Sunday, May 17, 2009


After leaving church this morning, I decided I am going to do my best to never complain again....

Pastor Dave was not there this morning as he did not come back from the Pastors Conference when he was suppose to, because his wife Marie was too ill to travel on Friday. We of course then had a guest speaker. I learned many years ago not to complain when this happens, as I can not tell you the number of times I have been really affected by a visiting speaker....Anyway, this morning's was no exception. The man was a stun....Really, really good. His ministry is to young people who are either already in jail, or on their way. His name is Victor Marx and he has written a book about his life called Everything is possible with God. His goal is to give it to every kid he can who finds himself in that position, or for anyone who thinks God cannot do everything, or no longer performs miracles. Some of the stories he told of the kids whose lives have already been changed by this book were truly inspiring...

This man had a childhood the likes of which you truly couldn't imagine...His biological father left his mom pregnant and alone and his life continued down hill from there. When he was 5 years old he was sexually molested and was left in a cooler to die. However he was found unconscious, and his mother and step father at the time sat him wrapped in a blanket, on a chair, in the sun to "thaw" out, and he lived to tell the story as he said...He was hysterically funny by the way...His mother married 6 times and all the step fathers he had varied in their different ways of abusing him, but they all pretty much did. I guess the first one was by far the worst...He drowned him once in a bath tub where he was repeatedly putting his head under the water and held it there until he passed out. He came to with his step dad giving him mouth to mouth and as he opened his eyes he said to him..."I give you life.." He was a wild alcoholic and got drunk one night and came in the house where he began shooting the lights out as he complained about the electric bill. His mother took him and his brothers into the closet in her bedroom and stood praying for the Lord to protect them. She had left the bedroom door open so as to throw him off that they were in there hopefully, but he knew....He stood at the door screaming at them to come out..He couldn't figure out what in the world kept him from just coming into the room and ripping them all out, so he peered through a crack in the door and saw his step day TRYING to come through the door, but something kept stopping him and pushing him back. He remembers at the time only feeling a huge relief that for some reason he couldn't get through the door, but years later after he became a Christian, he realized an angel had to have no doubt stood at that door and didn't let him through...He eventually passed out and they all escaped and ran away that very night.
He had many other amazing stories of his life too long of course to type here. He is a 7th degree black belt but I didn't even hear that part of his story. He eventually gets into trouble and is given the choice of prison or the service and went into the Marines. He has many many problems as a result of course of his insane child hood. He goes into counseling many times, and at one point is diagnosed Bi Polar and is on several different medications and treatments. All of this never really helps him and he continues on with his life out of control. He finally is lead to the Lord by his biological father (which is another long amazing story too long to tell here) and his life begins to change. He gets off all the medication and finds a Godly councilor who helps him tremendously. He has been married now for 20 years and has 5 children. He had a huge martial arts school for years and years in Hawaii but he finally got involved in this ministry and that's what he does now. He at one point travels back to his original home and lead his step dad who tried to murder him more than once, to the Lord. He was dying at the time and for two weeks he went daily to him and read and talked and prayed with him and finally on the day before he died, lead him through the sinners prayer....

What an unbelievable testimony and ministry this man has. And yet he seemed very ordinary and down to earth and like I said, very funny. He told the stories of his life, leaving you no doubt of the existence and mighty power of God. Everything that happened in his life no matter how horrifying was truly used together to produce the good that is now happening as a result, making Romans 8:28 come to life...."And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, and are called according to His purpose"....How many times do we all wonder why the Lord allows horrible things to happen, or some people to really suffer....and then you hear a story like this, and you no longer have to wonder...We often don't see the end of the story, or see the final result. It might be years and years later, but I don't doubt the purpose is there. God knows who of us are going to come to Him and be saved and so He uses everything He can to accomplish it. We just have to be willing to be used. After I hear a story like this it is much easier somehow to trust that God has truly got everything in His hands. We really do have nothing to fear and worry as He has a plan and a purpose for all of us, and if we are obedient He can use us to. This man is also very careful to say that while our past definitely has an affect on us, and we may suffer consequences as a result for years or maybe even for life, it is NOT impossible for God to "unscramble the eggs" as he said, and make us whole and free of our pasts, and able to be used by Him.


  1. This is a staggering testimony. It is always so awesome to see what God does thru horrible situations.

  2. Your page is an utter stun. I love the pics and the background. This new backiground place is a wonder!

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