Friday, February 20, 2009


Well, I "MAY" finally be done messing with my blog page...but who knows?? I really hadn't planned on changing the background and colors AGAIN, but suddenly I had NO background, and I am not sure how it happened. It's funny though, when I went to add them this time I did it in merely minutes. When I think that the first time I did it, I labored over it for HOURS, I guess maybe I have actually learned a thing or two...Once again my head is full of thoughts and ideas and I am not certain what I consider the most important or pressing...this may be just a general hodge podge of thoughts, feelings and musings....haha I'm thinking there is so many things I really need to change in my life and I how seldom I seem to accomplish any of them...why is that do you suppose?? Are they unrealistic, am I too lazy or set in my ways, am I weak, do I always procrastinate, or do I simply always try to do things using only my own power, rather than relying on a mighty God who can do all things?? What exactly is it that I have accomplished with my life considering it is (more than likely) over half way over?? And that's if I am lucky. Sometimes I look around and hear what others have done (and are still doing) and I feel like I haven't done much at all. I need to be involved in some way at church, and I have known this for a while...I've thought about volunteering my time somewhere such as at a local hospital or something. I could be one of those volunteer ladies that tell people where to go couldn't I? I should be involved in a weekly women's Bible study group. There are many many closets and drawers in my house that I really should be organizing. If I don't start exercising who knows what might end up happening to my body. Which brings me to the biggest of all...I NEED to lose weight badly. I've tons and tons of pictures that need to be sorted and organized. My plants in the back, are sadly in need of attention.....and the list could go on and on. I could give you "reasons" why I don't do some of these things, some legitimate, but I will spare you. And yet, I spend my days driving around enjoying my grand kids, talking to my sisters and my mother on the phone, lunching with my friends, and spending time with my husband whenever he can be free from his time consuming and draining job. I look for ways and times to hang out with my kids and my daughters in laws, and enjoy them, and carry on long conversations when and if I get the chance. I do really enjoy working with the little kids in my life teaching them little things I am capable of teaching them, and do this whenever I get the chance. I've always followed other's lives through the Internet, I've many friends I e-mail, and I dive onto the couch with a good book whenever I can get one in my hands. In fact, when I finish here I plan on going to the pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions, and then to the Christian book store to get those series of books Danae you told me about. And now having added on this family blog thing, I find a GREAT deal of my time on here looking for something I may have missed somewhere in some one's life. With all these things, and then the things I MUST do to keep up on daily living (ie: laundry, dishes, picking up, paying bills etc.) I find my life going by at rocket speed and there never seems to be those other things accomplished. So I am wondering, what is the answer?? Maybe (though I have tried this) I should pick one or two of the most pressing, (losing weight and exercising maybe?) and concentrate on those for a while. Or maybe my eternity is more important, and I should spend more time in Bible studies and/or church. I could pick one closet or a couple of drawers a week and organize them. I've done this before and it works well. At least for a while until I find they are all a mess AGAIN. Or, should I just do the best I can with all these things (as I've always done) and enjoy the people in my life?? This sounds the best...and yet there is the nagging guilt about my list that is always there. I want to feel like my life has counted. I don't know "why" I've always had this so large, but I just do. Welp, I guess that's it for now. Talk about I said, sometimes weird things ramble around up there in my head. What pops into your heads with these thoughts, I'd be most curious to know. I Don't think this is too nipped Jim, but I did do my best. haha Love, me


  1. Your page has shot into orbit! I really like the background colors and your pictures are stuns. I guess it must be our age, because I know exactly what you are talking about. When it comes to your life counting, it will be the people you have touched with your time that will be the sum of your work here. When I think of Gram, I remember the TIME she took to do so many little things with us. I can remember every movie she took us to see and eating at "Clifton's Cafeteria". She was always there to listen and give advice. And here is the bottom line, I don' remember if her closetes and drawers were clean or if she had any dead plants. It was enough just to spend time with her. And i know that is how all of us feel about each other. We are sooo lucky to have this family and the time we spend talking, lunching, etc. is one of the best parts of my life.

  2. I was going to make a comment about how ridiculous worrying about closets and drawers was but see Diane had already done so...and better than I would have. It's amazing how many of the things you were listing were the very things I'll probably get involved in...right down to the hosptial volunteer (isn't that bizarre?) HOWEVER, I don't have all of the grandkids and in-laws and all of the things that you do that quite frankly...are priorities. Though I'd be amiss not to say that you've always enjoyed the women's bible studies. And of all the things to do, drawing closer to Him, and listening for what He'd have your priorities to be, might be the best plan yet!

  3. This is a little off the subject, but Di's comment about grandma Guise (is that how you even spell it?) made me realize I'm probably one of her few great grandchildren that actually remembers her.

    I can remember being a very little kid, going over to her apartment to visit her. I think it was in Long Beach? I remember she lived in a complex that had a pool, and I always wanted to go swimming in it but it was too cold. I remember going to Domenicos with her and my mom, and I remember she would crumble up the little bread sticks for me on my plate.

    And the though occurs to me sometimes that no one has ever really chronicled the history of our family. For example, I have no idea what grandma Guise's husband was named, or what he did or where he came from. Someone should get all the old timers together and put as much of that information together in one place as possible, because in ten or twenty years, a huge chunk of that knowledge will be gone forever if we don't put it down. Maybe a series of taped interviews or something.

    Think about it this way, Di and Danae and the peoeple of that generation... what would you give to see a taped interview with your grandparents and great grandparents? Think of how cool it would be to see that. One day our kids and their kids will be just as curious.

  4. I think this is a great idea Chuck and you should handle it. Written would be good too. I don't know how you remember things like you do. Dominico's was a fav of Gram's. By the way her name was spelled Geis and the apartment you remembered was in Lakewood. But considering you had to be JD's age I'm shocked you remember it at all. By the way remind me to tell you the story (in case you haven't heard it) about my last women's group that has somewhat left me feeling weird about them in general. It's too long to type.....


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