Monday, August 10, 2009


Happy cows come from New Mexico, happy people TOO apparently...haha

This is Mike & Mel as they rode the Ferris Wheel at the Lea County Fair last Friday. For those of you who do not know, my daughter married Mike a year ago this last June and moved to Hobbs, NM which is about 10 miles from the Texas border. Mike is a dairy farmer and they live right on the dairy which according to Melody has it's definite ups and downs. The ups being Mike is always right around and is in and out all day long. He's 10 minutes from crawling out of bed at 6 and being busy at work. He is always readily available 24 hours a day for any problem which do manage to crop up frequently. They milk about 2600 cows which is considered on the smaller side, but it has always looked HUGE to me. haha They also own two farms where they grow almost all the feed for the cows. I was there last summer as the corn was ready to harvest, and it was truly a beautiful sight to me... The down sides of living right on the dairy are obvious...flys and dirt, haha...But Mel is learning to cope with both.

They are part of an organization out there called The Dairy Producers and they entered a float in the parade that started off the fair. They took first prize!! Isn't the calf darling? Mel has climbed into the pen with the new calves many times and they are really pretty cute. They nuzzle up to you and like to be petted. She has feed them from bottles many times which she really enjoys. They have as many as 3 or 4 new calves a day.

This would be Mike, haha He is a pretty big guy, 6'3", and is usually clowning around like this...

They all wore these shirts and ran along side of the float passing out string cheese. Mel said it was 101 that day and REALLY hot, but that it was still a lot of fun. She was wearing cowboy boots which I'm wondering if that was a good choice??

This is Mel beside the giant milk carton they made for the float. She looks pretty cute I'm thinking....

Here they are working on the float...

It really is a VERY different way of life for Melody. She has been involved in "dairy life" for the last 6 years though as she and Mike began dating their senior year of high school and of course Mike has worked on his dairy since he was 10 years old. They moved the dairy from Corona where they had been for years, to NM about a year or so before Mel & Mike married. She is a HUGE animal lover and has quite a bit of country in her heart, but at the same time is a California born and raised "city" girl too. I think she does a pretty good job of joining her two worlds.


  1. Hi Debbie,
    Loved your post. NM looks beautiful, those blue skies. I think your daughter might have the right idea getting out of the hustle and bustle of CA. I think that a small town might be a great place to raise a family...but not so good for you. She seems to love it though, she always looks so happy. Have a great day.
    PS - dont forget to post a tablescape tomorrow for tt.

  2. I had no idea that your daughter's husband was a dairy farmer! So cool! It is definitely a change, but I know what my Mom is talking about. Small towns are a great change of pace. She does always look so happy and I love all of her clothes!! She always looks perfect! Love the pic of her hubby in the milk carton. So funny!


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