Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Well tomorrow is Thankful Thursday and I decided to get a jump on this post while I sit and wait for my son to arrive with Cody.  I am looking forward to seeing his sweet little face.  He was SUCH a good baby for me last week, and I am hoping for a repeat performance as my knees are especially bad this morning.  Not quite sure why, but it does make chasing Cody somewhat difficult.  I have been anxious to sit and type this out as I have found that looking for my blessings is not only something I enjoy doing, but it also REALLY does make my heart happy and my spirit joyful.

Psalm 5:11 But let all those rejoice who put their trust in You; Let them ever shout for joy, because You defend them; Let those also who love Your name Be joyful in You.

I am thankful this week as I am to get a brief and unexpected visit from my Melly and her husband Mike.  Though circumstances surrounding this are sad, (see the previous post) and the time spent will probably be quite short, I am looking forward to seeing that face and hugging my girl.  As it turns out she will not be flying here in a SMALL private plane, but on a regular commercial flight.   She is soo grateful that her husband knew it was stressing her and so decided not to take that other flight after-all.  He also made arrangements with a friend of his to take care of her little dog so they will not have to bring Baxter along with them, which was presenting another whole list of concerns and problems.  I am quite grateful that my Mel has a husband who loves her, and doesn't want her to be stressed, and so even in the face of his own dilemmas works things out for her. 

I am also grateful that things seem to be picking up for my oldest son Joe at his karate studio.  He has recently picked up a few new students, which has resulted in his wife being able to cut her working days back to just 3.   I am also grateful that Leah, his wife, is able to cut back her hours without jeopardizing her job in any way.   Joe and Leah have 5 children, and therefore a very full plate indeed.  I am also grateful that the Lord has given me the strength to help out with the babysitting while they are both at work, as this helps them out even more of course.  I am also grateful that most of the time they are both working does not happen at the same time so that for the most part they can care for their own children.   I do ENJOY my time for sure, but the 3 little ones are a definite hand full for this Grandma.  haha

I am also grateful that my little granddaughter Capri decided the other day that she just "needed to talk to Grandma Debbie" and so her mother let her call me up for a little chat.  Her little voice on the phone was soo sweet and just made my day for some reason.  She didn't seem to have anything particular to say, just wanted to say hi I guess.  But I love that she thought about me and that her mama was willing to take the time and help her make that call.

I am thankful and happy for my niece who got engaged this last week, and for the happiness that just kind of oozes out of her, haha,

And finally as always I am grateful for my Lord who has been my rock this week as I have struggled with my knees and some other issues.  I am grateful that He never tires of my weaknesses or needs and is always willing to be that one I come running to for strength, forgiveness, and unconditional acceptance and love.  He really does make my heart sing with joy.

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Psalm 9:2 I will be glad and rejoice in thee: I will sing praise to thy name, O thou most High.

Just had to share a couple more collages of Grandma's sweeties.  Cody enjoying himself this morning with his musical riding Winnie the Pooh train, and my sweet little telephone caller Capri.  ENJOY


  1. I am praying for your family sweetie.

  2. Isn't it just too true -- when we approach His throne of grace, we find mercy and grace to help in time of need? I can't imagine life without it! I thank God along with you that you are getting His grace in abundance. May you and yours continue in His loving care.
    p.s. Angelina is such a sweetheart! And Cody? Is not just loving Grandma's house. It's quite obvious he loves Grandma!!! ;)
    p.p.s. I'm thankful for you.

  3. i can imagine your face with that beautiful smile while typing this TT post. i would have that smile too if i were you because how can you not smile with all those wonderful blessings. such a sweet family you have.

    stay blessed, debbie.

  4. I can relate to the knee thing. I'll be praying for yours to feel better so you can totally enjoy time with Cody!

  5. My daughter loves to call her mamaw (my mom) and just talk. The other day while they talked on the phone, they both were drawing. So they were drawing together long distance style. I thought that was so cute. What wonderful memories they are building together.

    Hope you're having a wonderful week!

