Monday, March 23, 2009


Jackie's birthday party yesterday was really a very nice day, and I had so much fun watching all the kids enjoy it...I personally saw and heard soo many cute things they said and did, I'll remember it for a while...JD's "show" of how a fish swims was both adorable and a pretty good demo of how it really works, but then most of what he does and says is adorable...haha Donatella and Cody were both very good at their first big family birthday party. Capri was giddy with her "goody bag" and was so perky as she told me all it held...Jackie was so happy with her gifts and I got the biggest kick out of how she would thank people just for the card...Little Jeff was sooo sweet because he was so excited to see Jackie open the gift that "he" had picked out, and said with such delight when she was pleased, "I just KNEW she would love it!"...They were all so cute on the rides. Lindsey, Annabel and Katie were hysterical on the roller coaster and made it look so fun I was actually tempted to get on and ride it. My back is probably glad I didn't. Blake was really sweet with little Jeff and I think the two of them may have begun a little friendship. I have a few pics of them to show you, though they don't do justice to how cute they really looked....Kids just make life seem like it is so simple. Their enthusiasm and pleasure is contagious and for me sometimes I really wish we could view things the simple way they do...


  1. I, too, loved the day. Everything about it was so enjoyable. I know it was answered prayer that the weather was so wonderful and that the kids (big and little) got a chance to have so much fun together. And yes, I really wish we could view things as they do. Also, your pics are darling. I have to get mine going on here,too.

  2. what cute pics... wish I was there.


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