Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Today, Wednesday October 7, 2009 is my niece Jessica's 23rd birthday. Jessica is my sister Danae's daughter and is just 11 short weeks younger than my daughter Melody. Melody and Jessica have grown up together and have been not only cousins, but best friends. Jessie spent so much time at our house while the girls were growing up that they truly did seem inseparable. So many of our family events and occasions, not to mention just our everyday life, have been made brighter by the presence of this sweet girl.

Jessica is a beautiful, creative, sweet, caring young woman with a totally hilarious sense of humor. I can't begin to tell you how our family enjoys her. She is a truly gifted hair stylist and does such a wonderful job of moulding all the varied family heads into a semblance of style and grace. I've come to totally depend upon her to not only keep my gray head styling, but to fix whatever disasters may occur. (not mentioning any names Annabel, haha) Since my daughter has moved away, I've come to treasure my time spent with Jessie even more. It's like getting a little dose of Mel sometimes as they are so much alike.

She was Melody's obvious choice for Maid of Honor for her wedding. Jessie did such a wonderful job in this role, doing soo many things for Melody to make her time as "bride" special, both of us will be forever grateful..She not only did Melody's hair for the wedding, but ALL of the bridesmaids, and mine as well. Still not sure how she got it all done, and had us looking soo good too!!

Here she is enjoying a hot fudge sunday for her birthday dinner with her daddy. I had to steal a few pics off of some facebook pages for this post, but I'm sure everyone understands..

This is Jessica and her boyfriend Phil at a wedding this summer. Such a cute couple I am thinking..

This is Jessica and my granddaughter Annabel at her shop after Jess had "fixed" Annabel's little hair mishap...

An old one of Jess & Mel. If I was really buffed I would have dug into old pics and put up a few of when the girls were really young. But these were the ones on my computer so guess they will do, haha...

soo cute..

This was taken at Melody's bachlorette party in Vegas that Jess helped organize and give to Melody. They all had soo much fun...

Enjoying their they both LOVE to eat,haha..

A glimpse into Jessie's personality. SUCH a fun girl...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS!! May the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you now and forever more...LOVE YOU, Aunt Debbie


  1. She is a beauty! And she and Mel could be sisters!!! Lovely post.

  2. Beautiful girl! Hope she had a happy birthday. And how nice to have a hair stylist in the family!! They look like sisters!!! Enjoy!

  3. She looks just like your daughter! They could be sisters. She's a beautiful girl. What a nice post for her.

  4. Such a nice birthday blessing you've presented.


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