Thursday, December 31, 2009


Couldn't resist adding this pic of Mel on New Year's, haha...miss this face!

Mel &  Mike

Their little cute

Well, today is New Years Eve and I have given soo much thought and prayer to what I might write about on this particular post, that I'd love to say that I have settled into which direction I want to go with it, but I can't say that I have, totally anyway, haha. I have done my blog visiting this morning and read so many wonderful posts full of your thoughts and feelings and inspirations and hopes for this New Year that is upon us, that I have been truly blessed and inspired. Since today is Thankful Thursday and has become one of my most favorite events to participate in, I have decided to focus my heart on the many, many things that have so blessed me in 2009. To find other thankful hearts and posts click HERE.

This last year has been a very mixed year of feelings for me, and one where the Lord has taught me so much more about His abundant love and care for me, that I have been blessed beyond what I feel like I can adequately describe to you.

I became a mom at such a young age (a mere 18) that I never had much time to think about what else I might do with my life outside of that enormous job. I was never really even an adult WITHOUT having the responsibility of children. I tell you this so that you might understand why for me, suddenly finding myself with all of my children grown and gone this last year, has been such an overwhelming and sometimes downright bewildering experience. I just wasn't completely sure "WHAT" to do with myself. I am grateful that the Lord has opened a few doors for me and I have found my days fuller than I thought they might be. I have spent my time babysitting my darling little grandchildren, working in a classroom full of sweet faced little 5 year olds, and have even started a women's Bible study group in my home. I'm still looking for new ways I might better serve Him as well. Now of course my children have not been young and therefore dependent on me for quite a while now, but I still made myself "busy" with the many things that you can when they live in your house and are just "there". That last year Melody was home was spent immersed in the plans for her wedding, and the enjoyment that all brought. But this year in comparison was so quite. My house is occasionally full again when all of my kids gather with their spouses and their children, and I treasure those times now, and is certainly right at the top of my list of things I am grateful for this year. I am grateful I live so close to all of my grandchildren and am able to spend as much time as I do with all of these wonderful little people. I am grateful that Melody has been able to spend as much time as she has been able to visiting this last year. I am soo grateful for the birth of not one but TWO precious new grandbabies. Both Cody and Donatella are soo incredibly sweet and have added so much to our family with their presence in our lives. I am grateful for my husband’s new job and the benefits it has brought, but more importantly just for him and the love and friendship that has remained so strong and something I have been able to count on for almost 35 years now. I am grateful that the Lord has given me the strength to FINALLY address my weight and corresponding health issues with a diet that has not only allowed me lose 50 pounds so far, but is really very tasty as well. I'm grateful that my step dad has remained strong and healthy DESPITE a diagnosis of terminal lung cancer a year ago! I am grateful for the good health of everyone in my family and for God's protection as we have all gone about our daily lives. And I am soo grateful for all of you. As I have found myself not only in the midst of my first year as a "empty nester" but also somewhat forced to be much less active due to my arthritis, the blogging world has become a wonderful place for me to not only write out my thoughts and feelings (which was my original reason for taking it up) but has enabled me to meet so many wonderful new friends, and even some true "kindred spirits" as well. This was not something I even thought about as a possibility through this experience, but one I feel the Lord just knew I needed and blessed me with as a very wonderful unexpected benefit. I have learned so much from all of your insights into scripture and God's leading in your life, and have been inspired to grow so much closer to Him as a result. I have laughed and cried with you all, and have had both the privilege of praying for you and the have felt the comfort and strength that comes from being lifted in prayer by you all as well. As we all begin this New Year, and look ahead to all its possibilities and hopes, I know a few things I can count on. The Lord is ever faithful and His mercy and grace are always there for us to draw upon and have as very real presence in our lives. He loves us all with a love that can't even really be understood fully by us mere human beings. I am looking so forward to what He might do in our lives for 2010, and my desire is to grow closer and closer to Him and find new ways I might serve Him and share His love with others through this next year. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all, and may the Lord bless you and make His face to shine upon you now and always....Love, Debbie


  1. Happy New Year Sweetie...
    It has been a wonderful year in 2009 and I can't wait to see what 2010 brings to each of us.

    You know Debbie this has been such a wonderful blog to come to. You have shared so much with me, but the one thing I have enjoyed the most is your Love of Christ that you share so beautifully in your writing. It has touched my life in so many ways, and I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the prayers, the tears, the laughter and the happy heart I have found in your blog.

    Here's wishing you happiness, love, prosperity, peace and good health.

    Country hugs and so much love sweetie...Sherry

  2. Dearest Debbie, As I read your post I thought surely we must be kindred spirits because much of what you shared today I also shared. I am thankful for friends like you who are in the same season of life, undergoing much of the same walk. Being empty nesters is sometimes hard, especially(for me)when we moved to a new state and no the blogging world has filled that gap. Blessings to you and your hubby this New Year. May His riches pour upon you.
    With a thankful heart for you.

  3. This was a beautiful reflection of your blessings...looking forward to what the Lord will do in 2010!

  4. Wow - loosing 50 pounds is an amazing accomplishment, Debbie - congratulations.

    Yes, it is amazing how our lives fill up even after our kids moved on and are responsible adults as well.

    Yes, may our Lord and Savior fill our hearts with love and compassion in 2010.

    Thank you for sharing your grateful heart with us today.

