Monday, February 23, 2009


Well, I've decided there needs to be a separate blog just about my grandkids..I spent all day Sat. with Jimmy's pack enjoying them more than you can imagine, and all afternoon Sunday with Joe's....I guess what I continue to find amazing is the depth of my attachment to them. I guess you would have to be a grandma to get it...But I can already say I love both Donatella and Cody to pieces and they've barely begun their journeys here on earth, and lets fact it, don't do much beyond eating, sleeping and pooping....Cody, for me, is just a little Joe replica. haha Right down to include the way he eats. Di and Danae I'm sure can remember how feeding Joe was. He'd cry franctically until I got the bottle in his mouth, suck hysterically, bawl dileriously if you took the bottle out of his mouth for a burping and then promptly barf. Then he'd finish up exhausted and promptly go into a coma, only to repeat the process 3 hours later. haha Oh wait, there was a mid bottle pooping as well, which took him a good 10 minutes. Well, Cody is already following along. He cried yesterday quite hysterically until his got his bottle, and then if I would even check to let the air out of the nipple or something, let alone for a burp, he'd cry through the entire process as if he had never eaten in his life. He also barfed at one point after he drained 6 ounces. haha He's grown alot already. I couldn't stop myself for some reason from just kissing him to peices. Little Jeff said to me at one point, "Grandma, he poops ALOT!!" He was awake quite a while as well, sucking franctically on his pacifier (ala Joe) and looking around with his eyes wide open as if he might miss something. Annabel sat next to me and caught me up on her stories as well. Jess, her hair has faded more than I thought it might. Might not make it as long as I thought she might. Lindsey seemed quite grown up and was working Cody when I arrived (had just changed a poopy diaper, very well I might add as I checked it out) like she was 14 instead of 8. Sooo Lindsey.....told me just what I needed to know like a seasoned pro. She is really going to be a BIG help to her mama I can tell. Little Jeff was adorable as always. Grandma misses alone time with him and will have to remedy that sometime this week. He's just sooo cute. Evan got his first wrestling lesson from Grandpa and it was hard to tell who enjoyed it more. Evan is hoping to wrestle in high school next year, and who better than Jeff and Joe to get him ready for that....Donatella was soooo sweet and spent most of her day sleeping on Grandma again. We did have to give Grandpa a turn or two, but the other two enjoy him to much to share much of him with their new sister. She is looking quite a bit like Capri I think, but I am seeing some Larissa as well. Capri was quite perky with her new kitties and unicorn horse that we brought with us for her. She has the most active imagination I've seen and has elaborate games of pretend going almost all the time. She played the giant (Grandpa) catches her and someone (usually her daddy) has to rescue her for a LONG LONG time. She so obviously loved it. She'd stick her little heiny out and back up until she was almost on top of Jeff and then he'd grab her and she'd squeel with delight. JD is in a category all alone. I LOVE to listen to him talk, dive around, wrestle with his daddy and Grandpa, and just be generally darling. And all the while wearing his Buz Lightyear costume much to the annoyance of the other kids at the park who couldn't quite figure out why he was getting to do such a fun thing. haha He's soooo Jimmy to me. I don't know if it is watching my own kids again through my grandkids, or watching my kids work their kids that gives me more pleasure. But either way, Grandkids are by far the BIGGEST and BEST of all God's blessings, and I am sooooo grateful for mine I doubt I could ever explain it properly....


  1. I can't tell you how jealous I am! Though I know none of my kids are near ready, I cannot wait till the day of grandkids. I'm ready RIGHT NOW!

    As you reference Joey eating, it suddenly seemed like yesterday. I learned a lot from watching him. To this day however he's been the only one that I had to dip the nipple of the bottle into cereal to get him to eat any of it. He couldn't possible wait for the bottle to come out, get a spoon, take a bite, and then reinsert the bottle. It was a press to remove it, dip it, and quickly put it back in his mouth. I guess he was always a little skinny back then...maybe he was secretly starving to death like he acted.


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