Wednesday, December 14, 2016


I honestly don't remember the last time I sat down to write a blog that wasn't about the long list of things I have been doing, or the even longer list of things I have recently made.  You'd think I am sure that there is nothing more going on in this head or life of mine sometimes, lol.  But these last 3 days have been soo wonderfully relaxing and refreshing for me, I decided I would share that instead.  I couldhave or shouldhave been on a couple other projects, and while I have done SOME things that needed doing, aka catching the laundry completely up, watering and even a little bit of trimming to my front porch plants, running to the grocery store, and to the pharmacy, and to get my hair done, I have ALSO spent my time finally catching up on some blogs, reading TWO COMPLETE books (ok, they were quick easy reads by Karen Kingsbury, but still!) and taken two short but sweet naps!  It's been just wonderful. So much of life can be hurried and rushed and spent looking ahead to the next activity, that moments of just doing nothing go by WAY too quickly, or not at all.  And so does opportunities to just be.  Do you know what I mean? I've found myself with more moments to pray, more time to think and ponder what God might want me doing in this season of my life, and more time to reflect on times gone by.

A friend of mine (and I am pretty sure many of yours too) Kathy from Empty Nest but Full Heart, has found herself in the final stages of her battle against Ovarian Cancer.  I've have followed her journey through chemo therapy, surgery, and even more chemo therapy, and have prayed for her and her sweet family faithfully through it all.  She has been a wonderful example of strength, courage, and faith as she has leaned on her God to carry her through.  She was a constant encouragement to me when I decided to take up quilting a few years ago, and she and I have exchanged many a comment, email conversation, and pleasure filled moments through the last few years.  I have never actually met Kathy, but feel I know her very well nonetheless.  She loved her God, her husband Charlie, her daughter Robin, and 4 sweet little "grands" with all her heart.  She enjoyed watching the Cardinals play baseball, and she really enjoy her NCIS series as well, and her trips to her beloved Hilton Head were treasured.  My heart is literally breaking for them all as she tries to make it through her final Christmas season here on this earth.  Thank God she knows Jesus as her Savior and knows just where she is going as she closes her eyes here!  I will miss her posts, remember the BEAUTIFUL quilts she made, and her sweet encouraging ways.  But I will see her in heaven, and this knowledge makes me smile and warms my heart.  Please keep her family in yours prayers as this will no doubt be a very difficult Christmas and time for them all.

Christmas time always makes me nostalgic and I eventually spend some time dwelling on Christmas's from long ago.  I was thinking a lot about that last Sat. as I put the final touches on my table for the annual brother/sister dinner we were about to have.  Mom was ALWAYS the one to set a beautiful table, and we dug out her china and crystal and silver, washing and polishing it all to bring it all together.  As a young girl I LOVED this process and the final outcome from the effort, and remembered Mom's joy and pleasure as she filled the bowls with all of her MUCH LOVED recipes and dishes.  I remember even the special jelly she would put in this beautiful little bowl complete with a little spoon that hung above it for the dishing up of it.  She had a gravy boat, a gorgeous butter dish, and the MOST WONDERFUL lace tablecloth.  I always looked forward to the Christmas dinner and Christmas table for days in advance.  The baking she did before Christmas was legendary as well, and the kitchen would be just full of all of her goodies.  Pies, dozens of different kinds of cookies, fudge, popcorn balls, and her totally famous cinnamon rolls.  We'd feast on it for days and days.  My grandmothers would come and so would a couple of my aunts and uncles and some cousins, and the day would be full of feasting, visiting, and us kids putting on a play at the end of the evening.  The tree was always a REAL one (no one had artificial in those days it seemed) of beauty, and the now old fashioned tinsel hung from it along with all of our old cherished ornaments.  We got a lot of nice gifts of course over the years, but a few that stick out in my mind were the clothes my mother made us.  There was a full length robe one year that for some reason had become almost an obsession of mine I wanted one soo badly, lol, and I wore the thing to pieces until I could no longer get it on.  We usually got a nice new church outfit as well, and we put it on as soon as breakfast was over, and made our way out the door to church.  I guess as I was finishing up last Sat. I thought to myself, how many more years will I do this?  Or be able to do this?  I have a lace tablecloth, a beautiful set of china and crystal, a gravy boat, butter dish, and the ORIGINAL jelly bowl and spoon, but WHO would want it? WHO will do this when I no longer can or want to?  DOES it even matter?   I guess the answer is who knows?  If things I have done for my family through the years are remembered with smiles and joy then I am happy.  If they think back someday like I do and remember the Christmas's of their pasts with the same sense of nostalgia for different reasons then I do, then that's OK too.  The important thing remains the celebration of the birth of our Savior and Lord Jesus, and the family and friends who celebrate with us.  Hope you are all enjoying this Christmas season, and spending time building memories and moments with your loved ones.  Blessings to you all!  Debbie


  1. Oh, Debbie, I have wondered and wondered about Kathy and have tried to connect with her but have been unsuccessful. This makes me so, so sad! What a wonderful lady and I cannot imagine how tough this journey is on her precious family. Thanks for this update!!!! Hugs!

  2. It is good to reflect and ponder what is really important. I have no doubt that your family will have wonderful memories of the times that you have shared and the love that you have sown into their lives.

    Saying a prayer this morning for your blogging friend...

  3. I am so sad for your friend. Having experienced some of those same things with family members at Christmas time, I know it is so difficult. I pray her family has a memorable time to hold in future christmases without her. Judging from your posts, I am guessing you are passing down the same kinds of memories as your mother did and someone in the future will be setting their table with those items and thinking of you and all you have done for and made for those grandchildren.
    I remember getting quilted robes for Christmas and how much we loved them. Your final thoughts are the ones that are the ones that remain, as you say. Jesus. You have a blessed Christmas. Always enjoy reading your posts.


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