Thursday, July 23, 2009


I took these pics off of my daughter's facebook page because I couldn't wait to show off how DARLING this cake was....Just so you know Kristi, she has had 17 comments (so far..and she just posted last night) on how cute the cake was! Her caption under the pic said..I couldn't bear to cut it! haha Because there were sooo many comments Melody posted one telling everyone about your cake blog page, so again, who knows what might come of that, as my daughter's page is hit a lot. She has a ton of friends... The other pic is of my daughter Melody (in the brown dress) and the other hostess Amanda...the theme of the shower was baby safari as that is how the gal decorated her nursery....Now, if I just get to the rest of my pics...sigh.... Just so you know, I had some better pics at different angles on my camera, but you can see it pretty well on her pic, haha


  1. Holy cow!! 17 comments? Wow, you sure put a smile on my face this morning!! Thanks so much again and tell your daughter thank you for sharing my information! I'm so glad that everyone loved it as much as they did. I know my Grandma came over that morning and made such a fuss about it too. Thanks so much Debbie, I always love to hear how the cake turned out!! I hope it was delicious too!

  2. Hi Debbie,
    What a sweet picture. Your daughter is so nice to post Kristi's site.

    I am looking forward to your first Tablescape Thursday. I think you should do one for next week ;)


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