Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Well, I think it's time for a "new" post in Debbie's Dribble. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed all the names everyone has come up with for their blogs. Such a genius group of people. haha I can't decide what to write as soooo many ideas are floating around in my head that I can't seem to pick one out. lol I kind of thought at one point it would be interesting some day to look back and remember what I thought about and how I felt when I was 54 years old. I wish I had done it all my life. Kind of a diary I guess in a way. So I think what I am going to start with, are my feelings about all the significant people in my family. If it gets too long, or too boring, I guess you could just stop reading any time you would like. But I am going to try and do this nonetheless......I guess of course I would have to start with Jeff. I guess I would think my feelings here are obvious. He is not only my husband of 34 years, but my best friend. I know for a very certain fact I could have never gotten through all the hard times in my life without him, and the good times and the memories and history we share could never be compared. He has put up with my "Merrickness" if you know what I mean, haha, and my anxieties, illnesses,and ignorances about world affairs with patience and stength. I like to think I have kept him amused along the way... :) Joe, my firstborn, is a very significant force in my life. He is a loving son and he always manages to make me feel protected, cared for and loved. Life with Joe has never been boring or ordinary. He always manages to stand out in whatever he does. I have always been sooo proud of Joe. We certainly have our moments (we push each others buttons with a quick and sometimes deliberate push) but there is never any doubt where we stand in each others hearts...John, is probably the most like me and therefore the connection I have with him is so understood by both of us, it would be hard to explain. He makes me laugh like few others I know. Our conversations go way under the surface and we can talk about things in very meaningful ways. John is so smart he truely amazes me sometimes with the wide variety of subjects he knows so much about. I am sooo glad he has spent this last year back with us, as it has enabled us to enjoy each other as adults on a different level that we probably never would have....Jimmy has always been my kid who is so much like his father, it was kind of scary. This means he is giving, helpful, and has no problem serving others. We have always enjoyed a close, wonderous relationship. Even when he was living out his rebellious years as a teenager, I didn't really worry too much about him, as I felt his heart wouldn't allow him to stray too far. I think he is a wonderful husband and father and the pride I feel when I hear him teach God's Word, truely can't be expressed....which brings me to Mel....anyone who knows me, knows the way I feel about her. She is the sun shine in my life as corny as that sounds. The connection we have always had is strong and never ending. I enjoy talking with her, being with her, and depend upon her in ways that are odd considering how young she really still is. Her living a 1000 miles away is more difficult than I ever imagined it would be. I am proud of her accomplishments and admire her determination and stength. The love I feel for all of my grandchildren amazes even me. I guess I just didn't realize how strong those bonds would be until I had them. But they touch my heart and bring me more joy than I could ever express. I want sooo much for all of them to grow into wonderful people who live happy and productive lives. I have the best daughter in laws in the world and my relationships with them have added so much to my life I wonder now how I ever got along without them. I grew to love my son in law Mike right along with Mel and I am grateful that he makes me feel that Melody is loved and cared for. My sisters are people I could never get along without and I would never want to try. I enjoy a strong bond with them all and they are my best and forever friends as well. My mother and Joe I love beyond comprehension and I have depended on them for all the regular reasons children depend upon their parents. They are always there for me, cheering me on and feeling bad with me when I am down. I enjoy a friendship with my mom that makes me feel like everything is just not quite right with my day until I talk to her. Well, I guess that's about it. Kind of a weird post I know. All of you mean so much to me as well by the way, and play your different roles significantly in my life. I honestly don't know what I'd do without any of you...........Well, I guess that's it for now. I guess I felt like if I was going to write a blog that was about me, I had to write about the significant people in my life, as all of you have helped to make me who I am.....


  1. I can not believe how emotional all of these feelings people are expressing have made me. That was an absolute stun! You could truly write professionally. You are very lucky to have all of your children and their spouses and grandchildren to love and make your life complete. And Jeff, too, of course!

  2. Not sure how I missed this one. Really, very sweet. I'm not sure how Elvis wasn't included on the list, but I'm sure he understands.

  3. Elvie knows why he is still on my "list"...


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