Thursday, August 13, 2009


My grand daughters Annabel & Lindsey came to spend a few days with me this week. We had so much FUN. The girls and I started our day at the mall with a hair cut for Lindsey and a style for Annabel so that they could get some fun pics taken as sisters...

Annabel getting her hair washed..

SEVERAL hours later (Grandma was dragging) we arrived home with their purchases...We did quite a bit of school clothes shopping. The girls had a ball, and I enjoyed them. Didn't seem so long ago Mel & I tackled this chore...

This is 12 year old Annabel wearing her pink & blue clip in hair pieces she bought that she thought were sooo fun. Oh to be 12 again....haha

This is pretty little Lindsey growing up soo fast, though not fast enough to suit her I am afraid.. haha

The girls "posing" before their swim...

Having fun...

Didn't catch her in motion quite as well, haha

One of their "sisters" pics

Love this one...

The next day we started our day at the nail salon. The girls got pedi's and their finger nails painted. Such fun

Their feet were sooo ticklish


Finished products....some wild colors I'm thinking

They wanted Grandma's toes in the pic too..

Lunch at the Claim Jumper before our afternoon movie..

My oldest grand son Evan who is 14 and Annabel...

Wed. afternoon I took Lindsey home and picked up Evan to join Annabel & I and we traveled down to San Diego to hear my son deliver the Wed. evening service at his church Maranatha Chapel. For those of who may not know, my youngest son Jimmy is the high school pastor for Marantha Chapel in San Diego....It is a HUGE Calvary Chapel church (over 5000 members). Every few weeks or so he is asked to teach the service in the main church in addition to the high school church where he is course every Sun morning and Tues evening. He has done quite a few Sun. evening services and several Wed. nights and even a couple of Sun mornings as well over the course of the last 3 years that he has worked for them. At first it was a very weird and somewhat scary experience to sit in a huge church and listen to your own son give the message. But I very quickly learned there was much he could teach me, and I became lost in his messages, and the fact that he is MY son speaking to a large crowd was not important or frightening at all. Jimmy has always been a very gifted speaker with a wonderful sense of humor, and I honestly believe the Lord has great plans for his future in the ministry. If ever you might like to hear any of his messages, you can hear them on-line by going to and clicking on the archieves until you find one of his....We ended our evening (after Jimmy was FINALLY free to join us, haha) by going for a Golden Spoon yogurt which was very yummy. I can have one on Jenny Craig if I stick to a mini with no toppings (and delete my snack from Jenny for the day) = ) YAY!! I didn't get into bed until after midnight which was pretty late for me, but worth every tried minute, haha I was struck again today just how blessed I am and I am soo grateful. The time I was able to spend with my grand kids was so treasured, and we made many memories that won't soon be forgotten.


  1. Hi Debbie,
    Great post, in my next life I want to come back as one of your grandkids. What a FABULOUS time you had with them. It sounds like you didn't have too much down time and fit just about everything fun in.

    You will need the rest when they go home. The girls are darling and your grandson is a handsome young man. Yes, you are truly blessed.

    Enjoy your day.

  2. Thanks Maryrose, and your sooo right. I don't think I stepped into the shower until almost 11 today, unheard for me, haha I really just love kids they say the cutest things sometimes...And grand kids are the greatest...You enjoy them and love them and then sweep them out the door to their parents...


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