  6. Beautiful Grandbabies!! Grandbabies are the BEST!!
    Praying for you,

  7. Hey mom that's such a cute picture of Cody! And of course Capri....

    So sorry to hear about Mike's grandpa. I'll be praying for Carol and Mike, and there family.

  8. Awesome pictures of your grandchildren! They're so adorable. Just prayed for your knees. And may God continue to cover you all with His protection, strength, comfort and healing. God bless.

  9. You are the sort of grandmother every child should have! I love coming over here to see the pictures and read your thankful posts. Have a wonderful week!

  10. Hi Deb,
    Thanks for explaining the situation to me regarding Mel moving. I am sorry that had to take place. I knew a couple people in that business too, and they moved up to the Central Valley of California.
    I wonder if your knees are more sore because it has been cold and damp?
    I have a tear in my knee, and I know I feel more discomfort in cold weather.
    Enjoy your grandkiddos, and Mel's quick visit.
    Love those pics!

  11. Hi Dear Friend,

    I am praying for complete healing in your knee.

    Your grandchildren are so beautiful. I love the picture with his two little teeth showing and that big grin. Yes...our grandchildren are the absolute best ever...instant love and joy floods our hearts.

    I love the picnic site. I joined it a while back. I haven't played with it like you have, but I must say I'm impressed with your collages. I so love photography and love coming here to visit.

    Love you dear one,

  12. What a wonderfully thankful post. Oozing with love for your family. What a pleasure to read.

  13. It is always wonderful to spend time with family. I am glad that you are able to visit with your grandchildren.

    Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us.

    Be blessed today and always...

  14. Hi Debbie
    My husband and I look after my youngest grandson Jonathan who is a year and 1/2. I love watching him he is a funny boy who always smiles and loves Nick Jr. He has a car just like Cody's lol. I know what you mean when they become a handful when his two older brother ages 7 and 6 come over.. They wear me out lol.

    Hugz Lorie

  15. Precious pictures - I know they are a blessing and joy to you.

    Have a wonderful Thankful Thursday

  16. Debbie,

    That Cody is just a doll as as your Capri :)

    Praying for your daughter and Son-in-law and for that precious family. I know too well having just lost daddy to that exact thing. It is so hard! I am so thankful to know they are both with Jesus on the streets of Gold :)
    dancing, praising, do what they love :)

    bless you this morning my friend!

  17. What a wonderful family you have Debbie :)Great blessings indeed!

  18. your sweeties are adorable and I feel for your family . Please know that my prayers are with you all

  19. What a beautiful post...full of blessings and love! I am sorry to hear about your son in law's grandfather just passed away a couple of months thoughts and prayers are with the family. Have a blessed TT & thank you for sharing your grateful heart with us! Hope your knees are better today.

  20. What beautiful grandchildren!! Glad your son is picking up a few more students. My son just passed his brown belt test Monday night and I was so proud of him. He loves karate and I think it's a great discipline!

    Enjoy your day!

  21. Hi Debbie!!

    I wanted to let you know that yes, I have been thinking about your cake!!

    I have a few questions for you, but I will email you those later, we'll get some ideas flowing between the two of us. I have struggled a bit with the ideas for the combo cake (mostly because, it's for a boy and a girl) but I'm sure we will come up with something fabtabulous!!

    I think it's possible that you might have some of the cutest Grandkids ever!

  22. You always share such nice pictures of your loved ones!

    Have a great day :)

  23. What a beautiful post! I will say a prayer for your family, and friend. Many Blessings to you!

  24. Hi Debbie,
    Great post. Your grandkids always have the best and biggest smiles. You capture it so well. Your collages are great. I need to try something like that because it captures the moment so well. Enjoy your weekend, I hope your knees feel better.
    PS, I will look forward to my grandkids wanting to call me. I spoke to little Bella in OK yesterday and she had quite alot to say...just like her mama. :)

  25. Wow,

    What a fantastic post and I love the photos. I love you girl... You inspire me. Hugging you... Lynn


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