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When I came across this blog last night and found out about this blog party, I simply HAD to be a part of it. Now I know I am a day ahead of the party, but I am going to have company tomorrow and won't have a chance to blog, so I decided to put this together today. Better to be early than late, right? I have really enjoyed putting this all together and if you enjoyed it and would like to see others as well, click on this link and find the list of many others who have participated...ENJOY!!

This is a scene from the barbeque before the war started, where Scarlett surrounds herself with all her would be suiters, to try and make Ashley jealous. I LOVE the dress she wears during this picnic. I have a collection of plates with scenes from the movie, and this is by far my favorite.

I'm not quite certain what it is that has always attracted me to Scarlett O'Hara and Gone with the Wind...I think maybe it is just the romance between Scarlett and Rhett, or is it the sheer beauty of the deep south, or perhaps just the history of what went on during the Civil War? Considering that Scarlett herself spends most of the book convinced she is in love with Ashley, who is really nothing more than an image of who she wants him to be in her mind, and her desire to gain back her riches and everything else of worth she is convinced she lost in the war, she really isn't a very flattering portrayal of a southern woman during this time era. And yet I, along with I'm quite certain thousands of others, loved her. I have been collecting Gone with the Wind memorabilia since shortly after I married 34 years ago. I have decoraterd my home with some of these items, having received the majority of them as gifts over the years. I first read the book in high school so enthralled with it that I was caught with the book behind my Spanish book in class, and had to turn it into the teacher for 3 days as punishment. I was practically hysterical at the time, as waiting to find out what was happening between those pages was almost more than I could bear. I have re-read that book, and portions of that book so many times I could practically recite it in many places. The movie, while a completely enjoyable experience, didn't even come close to the grandness of the book. But I will say, Clark Gable as Rhett Butler, came as close to anything I might have imagined him being. And Vivian Leigh simply WAS Scarlett O'Hara...

This is a picture of my living room where I have hung my collection of plates. I also have a Thomas Kinkade which is a painting of his in which he has painted Tara, Scarlett's childhood home, and an assortment of music boxes, figurines and dolls.

I have a curio cabinet in my dining room which holds a couple of shelves with the collectable figures.

This is a cabinet in my family room which holds some more of the figurines and a few of the Gone with the Wind barbie dolls I own. These dolls are even more special to me as they were given to me by my late daughter-in-law Charisse, who had searched all over for them, and was so thrilled to present them to me after she found them.

This is a close up of the Kinkade picture of Tara. I LOVE it. My husband surprised me with this Kinkade on our 20th anniversary.

I zoomed in so that you can see the initals that he painted on the tree in the picture. Thomas Kinkade often adds little details like this to his paintings. Sooo neat.

Rhett Butler, so handsome..

Scarlett in her famous red dress, after she is caught with Ashley at the lumber mill and has to attend his birthday party with everyone knowing. She is beautiful in this dress..

Rhett kissing Scarlett as he is trying to convince her to marry him after her second husband dies.

Rhett proposing to Scarlett.

Scarlett and Rhett escaping Atlanta as it burns down around them during the war. Another one of my favorite plates.

This is a music box which plays the theme from the movie. It is a scene where Scarlett and Rhett are married and driving around town in their fancy buggy.

Scarlett and Rhett collector figures

Ashley in his civil war uniform

Another music box with the scene from Scarlett and Rhett walking Bonnie shortly after she is born.

This is my plate from the scene where Mammy makes up with Rhett after Bonnie is born, and my Mammy figure. I love the character that Mammy played in this book. She was such a giving, loving, soul. Her loyality to Scarlett and willingness to stay with her long after the war was over, showed their deep love for each other. She was family.

This is another music box with the scene where Ashley is leaving to go back to the war after he is home on leave. Scarlett has made the yellow sash and given it to him. She confesses her love to him yet again in this scene.

My Scarlett and Rhett barbie dolls from Charisse. I LOVE them.

This is another music box and my plate that tells of the scene where Rhett carries Scarlett upstairs to make love to her after she has come home from the party where everyone knew she had been with Ashley. It was of course an innocent encounter at that particular time, but it didn't really matter. This was such a romantic scene. When I read this in the book as a young girl, I was soo convinced that this was it and NOW they would finally be together. Of course, it wasn't to be....sigh

A close up of my beautiful Barbie doll Scarlett...

Here she is again so you can see her whole dress. This is the one she made out of the draperies in her parents house when she goes trying to get Rhett to give her the money for the taxes on Tara.

I really enjoyed doing this blog and thinking back not only on the book and movie itself, but on all the occasions and situations where I came accross my various different things. Gone with the Wind is really nothing more than a fictional romance story set in the south during the Civil War, but has brought me countless moments of simple pleasure over the years. "I won't think about that right now. I will simply die if I do. I will think about all that tomorrow. Afterall, tomorrow is another day."


