Sunday, September 20, 2009


Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: J.D. 'S BIRTHDAY CELEBRA
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(A few tips on how to enjoy this slideshow (for you beginners, haha) first, click the pause bottom on the little pink bear on the left hand side of this page to shut off my blog page music. Then, click FULL SCREEN on the right hand side of the slideshow when it starts to enjoy full affect. Then, click escape button to shut it off when finished viewing....ENJOY)

Yesterday, September 19, 2009 was my precious grandson J.D.'s third birthday. Grandpa and I and Uncle Johnny and Aunt Diane and Annabel, Lindsey & Jeffie, all traveled down together to San Diego to enjoy his "Ice Age" swim party with him. We all had such a nice day. The kids as always enjoyed being together and swam, played and ate to their little hearts content. JD has such a sweet, outgoing, happy little personality. It is pretty much impossible to be around him and not be filled with joy. I love listening to his expressive way of talking and telling his little stories. His enthusiasm and sheer love of life are just downright contagious. He has brought such happiness to my heart in his three short little years it would be hard to even describe. I look so forward to seeing what the Lord has planned for this little guy, because I just know it's something big. May the Lord bless him and make His face to shine upon him now and forever more....HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEET J.D. and may all your dreams come true.....Grandma


  1. That slide show was precious! We do indeed come from very similar families Debbie! Our kids and grandkids are the center of our lives. My favorite pictures of JD was the burger and cheeto faced one!!!
    Love your new header. I need to get mine up for Fall too. Soon......
    Have a happy day!
    PS You always leave such nice comments, thank you!

  2. Happy Birthday! The slideshow was darling, and I'm with Kris, the pic with the burger and cheeto fingers is my fav too!! What a cute little boy he is, and you are right, future heartbreaker!


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