Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This is going to be a post about alot of random things, haha

First I just had to share another one of my collages (so fun) that is of all the beautiful snow covered mountains that you can see pretty much everywhere around our house.  We live very near the base of the mountains which is always very pretty, but when they are covered in snow, as they are recently do to all the storms we had,  it is truly a spectacular sight which again is not really shown here as pretty as it really is.  It is very unique of California I imagine, as if you look closely in some of the photos you can clearly see the Palm trees with the mountains in the background.  Melody, I know you have really missed these mountains so this collage is especially for you, though you will be seeing them soon for yourself.  Also, I have had a few people ask both in comments and in e-mails what sight it is that my friend has pointed me towards where I am creating these collages.  I decided rather than to try and answer you all individually, I would just post it here.  It is a sight called picnik, and you can find it HERE.. I did purchase the primium package, as I knew I would want access to all the extra goodies.  However, it will do quite a bit of the options for free.  It is VERY easy to use which is important to me, as I can be such a glue when it comes to using these things.  Anyway, hope you all enjoy it and I can see some of the collages and special touches you can all come up with.

Psalms 76:4 You are more glorious and excellent than the mountains...

On a sad note, I wanted to ask you all to pray as Melody's husband's grandfather passed away early yesterday morning. He was SUCH a nice man and I don't know if I ever saw him without a smile on his face.  He has been battling lung cancer for the last several months.  The good thing is he knew the Lord, so today he is walking the streets of heaven no longer suffering the pain and physical limitations we all know in this world.  He was married for 55 years to a wonderful woman, Carol, who I'm sure will have much to adjust to in the next several months.  My heart goes out to her today and also to my SIL Mike as he was especially close to his grandfather.  Mike & Melody will be coming to California on Thursday to attend the funeral, so I am excited to see them if only for a little while.  They can't stay long as Mike is in the process of training a new feeder and just isn't comfortable leaving him alone for more than a couple of days.  Mike is totally responsible for the dairy now and it is somewhat of a heavy load for such a young man, but he does such a good job.  They do feed over 3000 cows, so there is much involved.  He is dealing with not only being saddened by the loss of his dear grandpa, but is also feeling the pressure of leaving all of this behind with someone who is really not quite ready for this much responsibility on their own.  Melody as well has her hands full as she is not only dealing with Mike concerns and feelings, but is battling a fairly decent cold as well, and will have to miss a few days of work.  They are also going to be flying here in a SMALL private plane, and she is QUITE stressed, as flying is not one of her favorite things already, and she is going to have to bring her small dog Baxter too.  Sometimes life is just plain hard.  As her mother I want to make everything right for her, but of course there is no way that I can.   I can only pray that all goes well, and ask all of you to please cover them, and everyone else involved, in prayer as well. 

And finally, I just must vent a little bit about my SLOW weight loss....I am feeling very frustrated as between the last couple of weeks I have only lost 1 and half pounds!!!  It is very difficult for me right now as I feel like I eat nothing (I really don't of course) but lose very little accordingly.  I must lose the weight, so I can do the surgery on my knees, so I can not only not suffer with the pain, but begin to be more productive.  I am sure one of the reasons for the slow loss is my lack of physical exercise.  I do push myself as much as I can, but I can't push too much as then I really hurt.  But at this rate, it might take me forever....I've no one to blame but myself for being in the position that I am so I try and keep my lips shut.  I also feel the Lord has really been able to deal with me in many areas as I have been forced to SIT STILL and be so much more dependent on Him.  But every once in a while, (like this morning at weigh in) I become annoyed with the whole thing, and feel the need to vent just a little bit.  I have lost 54 pounds I guess, but I feel like I have worked SOOOOO hard to do it, I am feeling a little tired of the whole thing.  OK, enough about this..

I am sorry this is long as usual...I do try, haha.  Thank you for your prayers for Mike & Melody, and may the Lord bless you all.



  1. So sorry to hear about your sil's grandfather. I hope they are able to leave their farm for a few days and not have to worry. I wish you luck losing your last bit. From experience, I know that this can be the hardest. Hang in there. You have done so well!!

  2. I like random posts! Sorry to hear about your son in law's grandfather. So sad, but so wonderful to know he's in heaven. Your weight loss is so impressive!!!! Don't be discouraged, it will happen!!!`

  3. It is always difficult for us, who are left behind by loved ones who had crossed the bar. May God's comfort and strength cover your SIL and his family. Beautiful pic! There is just something so calming with snow-capped mountains. May you be sustained with His grace as you try to shed a few lbs. It's not easy for all of us, I'm sure. But by His strength, we can...God bless.

  4. Hi Deb! Your collage is breathtaking, sweetie! What a view!!

    So sorry about your son-in-law's loss, and will be praying for the family. Sounds like he was a joyful man that impacted those around him! What a blessing!

    I hear ya gal about the weight! I have to work for every fraction of a pound and have only lost 1/5 of what you have! This laying around stuff isn't easy, but my ab muscles that they had to cut got strained and really bother me if I'm not careful. I don't like to take drugs, so I'm pretty much just hanging out. Hope the Lord heals me quickly. I'm doing what I should be, but I really want to be walking a couple of miles each day and losing weight faster. All in His good time. We just have to trust that He does know better than we do and adjust our thinking. He can't mess up!! I'd mess it up all the time without Him!! LOL!!!

    Love ya gal, and am praying for you!! Delighted that you get to see Melly again, and will be praying for her and her hubby, too!
    This life thing can get tough, huh?
    Luckily it is not to tough for God!!

  5. Oh I am sorry to hear about your sil's loss too. I hope they are doing okay.

    I am wishing you luck and sending you some positive energy to keep up with your weight loss!! You've done so great with how much you've already lost. I know it's hard though.

  6. Random thoughts posts are some of my favorite...very similar to journaling - something I really don't do. I think that is why I am enjoying those "daybook" posts. It is the closest to journaling for me and includes "random" thoughts.

    I'm with you on the slow weight loss. I don't get it. And once the pounds start taking so long to come off, I become easily discouraged...and then lax and then defeat my progress - vicious circle.

    I do pray you will be able to have your knee surgery soon and ease much of you pain. Most people do not understand "daily pain"...

    Will pray for your son in law...as well as Mel. How wonderful to know his grandpa was a Christian.

    Happy Wednesday to you!

  7. Praying for your family.

    I LOVE your collages! The mountains are beautiful. (I love the outdoors and sometimes wish I loved closer to the mountains.)


  8. I'm so sorry to hear the news of Mike's grandfather. But I'm also glad to read that he was a believer. Although the pain of losing someone so close is present, knowing you will see them one day again provides such comfort.

    Thank you for sharing about that website to do collages. I will definitely check it out.

    blessings and love,

  9. very pretty pictures and so sad to hear of the grandfathers passing

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