Saturday, June 18, 2016


Goodness how can it possibly be Sat morning already and this whole week has come and gone.  I am afraid I've played it away.  I've tried to analyze why that can make me feel guilty, but it just kind of does.  Monday I did spend the majority of the day at the sewing machine, which I guess now that I think about that, MANY would consider "playing" too, lol, but I do I guess consider it "working", at least in my mind.  I had kind of a hard time with the outfit I am making for Claire as it has straps with an attached ruffle, pleats in the shorts, both front and back, a nap [which I haven't done in ages] where it attaches to the bib, a waist band, and now I am making the skirt which has the cutest pockets and will button over the top of the shorts.  It is coming out SUPER cute, but honestly is WAY more complicated then I was originally thinking.  I am intending to make a pair of matching shoes to go with it too, so I guess I'd better keep my nose to it or she will outgrow it before it is ever done.

On Tues I drove to Joannes to pick up a few things that were on sale and couldn't be passed up, and then it was on down to Newport Beach to get my hair done.  It is FINALLY grown out enough that I am again happy with both the style and color.  I hope I remember this whole experience if I should ever decide again I NEED a change, lol. [wink] By the time I got back it was kind of late and I didn't do much more then chat on the phone.  Wednesday I got up and scurried around doing my regular morning chores and then left here by 10 to go and pick up my grand daughter Lindsey from her last day of school.  She was going to spend a couple of days with me, and honestly I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it.  We stopped for lunch on our way back here and sat in there for a couple of hours chatting and visiting and catching up on all that has been going on with her.  Then, we came home and continued right on chatting until it was time to head down to Huntington Beach to see my niece Katie perform her solo in her dance recital.   Lindsey and Katie are only a year apart, 15 and 16, and haven't had much opportunity to hang out together in a while, and they enjoy each other very much. Katie was planning on joining Lindsey here so that the girls could have some time together.  I am not sure how it is that when they do hang out together they do it here, but it sure works for me and I am soo glad to be included on their fun.  The recital was SOO fun and we all enjoyed ourselves. Katie has been dancing for several years now, but this was her first solo on pointe.  [which means on her toes].  I am soo glad to see her accomplishing one of her goals.

We didn't get back here until after 11 and truthfully we were ALL beat [especially me!] and we tumbled into bed.  On Thursday we got up and got around and headed to the mall..  What teenaged girl doesn't like trips to the mall?  lol.  I am not good for much there with my knees so I sat in the air conditioned car and messed around on my phone for some of that time, and was just fine let me tell you.  Then, we went to lunch at Red Robin's.  It was a LONG leisurely lunch full of "girl talk"...I enjoyed every minute.  After that we went to the movies.  By the time we got out of there it was again late and we came back to the house where the girls showered and got into their PJ's and we whipped up some taco's for dinner.  We called and had hubby bring home some frozen yogurt for later, and then finally settled in for some movies.  Hubby and I made it through the first one [Woodlawn] and then we headed off to bed leaving them to their selves.  They watched more movies, made cinnamon rolls to snack on, and chatted away until 2;30 in the morning, lol..  Goodness, remember those days? lol

Yesterday morning the girls slept in till close to 10 and I caught up a few things around here.  Then they got ready and we again left here to do a couple more things.  We headed over to Victorian Gardens mall and the girls did a little more shopping and then we had lunch at Kabuki and had some sushi.  After lunch we drove over to my grand daughter Annabel's house to visit with her and Sophia. They are both doing sooo well and we all enjoyed our time with the baby...


We dropped Lindsey off at her house after that as she does not live far from Annabel, and then Katie and I came back over here until her parents picked her up a couple of hours later.  We squeezed a lot of activities, food, and fun into those couple of days let me tell you, and honestly I felt kind of like I was in another world, lol.  Stories about boys, friends, sports, boys, dancing, school, and did I mention boys, lol flowed freely.  I am soo glad they both feel free to share with me these stories of their lives, and we actually had several conversations about God and important things as well.  I LOVE this age in girls, and feel soo grateful I was blessed with these two sweet, beautiful and full of life girls.  Even though I did basically spend the week "playing", lol.  I have sadly neglected my blog, and my visiting, [along with my sewing] but hope to catch up in the next couple of days.  Hope you are all having a WONDERFUL week-end, and possibly have some father days plans as well.  We are heading over to my oldest son's house for a bbq on Sunday afternoon.  Many blessings to you all, Debbie


  1. What a special time for you and your granddaughters. I pray my two girls will always enjoy spending time with me. Can't wait to see a picture of the outfit you are making for Claire. I know it's cute!

  2. Investing in lives. Making memories. Not just playing. :)

  3. Just because something is enjoyable doesn't necessarily make it "playing" (I.e., wasteful or frivolous). Time with grands is never wasteful ... you are investing in their lives, making memories and leaving a valuable legacy.

  4. Spending time with family. Is neve r wasted time in my opinion. Glad you had so much fun with them.

  5. It says much that these girls feel comfortable sharing with you Debbie! Your house always seems to be filled with fun times; love that. I'm heading over to La Crescenta, CA to visit with my aunt and uncle for a long weekend. I was hoping to escape the awful heat in Phoenix but I guess it's hot in CA too. We hope to take a drive to Santa Monica beach one of the days though.

  6. How much fun was that?! I know that they love being together and being with you. These are things that grands never forget. My goodness that outfit for Claire sounds intense. I bet that it will be as cute as can be and, of course, she will rock it. Is that expression getting old? Must look up what is hip these days.


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