Saturday, April 18, 2009


Since I didn't get into bed last until almost 1 AM (a real rarity for me) and popped back up this morning at about 6:30 or so, I found myself REALLY sleepy this afternoon at around 3:30. My eyes were sooo heavy, and my head the familiar to all I'm sure, cloudy and thick. I decided to lay down and a grab myself a quick little "nap"....Within seconds I swear I slipped into a DEEP unconscious state of slumber, I'm sure snoring loud enough to wake the neighbors. Now usually when I lay down for a quick little napster during the day, I sleep VERY lightly, am aware of almost everything going on around me, and sleep no longer than 20 minutes or so. Just enough to "take the edge" off, and refresh me a little bit. I always awake sharp and clear headed and ready to go again. I rarely if ever dream during these little cat naps. And yet I find myself doing this maybe only once a week or so, as much more than this produces the "need" to do so, which in turn makes the frequency of these naps more often, and the length longer and longer which then results in damaging my ability to get a good nights rest every night, which if anyone who really knows me knows, is lethal to my ability to function at all on a human level. However, whenever I "nap" like I did today, deeply and for a GOOD hour or more, it only brings about a BAD feel. I awoke from a very involved dream having no idea for a good minute or more, where I was, what day it was, or why I was so sound asleep during the day etc....I had to fight the urge BADLY to roll over and fall immediately back into an even deeper slumber, awaking only God knows when. I have been awake a good 40 minutes now and my head is STILL kind of groggy and thick and somewhat sleepy. I know from experience, that I will eventually come WIDE awake and NEVER be able to fall asleep when I should tonight...meaning the whole process will begin again with being awake until late, waking up early and feeling tired all day.....I will not be able to let myself fall asleep tomorrow NO MATTER WHAT, or the cycle could get REALLY set...How I envy the person who can take a couple hour nap and still fall asleep at a distant hour the same night. But it has never been me...a nap can be a TOTAL wonder thing, or it can be my worst nightmare...kind of like a baby who fell asleep too late in the day, haha....Jeff and Mel are both still napping, and why do I know that neither one of them will be the least bit bothered tonight falling asleep's just not fair...haha, but then what is??


  1. This is really weird as I have just awakened from a lengthy nap myself. I NEVER nap during the day for all of the reasons you have listed. For some reason, I was feeling so beat that I decided to lay down for a couple of minutes and I fell into a dead sleep. I have been awake for about 45 mins and I feel horrid. I have injested some sugar in an attempt to get awake and I am still groggy. At this point, I am considering making some coffee. We are going to California Adventure in the morning so a good night of sleep is very necessary. I am actually kind of scared. This must be handled very carefully...

  2. haha Just to let you know, I actually fell asleep at 10:15 and slept as if in a coma until was a WONDEROUDS night of sleep and I am sooo grateful. Shows me I've gotten sooo old that I can sleep when I've napped, probably just this once anyway. Hope California Adventure is fun....have a good day. I have to leave for the airport in a half hour, and I am soooooo depressed... =(


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