Friday, February 13, 2009


Hello to all....

Well, I just returned from running a few errands and I am quite glad to be back inside my warm house. It is sooooo cold out there!! Let's face it, very UN California like. The temperature thing by my house said 40 degree's and it is only 2:30 in the afternoon!! Makes me wonder if "maybe" it might snow if the temperature continues to drop. I know Di is probably being buried alive in snow again up there, as it is pouring rain here right now. While I was pumping gas (yes I had to actually get out and freeze to death doing that fun little chore) I noticed a homeless man hunched over with a soaking wet hooded sweat shirt shuffling along, walking slowly towards the intersection, even though it seemed like he should have been hurrying with the rain coming down like it was. I felt bad (like I always do) and yet what can I really do?? It did make me grateful for what I have as I had been telling myself, "just a few minutes and you can get back into your heated car and drive off to your next stop." What if there was NO heated car, NO where to go, and NO place to call home?? The uncertainy of that kind of existence, the despair and depression were clearly seen in this man's slow shuffle as he walked aimlessly by. For his sake (and any others like him) I hope the temperature doesn't continue to go down as his light swearshirt, that was already wet, will never be enough....I did say a quick prayer for him and hopefully he'll find somewhere to go to wait till this storm passes. Well, I hope Jeff and John don't sit in a nighmare of Friday night traffic with this storm, and that they arrive home safely. I also hope everyone has a WONDEROUSLY wonderful Valentine's week-end, and somehow manages to stay warm!! Love to all............Debbie Crystal, I did appreciate your thoughts, comment and prayer. It was sooo good for some reason to hear your input on something that let's face it, in the past you would have never even heard. That is why this is going to be soo good I think......

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