Tuesday, May 12, 2009


As I finished reading Laurie's wonderful post this morning over at Women Taking a Stand, my mind began to spin in many directions, on both the posts I have written in the past on this subject, and the ones I still have in my heart that I have not put into words yet. It is just something that the Lord has been working on in me for a while now, and so is therefore a subject I have many thoughts on. I have a busy day and busy week ahead of me and I contemplated rather or not I really have the time to do this particular post or not. When I mentioned this to my husband this morning before he left wanting his opinion on rather or not I should post something he said, "Deb, you know you will never rest until you do. Pull out one of your old ones and re-post it." haha He knows me well. Well, I have decided to write somewhat of a combo. I am going to re-post a combination of some of my old ones that I wrote last April I believe, but I am going to add a little bit to it before and and after...

To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven...Ecc. 33:1

This is one of those verses that for me is so packed full of profound truth, it is hard sometimes to really get my head around the simplicity of it at the same time. As I have moved through the various seasons in my life, I have found myself both looking ahead to what is still (God willing) to come, and the ones I have left far behind. But one thing ALWAYS remains the same.

Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

God moves on an eternal time table that is not always readily evident to His people. He works within seasons, and time frames for His own purposes.

Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails." (Proverbs 19:21)

It is right and good to plan. It is necessary for it gives direction and allows us to set priorities. However, yield some white space on your agenda and in your heart for the purpose of God to prevail. This may mean we may have to re-adjust from time to time. But that's OK...In whatever season in life we find ourselves in, we should move forward and plan, and yet yield to the will of God and His purposes, and we will do it all in the power of the Holy Spirit...

This following part is the one I wrote last April that I think fits well into what I am talking about with "seasons in our lives"...

I have been taking to going over to Greenbelt Park recently on the days that Nina comes, and getting out and sitting on the picnic tables there and working on my Bible Study. The day started out kind of foggy and cold, so I was concerned I wouldn't want to sit out there today, but it wasn't long and the sun burned it's way through and it was beautiful, about 72 degrees with a slight breeze blowing just enough to ruffle the leaves on the nearby trees. I sat there working for about an hour and half without another person in sight. I enjoyed the solitude which seemed strange somehow, as I was outside and in a public place. Just as I was finishing up, I noticed a mom and her young daughter making their way toward the play ground. The mom couldn't have been more than at the most 25, and the daughter was probably close to 3 or so. It was a toss up who seemed more excited to be heading towards the equipment. I watched as the young mom put her little one in a swing and began pushing her, and the little girl squealed with obvious delight...simple pleasure, free to anyone who chose to use the park. A few minutes later, a little old man so hobbled and bent it was a wonder he was maneuvering his frail body down the side walk at all, made his way to the bench sitting by the sand, and took up his post watching the small child on the swing. He laughed aloud at her undisguised enjoyment. I was struck with how life changes from one stage to another as quickly as the weather it seems. One minute your the young child in the swing completely dependent upon your mother for all your most basic needs, and the next you find yourself the young mother herself caring for her family...a couple of blinks later and your me sitting on a bench in the park wondering how I could have possibly reached this stage in my life so quickly, and finally the little old man hobbled and shuffling in what is surely his last little while here on this earth. Time races by and things inevitably change. My eyes wondered and I noticed the softball fields off in the distance. How many times did I come to this park, and sit in those stands and watch Melody play a game of softball?? Too many times to count that's for sure..How I enjoyed watching her play..I closed my eyes and could hear the girls chanting their little cheers, and the sound of the balls hitting their gloves as they warmed up for a game. I could even smell the nachos in the snack bar and feel the excitement I always felt as a game was about to start. Those days have come and gone, and today I miss them. I miss her...I miss being the young mom with a large family to go home and prepare a big dinner for. But I was struck with something else today that I don't usually think of when I am in a nostalgic mood. There is going to come a time in my life (hopefully) when I am the old man sitting on the bench and remember what it was like to be the Grandma with all the young grand kids and kids still in their early 20's and 30's. Still living in the house they all grew up in and wondering if we will ever afford to retire. Yes, life goes quickly I have found, but I am no longer in a hurry, and I intend to enjoy this stage in my life and savor it for all it's benefits and pleasures. Because no doubt the time will come when it will all change and other's will find themselves standing in my shoes, and I will be the little old lady hobbling along (I kind of hobble now haha) waiting for the Lord to call me home....

Yes, "seasons in our life" come and go and we all find ourselves on that roller coaster ride called life. Sometimes we are going up and the climb seems non-ending and overwhelming, other times we have reached the mountain tops and the view from the top is exhilarating and majestic, other times we find ourselves plummeting downward at a breath taking speed, our hearts and minds busy with just hanging on. But I find my comfort in knowing that Jesus is always there, always the same, never moving, my rock.

Psalm 62:7 In God is my salvation and my glory; The rock of my strength, And my refuge, is in God.

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  1. This background is an utter STUN! I love it!!!! I also love the music. The post was really good....Makes you stop and think. Time does speed by and I, too, am quite content to have it slow down.

  2. What caught me about your blog was that all of them...the child, the mom, and the old man were all enjoying life. It does seem that the time goes quickly. But I like you have decided I'm going to enjoy the journey.

  3. Debbie, reading this blog was like reading a really good story....I've decided that you should write a book. Think of it, it could be the answer to your retirement. Also, it did make me look at my life, instead of complaining about rooms being messy,the dirty dishes in the sink, and all the things that I don't have, in the end, none of these things even matter. I need to enjoy every second to its fullest.

  4. Your so right Leah...at the stage of life you are at is often times the busiest and it's all you can do to get from day to day doing the things that absolutely demand your attention...I remember being your age and older women (my age now haha) telling me.."oh honey, savor these days, they are over soo fast." and seriously I thought they were nuts...haha MY kids would never actually grow up and move on...and yet here I sit...it DOES go fast...enjoy them now for what they are worth....most of the things you stew and worry about either never happen, or you wonder later why you ever thought they were sooo big....By the way, thanks for the encouragement on writing a book. I've have considered it many times as I really do love to write and lose myself in the process....but someone (not mentioning any names) recently really discouraged me from thinking that way telling me my blogs were WAY too long, and not interesting enough to even get them to read all the way to the end.... = ( haha Here I thought I could try out some ideas and see if anyone found them interesting or well written....I have one vote anyone.... = )


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