Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Over the last couple of days I managed to dig out all of my fall decorations and get them up. Even though it is DEFINITELY still hot, I can "feel" fall is in the air. It seems as though many fellow bloggers share my love of the fall. I'm not sure what it is...the rich, deep colors, the cooler crisp air, harvest time, pumpkins, the start of a new school year, the holidays right around the corner, or the combination of all these things and much more, it has always been my favorite time of year. I have had most of my decorations for a few years now, but I try and add at least one new and fun item every year. All of these things here on my front porch are old welcome girl bear sign is still wearing her 4th of July outfit. I guess she doesn't have an official fall dress. I might look for that tomorrow...

My scarecrow only cost me 5 bucks 3 years ago, and he is still looking good..the grandkids all love him..

I had a wreath I made years ago for years and years, and then suddenly two years ago, it vanished...who knows what happened to it?? But I replaced it with this one from Michael's and it is really pretty too I guess, but not quite the same..sigh

My plastic pumpkins...I love them..

A full shot (kind of anyway) of my family room where most of my fall decorations are..

The coffee table with an old arrangement, but the candles are new.. I can't wait to burn them and smell the wonderful smells...

A close up of the centerpiece. I've had this for really is pretty cute.

This pic should have been after the next one. I don't know how they got out of order, other than Grandma had a LONG day with the kids, haha...(have to blame someone) anyway, it is a close up of the top of the cabinet in the family room. It is sporting some new leaves etc. in the arrangement. I got them at Tai Pan...It is soo hard not to go nuts there....

Full shot of the cabinet...

I LOVE this little sign...I have had this forever...

A close up of one of the leaf and pinecombs that I got and spruced up my arrangement to make it Fall. It gets changed to Christmas flowers at Christmas time, and spring flowers in the spring...I am not quite sure why I have never done summertime. I will definitely have to do that next year..

One of my fall angels...I have two. Have had these girls forever...

Kitchen table...I'm thinking I need some pretty fall placemats...

My dining room which has the new fall table runner my mother made for me last Christmas.. It is reversible and the other side is Christmas. I LOVE it....I will show the Christmas side when Christmas decs go up..

It's quilted...She made one for all of her daughters...there are 4 of us...

Isn't it pretty?? I just love it and her...

Fireplace mantle in my family room..

I just love these candle holders. I got them maybe 5 years ago. Looks like I need some new candles though, haha...must have burned them more than I thought last year..

My little angels are kind of lost up there, but I LOVE them...They were a gift from a girl friend of mine a few years ago..

My pilgrim couple I got at the Sideboard a few years ago. I love that store..

That's about it on my Fall decs...Don't think I need much else this year. A couple of new candles (and a GOOD one for the kitchen) some place mats and a dress for my bear. Not too bad...Did I mention I LOVE this time of year...

On Sunday Jimmy and Larissa came up to celebrate John's birthday and we took their kids to get their pictures taken...They are SUCH darling subjects needless to say it was hard to be disciplined and not go wild buying them all...Grandma did pretty good..

It was REALLY hard to get them all looking, not moving, smiling etc, etc. at the same time, haha This one was the best we thought....

I just had to share this pic though it is not one of the professionals.. JD got to go to his first Charger game with daddy last Friday. We are ALL big football fans in the Class family. JD, though not quite 3 LOVES this game and follows along really well. He looks adorable here Grandma is thinking...he was soo excited!!

Almost 3 year old (this month!) JD...what a doll...look at those dimples...sorry is my "Grandma" showing??

Look at those eyes!! A future heart breaker no doubt..

He looks and reminds me soo much of his daddy...though he looks ALOT like Grandpa..

This pic of Donatella says it all. Her first professional pose at 7 months...

Her eyes are the prettiest light blue...what a sweetie she is...

I LOVE this one....soo precious...

Donatella's bed of roses...

