Tuesday, November 3, 2009


How gorgeous is the Lord's paintbrush?

Now that I have been in the blogging world for a few months, I often think of things going on in my life, or that I might dwell on in my heart and soul and wonder...Can I blog about this? Or should I blog about that? Or do I dare blog about this? Or, I need a picture of this for my blog, and on and on I go. lol I am very certain many of you can relate. But as I was dwelling on what I might post about for Thankful Thursday this week, so many different ideas have played around in the corners of my mind, that I am having a hard time settling in on one. I have discovered that there is usually an assigned theme, but I am not sure if there is somewhere to find that out ahead of time or not, as I need to work on my mine sometimes two or three days in advance, as I must grab slots of time where I can. I imagine it doesn't really matter, as the important thing is the sharing of our blessings and thankful hearts. I encourage as many of you who can, to visit the other blogs that post on this day, as I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I have been as I travel around the United States, reading the hearts of so many wonderful thankful people. Click HERE to find the list.

Psalm 71:8 Let my mouth be filled with Your praise And with Your glory all the day.

Today, I have decided to thank God for all the little blessings that are so often times overlooked, as the larger more obvious ones fill our pages.

I started my day that day like many others. I rose from my warm bed (blessing 1) and traveled downstairs to my tidy kitchen, thanks to my husband, (blessing 2) and put the tea kettle on to boil. I opened a pack of sweet orange tea from my long time girl friend (blessing number 3 and 4) and mosied over to my comfy pink chair (blessing 5) and opened up my Bible (blessing 6) to read and spend time with Him. (blessing 7). After filling my heart and spirit (blessing 8) with His Word, I picked up my lap top (blessing 9) and began my day traveling around to my favorite blogs to see what's happening in the lives of my new friends. (blessing 10) After this, I straightened my house, making beds and doing what needed to be done, (blessing 11 that I am even able) and finally stepped into my warm, inviting shower and let the hot water (blessing 12) work the kinks out of my body. I dressed, wearing my new top, (blessing 13) and headed back downstairs and out into my back yard to pick up my hose and begin watering all of my beautiful back yard potted flowers and plants (blessing 14). After this, I finally decided to eat my breakfast (blessing 15) and thanked God that I am able to enjoy so thoroughly my Jenny Craig meals, without feeling deprived or hungry (blessing 16). I poured myself a second cup of tea, and called my mother to talk and visit with her for a while (blessing 17). After this I headed out to the side of my house, where my treadmill is kept, and climbed on and began my slow but steady workout for the 15 whole minutes that I have slowly built up to, what with the arthritis in my knees. (blessing 18) I put a load of laundry in my washing machine (blessing 19) and headed back into the house to let my son and my precious grandson in the door. (blessing 20). I spent the next 2 and half hours QUITE busy, as I played and took care of this sweet, active 9 month old baby. (blessing 21) What pleasure I had doing this! Then I loaded the baby into his car seat in my car (blessing 22 for the seat, and 23 for the car) and headed out to the elementary school to pick up my 5 year old grandson from KG. His excited, happy face to see his Grandma was definitely (blessing 24). I arrived back home, feed both of the boys their lunch (blessing 25) and heard all about the day of my grandson (blessing 26) in his excited, happy little voice. I gave the baby his bottle (blessing 27) and watched as he dozed off in my arms (blessing 28) and managed to get out of my chair holding his heavy, sleepy body (definitely blessing 29) and got him into his crib in my grandkid room, without waking him up, (blessing 30, haha) and slowly shut the door where he peacefully slept until my son returned for his sons. (blessing 31) While the baby slept, I had my lunch (blessing 32) straightened the kitchen, and did homework with my little grandson. (blessing 33) This was one of the biggest blessings in my day. How I enjoy working with him. He is bright and eager to learn and full of wonder as he discovers the world around him. (blessing 34) My son arrived around 3 to pick up his sons and we stole a few minutes out of his busy day to chat and enjoy each other.(blessing 35) After he left, I will admit I was feeling pretty tired, and stole a quick 15 minute nap on my couch. (blessing 36) Awaking refreshed (blessing 37) I finished up the rest of my laundry, (blessing 38) and paid a few bills.(blessing 39 for the money to pay them) About this time, my Melly called and I spent the next half hour enjoying her on the phone (blessing 40) as she told me about her day and all she had managed to accomplish. (blessing 41). By now it was time to get dinner on and welcome my husband home (blessing 42 and 43). After dinner, we chatted and shared about our days, and watched some TV (blessing 44) and finally headed upstairs to read a little while before bed (blessing 45).

This was a very typical, everyday day in my life. Nothing very exciting or out of the ordinary about it at all. And yet FULL (as you could see) with the many little blessings that make up our lives. The Lord is good, and definitely the God of even the most ordinary. Today, I thank Him for all these little blessings, and for all the days of ordinary, that have made up the story of my life.

Psalm 106:1 Praise the LORD! Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.

