Wednesday, July 13, 2016


I've decided to participate in the HODGEPODGE this week.  I always enjoy doing so.  You can join the others by clicking on the picture...ENJOY

1.  Do you find yourself influencing your world, or is is the other way around?  Hmm a real thought provoker right off the bat, lol.  I guess I like to think that I influence those in my world to one extent or another every day.  I certainly do my best to do so in a positive way that's for sure.  But of course there are also those times when everything going on definitely influences me as well.  How could it not?  I have a feeling I am going to be giving this A LOT more thought over the course of this day.

2.  July 11th is National Tape Measure Day....the device was patented on this date in 1868.  When did you last use a tape measure?  Do you always know where to find one in your house?  Tell us one way you feel blessed beyond measure.  Well first off, who knew?  lol  Beings how I spend so much of my free time sewing, I am sure no one would be surprised to hear I use one frequently.  I used one for sure last week as I was measuring my latest quilt so I would know what length to cut for the bindings.  I own a couple of tape measures and I keep them in the third drawer of my sewing cabinet.  I have several ways I feel blessed beyond measure, but if I had to pick just one I guess I would say I have been blessed beyond measure in the marriage department.  My hubby is just hard to beat.  He loves and cares for me beyond what I deserve, and does his very best to keep me happy, safe, loved and protected.

3. The Plaza Hotel [Eloise}, The Land of Oz [the Wizard of Oz], Narnia [the Chronicles of Narnia], The Hundred Acre Wood [Winnie the Pooh], Wonderland [Alice's Adventures in Wonderland], or Never Never Land [Peter Pan]...which storybook land [on THIS list?] would you most like to visit and why?   I guess I would go with Narnia.  I love love LOVE that series of books and the whole feel of it.  I've read the whole series a few times with my kids years ago, and was always transformed into a completely different place.  Almost feel like I have been

4.  Where and when do you get your best ideas?  Don't know if I have ever given this much I guess thinking about it now, it MIGHT be when I am in bed and thinking and praying back over my day and what is on my heart and mind etc.

5.  What are you watching on TV this summer?  Anything good?  I can honestly say we rarely if ever watch regular TV.  We do alternate between Netflix and Hulu and watch MANY TV series this way.  It has almost ruined regular TV for me.  We both love watching things this way.  We watch a couple episodes or so a night until we've gone through an entire series.  It's wonderful really.  No commercials and NO forgetting what was going on from one week to the next.  We have watched SOOO many this way I couldn't even tell you.  Right now we are watching Cedar Cove.  It's definitely entertaining, but I have seen better, lol.  We've watched ALOT of mysteries.  Loved Call the Midwife and many others, lol.

6.  "Don't swim for an hour after you eat", "Dog days of summer", "Knee high by the Fourth of July"...choose a summer saying from the list or share one of your own, then tell us what image or memory comes to your mind when you hear it spoken.  Well I can honestly say it wasn't until my daughter married a diary farmer and moved to New Mexico that I ever thought much about "knee high by the fourth of July", lol.  But they also also own a few farms where they grow their own feed for their cows.  Corn is a big part of it.  Her hubby is very busy with all of their crops, and she literally sent me these pics a couple of days ago taken in July of course,   The boys LOVE to go to the farms to check on the water spigots.  By the time the corn is ready to harvest in September it is well over six foot.




7.  In a single sentence, sum up one life lesson you've learned.  A thankful heart is a happy heart.. In some sense, you could say a thankful heart is the the greatest virtue, because when our hearts are truly thankful, we will obey God and seek to please Him in all we say and do.  Seems simple enough in some ways, but I have found this to be soo true.  When I find myself down, or blue, or depressed, I begin to list all of the things I am most grateful for, and it becomes almost impossible to remain down long.

8.  Insert your own random thought.  I will be honest and say that a lot of the time I feel like almost EVERYONE [myself included of course!] has become soo obsessed with electronic devices and social media etc. that it is hard to go anywhere without finding people with their noses in their phones.  A constant connection so to speak.  However, I have to say there are those times when I am SOO grateful for it all as well.  My daughter who lives in another state [in case there is anyone out there who has not heart me whine about this before!] sends me a little video almost daily with some cute little something or another with my grandkids on it.  We facetime etc. once in a while too. Truthfully it doesn't work well with the connection they get out there, AND the kids all want to control the phone making it difficult for my daughter, lol, but we do it when we can.  However, for me, it was a REAL bonus that her church broad casts their services LIVE online.  I've not given it much thought before that many churches these days do, as we have listened to our pastor MANY times live online when for one reason or another we couldn't get to church.  But this last Sunday for the first time I tuned in on their service so I could SEE my daughter singing with the worship team. She has just joined this ministry for the first time and is really going to enjoy it.  Of course as her mother I wanted to see her and just figured I never would.  Mainly because it seems whenever we are there we are always leaving super early on Sunday mornings so that hubby can be home for work on Mondays.  Plus she only does it every other Sunday.  They have it for 3 services plus Monday nights as their church is quite large.  Anyway, all of this to say I got to see her this Sunday online and I can't really tell you how much it blessed me.  I felt myself almost in tears for some reason.  To see her LIVE as she was singing praises to our God just got to me.  I video'd a tiny section of it with my phone, and I will attempt to show you here.  Please try not to notice that my legs pop onto the end of the video, lol.  I would have deleted it if I hadn't been afraid I would delete the whole thing.  Hope you all have a GOOD week!  My daughter is the blonde singing the harmony.  Not the lead singer, lol


  1. Loved seeing the pics of the children in the cornfield. Very cool! And, if one can maintain some balance, the new ways of communication are fantastic making life much easier. It had to be fun seeing Melody that way.

  2. The cornfield pics are fabulous! So nice to see you in the HP today : ) I am with you on the plus and minus deal we have with technology. I love seeing my daughter's face from the other side of the country!

  3. How awesome the cornfield pictures! Watching Melody praising Jesus, PRICELESS!

  4. Your Hodgepodge answers today are a real blessing. That corn!!! Wow. And I enjoyed seeing your daughter singing and can only imagine how that made you feel. It's a wonderful thing to see our kids loving the Lord.

  5. I thought of choosing Narnia, it is a great story, and movie. I believe it would be a great place but a bit cold to live at
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  6. I loved your answer about your blessing. How sweet! Our husbands can definitely be our greatest blessing. And how great to be able to watch your pretty daughter lead in worship. That is another blessing for sure.

  7. I have left a message over my Wordpress blog...but I will repeat here...I deleted the old blog at Blogger...just to much hassle and was having issues...anyways...I have added you to my reading list. Have a beautiful day.

  8. Oh, can't believe those little guys are up in that corn. It would scare me too death. We have lots and lots of corn fields here and a lot of them make corn mazes around Halloween time and folks love it. But, not this gal, I would be so fearful of what might reach out and grab me. :o)) Great answers!

  9. Wow, that is some tall corn! I love How Great Thou Art, so glad you are able to keep in touch with your family through technology today.

  10. The photos of your grands and the corn are really cool. What a great place to raise children. I have to tell you I appreciate the electronics available because of my faraway kids but I can't believe how obsessed we are with our phones. We went out for dinner last night and there were more people on their phones then not, it was crazy. We are going to forget how to socialize with each other, anyway my two cents Hope you have a great weekend


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