Capri will have her pics taken at school this she did just get to be the fairy princess...I love pics (as you can safely see) and I was very excited to get all of my grandkids (or most anyway) done recently...Sorry this is soo long, but I think I am officially done now. Good thing too, I'm starving....OH! I almost forgot, in case you didn't notice my ticker, my Melly is coming in a month for 5 days!!! YAY.....


  1. Oh Debbie!
    Hi sweetie. I so love this post. I am so anxious to get in that darn attic where the most of my fall things are at, and with this darn boot on my foot, I am at DH mercy. He will get to it this weekend for sure. I can't risk trying to climb the attic ladder because this boot is to cumbersome and I would end up falling and breaking the other foot. What a pain this has been. I love the pilgrim people. And I also love those candle wheat holders, as the wheat reminds me of Daddy and Moma and home. Ofcourse the grandbabies are the best, as we can do no better than that. The Fallness looks wonderful on your house sweetie. Thanks so much for sharing. I know one of these days it is going to get cooler for me here in Phoenix. I just keep thinking positive thoughts like the little engine that could. Take care. Country hugs and love, Sherry

  2. Hi Debbie,
    I just love fall too, it is my favorite season, but Christmas is my favorite time to celebrate. Your decorations are beautiful, I have been putting out mine all week, except today i went to look for some new things.
    I feel such a wonderful sweet spirit here, and have enjoyed reading some of your posts. You do have some beautiful grandchildren, and children. I see your mother makes things for you too, I am so blessed to have my mother too.

    Thank you for coming by and for leaving such a sweet comment, and I am going to now go and check your other blog.


  3. You have a beautiful collection of fall decor. I love everything your house looks awesome! Don't you love Tai Pan? I just got a coupon for 25% off fall or Halloween decor, so excited!!

    You're not excited that your daughter is coming or anything are you???? How fun!

  4. Hi Debbie honey!
    I just wanted to pop over and tell you to be watching Toys R Us, CVS Pharmacy and Walgreens because when they start putting out their Halloween stuff, they always have the Charlie Brown Halloween characters. They are just darling. I bought a set last year. Charlie Brown even has his little white sheet for over his head. Lucy has her witch hat and costume. There is also Sally and Linus. Just precious, and it comes with a pumpkin for Linus, the Great Pumpkin for the patch. Last year I also bought a Charlie Brown tree and Charlie Brown at Christmas. It is always in my house. I didn't know if you had seen them or not. Check it out. Be watching my blog, because I will be posting them soon, with my Halloween stuff. Oh and another likeness... My husband had a karate school for years back in Oklahoma. He has three black belts. One - Ju-Jitsu / Two - Hwrang Do / and the 3rd ShoreiKan - Go Ju Ryu. He got his first taste of karate in Viet Nam when he was in the Marines. He has torn his ACL in half doing a spinning jump kick, and is no longer able to practice. His heart is there but that is abouta all. He just turned 63 - Sept. 1st. On one of your son's birthdays too I see. How fun is this? Love it sweetie. Talk to you soon. Country hugs, Sherry

  5. Hi Debbie,
    Love this post... I guess you have motivated me to pull out the Fall decor. I am holding on to summer for one more week because we head off to Hawaii.. then back to reality.
    Love the grandkid can never have too many and yours are just the cutest. I bet that Donatella never stops smiling. Actually all of them have the prettiest eyes and the prettiest smiles. Must take after grandma.
    Have a great day.

  6. I can feel fall in the air too, you are right, its still hot outside, we dont live too far from each other, but this morning it was really nice and cool outside, I need to get my decorations out too, and get down to Tai Pan to see whats new!

  7. Everything is a STUN! I love the way you took pics of everything. Hopefully this will motivate me!

  8. how cute, I almost feel like I'm there. its still weird I'm not. If I was a buffed gling like you Id take pics of all my fall decs. I'll at least email them to you

  9. Love your fall decor Debbie! Your house looks very nice.


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