Sunday, March 29, 2009


Jeff and I spent Saturday enjoying Disneyland through the eyes of our grandchildren Capri and JD. Donatella was also there for us to hold and enjoy, and both Grandpa and I took our turns with that. Having seen Disneyland now more times than I could ever count up, and been on all the rides to the point that I know by heart all their twists and turns, and add to it the fact that it now costs an absolutely ridiculous amount to just enter the gates, food and drink on the day could practically beggar you, the confusion and noise of the crowd, the lines, and the marathon walking that makes my knees throb, there is really precious little there to lure me in anymore. But experiencing their delight as they discover all the magic and fun that make Disneyland the place it is, is well worth every penny and every little ache and pain. They were quite simply just adorable. One of my highlights on the day was when JD met Buzz Lightyear. Now JD had come dressed as Buzz and we heard at least 100 times on the day just how darling everyone found him in his little outfit. He never doubted for a single second that he was meeting the REAL Buzz Lightyear...haha He was actually a little afraid of him I think but it didn't keep him from going up to him for a hug and a high five. The "real" Buzz put on quite the show when he spotted JD to the amusement of everyone around. It was really cute. Capri, so enjoyed her adventure through the castle, (which I never did see and had actually never seen before) she managed to get her daddy to take her through it 4 times in a row. haha She rode with me on the Buzz Lightyear ride and at one point whispered to me, "Grandma, I don't think I like this ride...Let's close our eyes" It was just soooo cute. She was also quite cute in the Tiki room as she hummed and clapped along. They were both REALLY good on the day and simply enjoyed their time through a world of make believe fun. Grandma was sore for sure but the memory of their little faces will stay with me for a long long time...


  1. I was smiling the whole time I read this, sounds like such a fun day! As I have gotten to experience it not long ago with my kids, and your right it does make it ALL worth it! By the way those pics are darling!

  2. The pics are adorable! I have got to get mine on somehow!

  3. for some reason I actually teared up seeing JD in his buzz outfit.. might be the cutest thing I've ever seen.


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