    Love & Peace,

  5. Dear Debbie,
    A very happy and Blessed New Year to you my dear friend, I know exactly what you are going through, the empty nest thing was and is one of the hardest things I have ever had to experience. What makes it even harder is that our children and grandchildren live so far away. Another thing we have in common is the fact that I too was a mother at 18. lol

    And like you have found that blogging and making new friends has helped fill the void in my life, God is always so gracious to us his children.
    I am so thankful especially that the Lord has caused our paths to cross.
    Again many blessings to you and your family this New Year.

  6. Debbie,
    You have been such a wonderful blessing to me. I too found blogging as an opportunity to make friendships with good women of faith and wisdom. I am glad that your grandkids fill your home with laughter. I pray for your step-dad's health. May you continue to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. God Bless you, your husband, your kids, and grandkids!

    Yoli :)

  7. HI Debbie,

    As we all begin this New Year, and look ahead to all its possibilities and hopes, I know a few things I can count on. The Lord is ever faithful and His mercy and grace are always there for us to draw upon and have as very real presence in our lives.

    Oh this is so beautifully said and filled with truth. So glad to count you my friend in this bloggy world.

    Have an amazing 2010. God bless, Lynn

  8. Happy New Year to you too Debbie!

    I did not realize that you became a mom at the age of 18. It makes sense that you would begin to really discover yourself more recently now that you are done raising children. Being a mother is such a full time non stop job. It's hard to manage anything else while being a good mom.

    Losing 50 pounds is such an accomplishment too. Congratulations. Keep up the good work.

    Hope you have a safe and wonderful New Year's Eve.

  9. Debbie - what a wonderful post! I think it was a great "direction" to take today - what better way to start the new year by reflecting on the old one?! Writing it all down really lets you see just how good God has been and where He has taken you (going along side each step of the way) which gives real confidence..and even start 2010 and see what He has in store for that year!

    Congratulations on those new grandbabies, the weight loss (did you tell us what diet that was??), the time with your step-dad and for the Bible study. I would love to hear more about that, too.

    I pray your New Year's Day is special in many ways!! So glad to have met you through the blogs:)

    God bless,


  10. Debbie, you are such a blessing! I'm glad that you shared about becoming a mom at such a young age. No wonder the empty nest would be a transition for you!

    It seems like now is a time to see what God has in store for you! I certainly look forward to reading about it. Although you're already doing much with the bible studies and grandchildren.

    You have a loving heart and it's so obvious in your writing. I'm so glad I met you through our blogs. And to think it hasn't been very long that I've known you. Who would have guessed?

    Love you,

  11. Hi Debbie!! What a great way to finish out the year! I've really enjoyed getting to know you better through the blog, you truly are an amazing person, and I feel blessed to have you in my life!

    Thanks for all of your wonderful, uplifting, and heartfelt posts, and comments that you have left on my blog. I always look forward to reading your words. Much love to you and your family Debbie, have a very happy New Year!!

  12. We never know in which way our life will lead but is it not wonderful that we always have our precious Lord to rely on when we are led down a path that is not one we expected

  13. Thank God for blessing you in so many ways, Debbie! It's encouraging to read of your sharing.

    Thanks for your visit and encouragement. I am so glad to get to know you recently. I tried adding your blog to my list yesterday but I am sorry that I did not managed to save it as my computer hanged. I just added you again to my list for the Award. Truly you are More Than Conqueror through Christ!

    Happy New Year and may God bless you abundantly with His love and peace through this next year.


  14. Hi Deb! What a delight to see all of your grandies!! Such precious little lives, and so very blessed to have you for a grammy!! Just love those incredible blue eyes!!

    You have such a warm, loving, thankful heart, gal! What a joy to hear your praises. Praying that your New Year is filled with JOY, HOPE, PEACE, LOVE and good health!!

    You are such a blessing to know!!
    Love you,

  15. Debbie .... I have so enjoyed getting to know you these past few months, your comments daily are such an inspiration and encouragement to me.

    Happy TT and a very Happy New Year as well. I wanted to thank you for always having such a grateful heart and for sharing a piece of your heart with us at Thankful Thursday. You are a blessing! (((hugs))) - Laurie

  16. Beautiful words, thank you.I too am an empty nester wondering what to do now....and also trying to find my way back to the happiness I had before my church fell was so full before and now so empty...anyways..heres to 2010 and finding our way!

  17. Hey Debbie,
    I somehow missed this post of yours. What a nice read. We have much in common, you and I. I was married right out of high school, and began a family within that first year. So I, like you, have been a Mom for what seems like all of my adult life. And for me, I have done so much growing in this past 5 years. We find out so much about ourselves as our children grow up and leave the safety net of home. Your friendship has been a very rewarding. I wish you and your family much happiness in 2010!!

  18. Loved learning more about you through this post! Congrats on your huge weight loss -- that is wonderful! I wish you a very happy, blessed new year!

  19. Wow Debbie! I had no idea that you started having your babies at 18!! I grew so much from 18 to 24, when I had Riley, I couldn't imagine having my babes as young as you. At 18, I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. I still don't know, but I give you a ton of credit for obviously doing such an amazing job raising your kids. They all seem to have a great foundation, thanks to you!

    Congratulations on the weight loss, that's a big accomplishment, and you look FANTASTIC!!

    Much love to you and your family this new year!!



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