sun was pretty routine too.  We traveled down to San Diego and went to church, and he was ESPECIALLY anointed yesterday.  Just soo good.  After service and fellowshipping for a while we all went out to lunch at Mike's BBQ.  We sat around and visited for quite a while and then headed back home.  We go almost all the way home before the rain started up so that worked well for us. And then we sat down and watched the Academy Awards until we tumbled into bed.  It was OK.  A little long (isn't it always?) We have not seen Bird Man and I was kind of surprised it won.

And that, for anyone whose interested, is pretty much our usual typical week-end.  lol.  I guess I could just skip these posts and say, we had our usual week-end, but then what would be the fun in that?  Hubby did manage to fix my lap top so I am back on my newer computer.  Thank goodness! The old one was really starting to get to me.  Most of the numbers didn't work.  I couldn't use my parentheses (and I ALWAYS seem to use them! lol) And the period key is missing altogether.  Oh, and the shift keys don't work either.  lol.  I think you get the point.  Anyway, I am grateful.

It rained quite a bit in the night, but the sun is out and shinning brightly this morning.  I was kind of hoping we'd get some more rain.  Oh well, grateful for what we did get! I plan on making the bed skirt for the crib this week, and the crib sheets, and possibly even the pillow. And I have a couple of new quilts I want to get started on (for me!) and found some new patterns for summer pj's for the boys.   Plenty to keep me very busy.  I hope you all have good week!  Blessings to you all!  Debbie


  1. The Oscars show has become just a little too political for me. Who needs that when we have Facebook. ha! Seriously, I'm so over politics and politicizing everything these days. Ugh.

    That sounds like a good movie ... I too seem to prefer the "based on a true story" movies. I've always liked Kevin Costner, although there for a while, he seemed to be starring in some of the worst movies. I'm glad to see him choosing better movies now. I want to see that other one he's in - is it called Black and White? Or something like that. We saw Million Dollar Arm yesterday and really enjoyed it ... based on a true story and while it was a baseball movie (and we're both baseball fans), I think that non-baseball fans would enjoy the movie.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I really want to see that movie. So glad to hear how much you liked it.

  3. Oh I hear you about the germs. The illnesses are so virulent this year that I am carrying a Lysol can into everyone's comments and if my blogging buddy mentions being ill, I give it a little squirt before I leave, like I'll def do here today. =D

    So glad that you received some rain. Overnight rain is the best and I hope that you get more.

    Happy sewing!

  4. Hi there, So good to hear what you did this weekend. Don't get me started on folks who share their colds/flu with others-at my daughters church, families are always bringing sick kids in-not just colds either. Having just had surgery, the last thing I want is any bug. Can't wait to see your quilt. I've been stitching on mine each night and keep adding more designs in my head. Hope you have a fantastic week.
    Hugs, Noreen

  5. I heard that was a good movie as well. As for the Oscars, I've never watched them. I don't have the patience. And, I so agree about the lady with the cold. Goodness, no time for such stuff. Sounds like a great weekend to me. Happy new week!

  6. You always have such nice weekends. I am with you about people when they are sick. You are so right so many bad things going around now. I just shudder when I go to the grocery store and I hear that cough. My cousin is the Principal at McFarland high school and she got to be around Keven Costner and they did the opening here in Bakersfield so she has been one happy camper.
    I think she has had so much fun with all of that goings on.
    You Sunday sounds nice too. I can't wait to see your quilt when it is finished. Wasn't that rain just lovely. It has been a really nice day here too. Lots of clouds. I hope we get more rain too.
    Have a nice week.

  7. Oh dear...I hope you remain virus-free! (Vee's comment about spraying comments has me cracking up!!)
    A "routine" weekend is delightful in itself, isn't it? Time with family and time in fellowship, and, of course, time with the Lord...can't ask for more.

  8. Shame on that lady for having your come to her home when she was sick!!! We have really kept to our own home while we were so sick. I sure hope you don't get it!
    Saw McFarland today. LOVED IT!!!
    XO kris

  9. We've had a lot of sickness going around here as well, and it's like you said when someone gets this stuff, it takes them out...hard. I agree, if your sick, please stay home if at all possible. We hesitate to go out to eat because we wonder if whoever has prepared our food was sick, or the server, or the person who ate at the table ahead of us might have been sick....I didn't think I was a blatant germaphob but this winter has been a tough one for sickness. I carry my wipes and sanitizer wherever I go anymore...pathetic...I know...I never thought I'd end up being like that but here I am. Hope you have a wonderful and healthy week


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