I just had to add this blessing on as I am so excited. My youngest son James is the high school pastor at his church Marantha in San Diego. Occasionally, he is asked to give the message on Wed. night (and even on a couple of Sun. mornings) when the senior pastor is going to be gone for some reason. He is giving the message tonight and I have made arrangements so that I am able to go! YAY!! I LOVE hearing him teach and even though the church is large (around 7000 people) I have been able to get past my nerves over this and am always so blessed. His message will be live on the Internet during the service at 7:00 if any of you might like to hear it. You can get it HERE...If you cannot tune on tonight, it will be available in their archives in a couple of days. I have had to watch a couple of them this way which is why I am so excited I can actually go tonight. Please pray for traveling mercies, and that the Lord might really anoint and use him tonight for His kingdom..

Ephesians 5:20 giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,


  1. It's amazing how the list grows once you really start to think of the simple things we are blessed with. Love your list! Enjoy your day!

  2. Debbie, what a wonderful post! You are absolutely right...every detail of our lives is a blessing if we will only look for and recognize it...we have soooo much to be grateful for. I, too, could write a list as long, for He is always giving of His abundance to me and my family. I find myself saying "Thank you, Lord" throughout the day, for the little things...just to find my shoes after grandgirl has played dress up with them is a thank you to Him, because He's saved my time...He is so awesome!

    I tried to find your son's message, but when I clicked on your link, it took me to a church website, and I didn't know where to go from there. When was he going to speak? YOur post is Tuesday, but I'm thinking he's speaking tonight... I'll try again...I'm sure I'll find it. I can understand your nerves...our son used to play drums in the worship team, and we would be so nervous, but feel so blessed at the same time...that's just what moms do!

    Blessings, to you, Debbie...thanks for a wonderful post!


  3. I am so glad you get to go hear your son deliver the message tonight! What a great thing!!!

  4. Oh! Debbie what an absolutely beautiful post! i so enjoyed going through you day with you. As i was reading each thankful praise and i actually saw how you had numbered them I thought about the many blessings I have every day and if i were to number them they would be so many. Thank you for reminding me of the importance of taking the time to remember them and to give God the thanks.

    I know you are so proud of your son, please put it on your archives so I can come back and listen.
    Thank you for sharing this most heart felt post.
    Blessings and hugs,

  5. Hi Debbie, I so enjoyed reading your thankful list, and you are so right we need to remember the simple blessings as well as the big ones. Have you noticed that you can find as much Joy in the little things so often overlooked each day.

    Hugz Lorie

  6. Hello, this is Yoli. I want to sincerely thank you for recently posting comment on my old blog, Apron of the Month Club. Your words of faith and encouragement are very special to me especially with our sudden relocation news and increased stress.

    The company I work for is relocating my job to a new city by January 1st. I also co-own an online boutique with my sister Jessica, and we have decided to professionally seek solo creative directions. So, I am opening up a new online boutique and new blog. I look forward to God opening new doors. My kids and are excited about new adventures.

    Please know that I read each and every comment you post. They are my inspiration and confirmation of God’s love. Please add me to your list of blogs that you follow.

    God Bless You!

  7. I enjoyed thanking God along with you for all the blessings of a day in your life, Debbie. How wonderful to accomplish so many loving tasks. And your son giving that sermon! Praise God!


  8. Thank you for sharing with us today dear sister. I'm thankful to get to know you even more.

    Love and blessings.

  9. I love how you literally counted the blessings! If we all did that more often imagine how much more grateful this world would be!

  10. All of the little blessings add up to quite a bit!

  11. Debbie,

    Nice to meet you! I came over to visit you and thank you for the sweet comments you left for me today and as I scroll down your list of comments I see we have so many friend in common :) So we must indeed become friends in the LORD :)

    How fun it was to walk with you through your day and see all the sweet and precious blessings the LORD bestowed upon you! Thankyou for sharing :) It blessed me as I walked through your day and hearing your sweet and thanful heart!

    Look forward to knowing you!
    Bless you and yours!

  12. Hi Debbie,

    Great post. It is amazing how my blessings add up and I don't even acknowledge them on a day to day basis. You have inspired me to count my blessings today. I don't want to overlook the wonderful things that are right in front of me.

    It must be very rewarding to hear your son speak. You should be so proud.

    Thanks for sharing your blessings.

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  14. Okay, this was a great post.

    Confession: I always am so eager to read your blog, as you are an amazing writer and can totally bring me into your posts. As busy as my life is, sometimes I come to your blog and see your long (and amazing posts) and say, okay, I'll come back and read this. I don't have time right now to fully take in what Debbie is writing about. As you can see, it's 10:15 at night and my kids are sleeping in their beds, and I finally have the time.

    I'm so grateful for your blog because it makes me have the time to read what you have to share about your life and what you can teach us about the Lord. I can see why your son does what he does.

    I want to say thank you Debbie for sharing so much of yourself, to us fellow bloggers. I absolutely love coming to your blog and reading your thoughts. Every time I come, I feel even more blessed for the gifts that He has given me. So thank you for reminding me!


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