Thursday, May 19, 2016


It's Thursday already and I honestly can't believe how fast this week is going...especially when it seems I really haven't done much at all.  I did get to my new doc appointment on Tues and I have decided to reserve judgement for now.  They gave me a complete physical, which wasn't why I was really there, but decided I might as well go for it.  HOWEVER, my appointment was at 10:40, check in time 10;25, and I did not leave until twenty minutes till 2!  And yes, you read that right.  I was starving, and sooo over it by the time I got out of there, lol.

 There was A LOT of waiting, AND the blood pressure cuff was not registering and she squeezed my arm 4 times right in a row, all to NO avail I might add.  And let me just tell you I am weird on blood pressure.  It's all I can say.  It makes me anxious which is the LAST thing you want to be getting that done of course, and it makes me upset with myself that I am.  I try to go to my happy place and just relax, but it seems the harder I try the worse it becomes.  It had gotten so at my last doc's office that they knew this about me of course, and she [the doc always did it...we gave up on having the nurse do it] had a way of whipping out the cuff when I least expected it and when I seemed relaxed, and it worked well for me and it was always good.  Sooo needless to say, a new place, a monitor that wasn't registering for some reason, and lots of time to sit and wait, did not exactly seem like a good way to begin.  However, once she got me into a room and took my blood pressure again with a manual monitor it started to get a little better, lol.  My blood pressure was normal thank goodness!  But!  I was running a fever of 101.4!  Very odd. Truthfully, I feel unwell a lot.  I don't dwell on it much as often times there seems to be no rhyme nor reason for it, and as long as I can move along I do.  I know that sounds really weird, but it's WAY too long of story to try and explain.  Anyway, the doctor seemed very nice, very thorough, declared that I "looked" great and sent me for a bajillion blood tests even though I had just had most of them done 3 months ago.  I understand them wanting/needing their own levels, so I just went along with it.  She is treating me for a UTI even though I am not certain that's what is even wrong.  I only had 1 slight symptom of this, and personally I doubt it was what was causing my fever, but she is the doc so again I decided to go with it.  The little test they do in the office was clear, but she is sending it for a culture so we will see.  Meanwhile, I am taking an antibiotic that is KILLING my stomach.  My poor stomach with my IBS is really touchy.  Trust me should the culture be clear I will discontinue immediately. OH, and I thought I'd mention that since I left the doc's office the temp seems to have disappeared....hmmm.  I still have x-rays to do [knees, back, and a bone density] but I had to get out of there, lol.  I WILL do these, but I am thinking maybe next week.  Meanwhile some of the blood results are back already [I do like this about Kaiser....blood test results are posted on your page immediately] and so far they are all not only OK, they are really good for me, lol  Cholesterol is good, AC1 levels great, and many others.  However, most of those that are checking me for RA are still out.  So we will see...I have NO IDEA why I just gave you a run down on my medical history.  I am sure it's way too much information for most of you, and I do apologize.

Moving am fixing the costume that Katie will wear for her recital, and it is darling.  And a very easy fix thank goodness.  Not much way I can do to ruin it so I felt good about it.  I am really looking forward to seeing her perform.   And then I am hoping to finish up the last two borders on Melody's quilt today, and get it out to the quilters tomorrow.  I have not had much time to get to it, and it has given me time to dwell on rather or not I want to add anything more to it to make it bigger.  I am leaning towards no.


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Yesterday was the 3 month anniversary of my sweet mom's death here on this earth, and the beginning of her eternity with the Lord.  How I miss her in a million little ways is hard to explain, and I know those of you who have lost your mom's understand.  It's just a hole that is impossible to fill in many ways. And yet, I feel the older I get and the more time that goes by the more I understand my mom and the more I become like her.  I want sooo much still to just talk to her for a while.  Laugh with her over soo many things I know she'd find amusing.  Cry with her over certain things that are going on that would make her heart as heavy as mine I know.  But I do find comfort in the KNOWING I will see her again and once again our conversations will flow, and our hearts will be connected.  Hope you all have a good week-end, and find His blessings wherever you are....Love, Debbie


  1. Well thorough is good : ) Wow! That was quite the check up. My bp is an issue and I know what you mean about the more you try not to feel anxious the more anxious you feel. I start worrying about the number in the car ride there-ha! In the end though, if it's high its high. I've been monitoring mine for a month so will see what she says when I go back in a couple of weeks. So sorry for the missing. I still have my momma and know I'm fortunate to be the age I am and still have her with me. I'm going for a visit in a few weeks. Have a nice weekend Debbie.

  2. My dear friend, You are so patient-I would have been out of the Dr's office after an hour of waiting. They should pay us for the time we waste when they are behind. I'll get off my soap box now(I hate Dr's). Love the quilt. I've had a bad time blogging lately-just so much to do. Hope you have a great evening.

  3. I'm with Noreen, no way I would have survived that long of a Drs. visit. Have you ever thought about trying essential oils? I have been using and learning about them about 8 months and they are amazing. I just use them for sleep at night and the ones for over all well being. I, thankfully, do not have any health issues at this time but if and when I do I will first go to essential oils before prescription drugs. Hope all your reports come back good. Happy weekend!

  4. I am so sorry for your loss. My deepest condolences...

    As for the can thank the sorry state of the government and insurance...don't get me going, wink. My son and I have to travel over an hour to see a doctor because of the changes of the insurance...our dr's were no longer covered....

    Keeping you in prayer...

  5. Yes, Debbie, you are a sweetheart. No way that I would have made it more than an hour. I have white coat syndrome and so having an accurate bp reading is a challenge. That and I find the procedure actually painful. Sounds as if you are the picture of health and I am praying that the rest of your tests come back good. The quilt looks wonderful. Melody will love it.

  6. Eeek!! One time I had to wait for an hour and forty-five minutes for a specialist...only I did all that waiting in the examining room! No book to read, no magazine, no people to watch. I thought that I was going to lose my mind. No fun at all! But I am happy that you are getting good reports. That's worth a lot!

    Lovely quilt you are making for Melanie!

  7. My PCP is always very punctual. My GYN/ONC on the other hand is not. But I like him and feel confident that his treatment plan will work, so I deal with it. But I don't like it. Ha! But hearing about your check up has made me wonder if I should schedule one. Or if I'm being seen enough to be able to forego that for now. I guess I ought to ask when I see Dr. Powell next.

    That quilt is even more beautiful than I remember it being from the first time you shared a picture. I love it ... and am sure that Melody will, too.

    I know how much you miss your mom. At least you two had such a close relationship. My mom and I weren't all that close, and her personality changed toward the end, which I hate to say filters my memories of her. But the upside is our lack of a close relationship made me all the more determined to have a really close relationship with my daughter. So I can't complain.

  8. Well that is interesting. I think sometimes I run a fever like that too. I never know why either. I hope you turn out to be just fine. That is a terrible long time to be in a doctors office.
    I like the quilt and that is a very nice costume. I hope you had a nice weekend and you have a great new week.


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