Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Well I have sure had a busy couple of days. Yesterday I traveled down to Huntington Beach to spend the day with my mom. She had decided for her birthday present this year from me she would really like to spend the day shopping. So we started with lunch at Marie Calenders (great salad bar) and then hit the mall. Don't think we ever did get out of Penny's though, haha...They had such good sales going on. I got my mom some new black pants and 3 new tops at super prices. Then (since the prices were soo good) I ended up getting my daughter in law Leah some new black pants as well and a few new blouses for work. With 5 kids she usually puts herself at the end of the line for clothes, and she really needed a little something extra for her wardrobe. My mom and I totally enjoyed our day together. Today was Jeffie's testing for KG, Cody's 6 month check up and some school clothes shopping for Jeffie. Cody weighed in at an even 20 pounds and is 27 inches long. Big boy...Poor guy got 3 shots and some oral medication and was not real happy when we left. We got Jeffie all set for school now and finished off the day with a Golden Spoon.

These last two days have been busy for sure, and yet my heart has been heavy with some news that we got on Sun. afternoon from my daughter Melody. A girl she knew quite well from high school was killed in a car accident Sat. night. She was a year younger than Melody making her only 22 years old. She had just gotten married in June. She and her older sister had gone to the Toby Keith concert and were almost home when they were crossing an intersection and a guy ran a red light and hit them broad side. Alyssa was killed instantly and the older sister remains in the hospital in critical condition. The news that poor mother got that night was a double whammy. I honestly don't know how she is holding up at all. I was thinking of all the events that had to take place perfectly during that day and night that placed their car in that place at that exact moment. You have to believe that it was just her turn to go. And yet, it is sooo incredibly sad I hardly can bear it. Sooo young, just married, barely starting her life. She had just graduated from college in May as well. But the bottom line remains, not a single moment is promised to any of us. You never know what moment in time may be the moment that the Lord calls us home. We have to be ready. Thank God that Alyssa knew Him and is at this moment walking the streets of heaven. I know she is happier than she could of ever been here on this earth and I rejoice for her, and yet I pray that He wraps His arms around that mother and their whole family who have been left behind, and comforts them in a way only He can. I pray that His peace that passes all understanding will fill their hearts and minds. I didn't know Alyssa personally, but I saw her many times at school functions and in pictures. She was a beautiful girl, full of life and hopes and dreams. She was loved and will be missed greatly by all her knew her. My heart breaks and yet I have never spoken to her so I can only imagine the pain of those who knew her well. But I do know and trust that the Lord will bear this burden with them all and bring them comfort and peace.


  1. That is so sad. My heart goes out to her family. I hate to hear something like this.

  2. My heart breaks for their family.


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