Sunday, April 5, 2009


Jeffie's birthday party at the park yesterday was such a nice day. From the "perfect" weather to the delicious food of fried chicken, macaroni salad, Leah's famous mac & cheese, chips, dips, and cake, I think pretty much everyone got enough to eat. haha The kids enjoyed the play ground, and the "big kids" enjoyed the basketball. The rest of us enjoyed the conversation and watching the kids all enjoy themselves, which ended up including a game of baseball as well. Jeffie was sooo excited on the day he was pure pleasure to watch. The babies, Donatella and Cody were really good, and didn't have much to complain about as they got passed from one pair of willing arms to another. After the party at the park was over, Jimmy's family came over to celebrate his birthday. Little Jeff joined us, as he and Capri weren't ready to end their fun. We all ended up at Benehana's (I know this is spelled wrong, but you can figure it out) for dinner which the kids all got the biggest kick out of. They could hardly believe all that was happening right before their eyes..haha The food was wonderful as always and everyone enjoyed themselves. All in all it was a very nice day.....I LOVE it when my family can all get together and just enjoy one another's company. Melody & Mike were missed... :( but the day was just about perfect other than that...We are all looking forward to Easter, where we will do it all again...Life is busy and hard sometimes, which makes a day like this soooo appreciated...

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  1. The picture of the kids with their ice cream just about sums up the feel of the day. Jeffie was darling and seemed thrilled with every present! Those two pics of the babies are STUNS!


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