  1. Wonderful post Debbie! I'm so glad you could attend~
    I'm sorry to hear about your late DIL. It's so nice you have the Barbies to remember her by.
    The plates look wonderful there, and I love the Kinkade. I had never seen that before!! What a wonderful gift from your hub!
    Too funny about getting caught with the book in school...well, at least it's funny now, ha!
    Thanks so much for joining in the fun,

  2. Hi Debbie,
    I too love that Kinkade picture...I have the largest collection of Kinkade jigsaw puzzles, many of which have been mounted and framed. I love his work, it's beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing all your GWTW memorabillia.
    Sandi - Fantasy & Fancy

  3. Hi!
    A classic and unforgettable film.
    The plates look wonderful.

  4. What a beautiful and well thought out post! Your memorabilia is beautiful and I think the scene when he carries her upstairs is one of my favorites too ;)


  5. Hi Debbie! You know?.. I think you are the first person, at least that I remember, that loves Mammy as much as I do! I LOVE the plate and figurine that you have!!! Except for my stamps, and her photos in my books, I really don't have anything nice like those of Mammy in my collection. LOVE the music box of Rhett and Scarlett walking Bonnie too!! What a fun post to stop at today!.. A real pleasure! Hope you're enjoying your holiday weekend, and all the Blogland Ball festivities! ~tina

  6. Wonderful collection! I loved Mammy too. I thought she was such a wonderful mother figure.... Especially after Scarlett's mother dies...

    Great post!

  7. Love the initials on the tree! You have a lot of beautiful things in your collection. Have a grand time at the ball!

  8. Debbie, Your plate collection is wonderful. The painting is so pretty I love the initials in the tree trunk. You have a very sweet husband! All your collectibles are so interesting. Thank you for the lovely background music. I have been Mother of bride 3 times and groom once, always walked down the aisle to Tara's Theme. I need to add that to my post! Your music brought back that memory!!!

  9. What a wonderful collection you have! We have many of the same things . . . only (now don't hit me, ha ha) I have sold off quite a bit of mine in the past couple of years. Most of it was stored away in boxes and not being enjoyed!

    That painting for Thomas Kincaid is fantastic!!

    The two mini Scarlett dresses were made for me over 12 years ago. I plan eventually on creating the others in miniature but lately I've also been bitten by the bug to create some of Marie Antoinette's costumes so who knows when and what I'll create! When the muse strikes . . .

    Have a wonderful day today!


  10. Twist, this is an absolute stun! Only you would have something this burner going! I looked at it last night and loved it, then decided to look at it again today with the volume on, and the theme song pushes it over the top! And just so you know, yes I do come on everyt day to read your blog, most definatley a highlight of my day! Love Spin

  11. Oh, I enjoyed seeing your marvelous GWTW collection, and hearing Tara's Theme! The Thomas Kinkade painting is perfect and what a great 20th anniversary gift! I didn't know he had done that one either!

    Thanks so much for sharing! Isn't this so much fun!


  12. You have many, many GWTW goodies. Thanks for sharing them. My fav is the Rhett and Scarlett pushing the buggy music box.


  13. Debbie, thanks for stopping by my blog today for the GWTW Celebration Ball! It was alot of fun wasn't it! Have a great day!

  14. Love how you decorated your home with your wonderful collections.

    The plates have such detail and love the Mammy collectibles you have - such a central and important character in the movie and book.

    The Thomas Kincaid painting is just fantastic.

  15. I LOVE Gone With The Wind! I read it twice while i was in high school!
    Great post!
    Thanks for you nice blog visit! You always have such cheerful things to say!
    : ) Kris

  16. Love your collection! I've seen the movie but have not read the book. Love the movie so I bet I'd like the book even more. Just love all of your dishes, looks like you really enjoyed this post!

  17. Your GWTW collection is fabulous!I have enjoyed your post , the ending was great.8-)
    Thanks for stopping by & leaving the sweet comment.

  18. Hi Debbie,
    Fun post.... I love Gone With the Wind. When Kevin and I were in Atlanta several years ago we went to the Margaret Mitchell museum. Loved it!
    You have quite the collection, very fun. I think I will pull that movie out again for a chick flick afternoon. Thanks for the inspiration.

  19. Oh, I'm so very pleased you decided to join us. This was such a wondeful tribute! I agree that Miss Scarlett was not the picture of a true southern lady, but, we indeed all loved her in spite of that. I guess that's why I also loved Melanie. She may not have been as pretty, but, she was lovely, a true lady, both graceful and kind. I got my post up a little late last night, but I dohope ypu'll drop by for a visit! ~Blessings!

  20. I think it is so wonderful when someone actually shares from their collection.

    I must admit..I love Gone with the Wind but I do not have ANY memorabilia.

    My favorite novel, that is a bit like Gone with the Wuthering Heights.

    Thanks for post is finally up..a day late!

  21. What an incredible collection of GWTW you have! I also collect but only have two music boxes. Yours are lovely and I really enjoy seeing your pretty home decorated with them all. That Kinkade painting is wonderful!! I didn't realize he painted Tara. Hmmm, maybe I should hint to my husband.....

    Fiddle Dee Dee,
    Angelic Accents


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