Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Well, my week with Melly is over. I dropped her at the airport early this morning and watched her walk off pulling her suitcase behind her, and drove away blinking back my tears. It was a REALLY good visit. We managed to squeeze so many things into our time that I am actually kind of tired, but in a good way. The shower for her best friend Joanna came off really well. Everyone had such a good time. Kristi's cake was a BIG hit, it was just so darling. I wanted to post a picture of it with this story, but I forgot my camera at Jimmy's house yesterday much to my horror, so I guess I will not be able to post any for a while...Her birthday swim party on Sun was also a good time, and the kids all lived in the pool for the day, (while a lot of us adults watched them through the sliding glass doors, safely inside where it was cool haha). It was such a hot day... I love when all the cousins get together and enjoy each other so much...Again, good pics, but not much I can do....Monday we headed down to San Diego to spend the day with Jimmy and his family at the beach. I managed to burn myself in a couple of weird places where I missed putting on the sun tan lotion apparently, but it's not too bad so I guess I'll live. How I love the beach...It was REALLY warm down there, but I drug my chair down to the water so that my feet were splashed with every wave and it was wonderful, and my grand kids got the biggest kick out of it as well...haha They looked adorable in their little suits and ran and played in the water for hours. How blessed we are to live where we can go to such a wonderous place on a hot summer day. Should I mentioned I can't post the pics from this day either?? haha I am going to have to go through my usual "Mel withdrawals" I suppose, but I am grateful for every minute we had. She doesn't know for sure when she will be back, and I am afraid it might be a while, as she is starting graduate school in August. I am very excited for her to do this, and I will focus on that. Again, it is getting easier every time I see her walk off knowing I won't see that face or hug that girl for quite a while, but I haven't managed to completely settle in with it all just yet this time. I know I will get there just like I always do, but I do hate this part...But!! on a positive note, I lost 4.8 pounds this week!! I was soo thrilled to have my hard work pay off. It made watching everyone else enjoy all the delicious looking treats at both the shower and the birthday party (while I tried not to be too envious) well worth the sacrifice...That makes 13 pounds total for my first month on....yeah.....soo much more to go, but I am happy I have managed to at least make this start...one day, one pound at a time is all I can do, and I hope I won't dwell on all that I still have to lose. Sooo, I am thanking Jesus for the time with my daughter and the rest of my family, and for the strength to push myself away from the table, haha.....


  1. I'm so glad you had such a lovely visit! It was very nice to meet your daughter, she is absolutely beautiful by the way. Just gorgeous. I'm also very pleased to hear that the cake was a hit!!! I always enjoy making cakes for you and it was a pleasure to make one for your daughter!! Thanks Debbie!

  2. Hi Debbie,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such wonderful comments on my blog. It is fun isn't it.. I have enjoyed blogging.

    You should join in on Tablescape Thursday. I was nervous the first time but now I look foward to it. I actually feel like I am missing a party when I don't get a chance to post something.

    Sounds like you had a great visit with your daughter. I know exactly how you feel when they walk away with that suitcase and head for the plane. I think it gets worse when they are carrying your grandchild away with them.;)

    Love you blog. I will list it on mine so I can come back and visit often. Have a great day. and you are right about being blessed. I count mine daily.
    PS - get that camera back... we need pics.


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