Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Mike & Mel went to one of their farms yesterday and took pics of their corn...Soo pretty I think. Look at how close together it is soo thick...

From another angle...there is acres and acres of this...we saw it last year and it was soo neat for some reason. Guess you can tell I have never been a farm girl. Mike said that their corn has a reputation of being some of the best around....They raise this corn for feed for the cows. I didn't even know there was different kinds of corn, but apparently there is a lot I don't know...haha

Mel looks soo cute I think...(not prejudice or anything.... I miss her so)

This really shows how tall it is considering Mike is 6'3"....

Mike & Mel hope to build a home on the farm that is nearest their dairy. The dairy is about 10 miles from the border of Texas. The farm is actually in Texas. So she would be changing states again, and yet not moving over 10 miles, haha. The view from the farm is so beautiful and of course you eliminate the fly and constant dirt situations. She is living in a brand new 2800 sq. ft. mobile home right now with a HUGE yard and patio etc. I love it and she has decorated it really nice. The master bedroom has a walk in closet that is as big as one of my bedrooms and tons of storage place etc., and the kitchen is darling. I love the "feel" of being right in the thick of things and seeing the cows etc. when I am there, and for some reason you honestly don't smell the cows the way I did here in California, but I have not lived on a dairy in the middle of the summertime (as she pointed out, haha) and I guess I can understand why the plan is to eventually move to the farm. Mel started grad school today and her student teaching as well. This will take up 3 days a week for her and on the other two she will sub. The teaching situation in New Mexico is VERY different from here in California, and teachers are actually in demand. Guess that is one good thing about no longer living in California. This busy schedule for her will keep her from visiting as much as she was able to last year, but I know she needs to get this done, and I am happy for her. If all goes as planned, we are trying to get things together so we can go there over Labor Day week-end. Otherwise, it may be Christmas time before I see her.... = ( I have put it all in the Lord's hands, so we will see. In the meantime, I hope she enjoys her new venture.


  1. Wow, that corn is so tall! It is absolutely gorgeous out there, she must be in heaven! Hope you get to visit Labor Day weekend.

  2. Love the pics of Mel and the corn. You're right, corn (or anything) is so pretty when it is growing. I think I was a farmer in a former life (or maybe a future life ;) Have a great day and I hope the future visit is Labor Day and Christmas.


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