Monday, January 11, 2010


My son James and his family came up from San Diego about 1 o'clock Friday afternoon and spent the night, and then stayed until about 4 on Sat. afternoon.  How I enjoyed them as always.  On Friday Larissa and I hit a few stores for some after Christmas specials and found some really cute clothes for the girls including Little Sister/Big Sister shirts.  Sooo darling.  So of course we made plans to have their pictures taken together the next day.  Capri needed her 5 year old pics taken as well, so we did that too.  We had to wait soo long, but the girls were soo good.  We weren't sure how Donatella would be as she was starting to get tired of the whole plan by the time we were FINALLY called, but she perked right up and did really well.  Here are some of the best pics...

What a doll!

LOVE this picture

BIG blue eyes, and a sprinkle of freckles, soo cute!

Love her little pose here

Sisters (in their "sister" shirts)

Tella got her hair here, and yet Capri kept her pose, haha

I can't get the pictures any bigger as I am copying them from a sight that I PAID for and thought gave me total sharing rights, but apparently not, haha  You get the idea though.  They are soo much better bigger, but it is what it is.  That little purple (her favorite color) outfit Capri had on (while still a little big) was also part of our total bargain shopping.  Cost of the whole outfit?  7 dollars!!  I LOVE it, haha. 

Before my son's family arrived we had Bible Study which went very well.  A few of you sent me e-mails wondering what we are doing, so I decided to just post it here.  We are going through a book called Understanding Your Blessings in Christ by Elizabeth George, which is just wonderful.  I have done a few of her studies in the past and have always been soo blessed.  We go through our lesson and then spend quite a bit of time in prayer.  We finish it up with lunch and fellowship.  I do lead this study though there is not much to it.  We have been blessed a few times when my son comes and just gives a little overview study on the book in the Bible we are studying.  We have done Ruth, Esther, and one just looking into effective prayer.  How I wished ALL of you who are interested could come sometime.  If you are ever in our area on a Friday morning you would be most welcome.   And for those of you who do live close enough (Kristi, Genn, Maryrose, Kris just to name a few, haha) I would LOVE to have any of you join us as well.  I did take a pic of our newest "lady"....little Priscilla Jane.  We covered this little one in prayer all last year and have been soo blessed to have her sweet little presence here now.  In the meantime, if ever any of you have a prayer request, we would be soo privileged to lift it to the Lord. 

Soo sweet

She has these HUGE dimples when she smiles..

I also need to post a BIRTHDAY greeting for my sweet grand daughter Annabel Class who turned 13 years old yesterday!!  13!!  I can hardly believe it.  Such an incredibly sweet girl whom I love beyond reason. 

It seems like yesterday that she was born, and in other ways such a long time ago.  Annabel makes her home with her other grandparents (SUCH a long story) but my son (Joe) does have her on week-ends, and holidays, etc.  It makes it hard for me to get much one on one time with her, but I do get my opportunities and I am all over them.  We enjoy a connection I am soo grateful for and she shares her heart with me quite willingly.  She has even taken to calling me recently on the phone when she has a "story" that just can't wait, haha. 

She is a typical 13 year old "girly" girl and enjoys shopping, music, clothes, sports, and unfortuntely, boys, haha.  She has an outgoing, extroverted personality and has been a cheer leader so far during junior high.  She does VERY well in school and is blessed to be going to the same Christian schools I sent Melody too as well.  How funny it is to have the teachers and staff ask if she is in any way related, haha. 

If all goes as planned I am to spend the day enjoying her next Sat.  We will do lunch, shopping and possibly a movie, (we love to hit the "girly" ones together) and then come back to our house where the whole family will enjoy pizza and cake.  I soo look forward to seeing all the Lord has in mind with this precious little life.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet little Belle, and may the Lord bless you, and keep you, and make His face to shine upon you now and forever more....Love you forever and always, Grandma

She LOVES Aunt Mel

One more little random story...On Thursday of last week I was talking to my sisters on the phone and heard that McDonald's is giving away Chipmunk toys as their Happy Meal giveaways.  And?  you might wonder...Well, I just knew that 3 of my little grandkiddies would just LOVE those little guys and gals.  Soo I began my search.  I left that afternoon with the plan of hitting up ALL the local McDonald's if I had to until I had collected 2 full sets of these to give to them.  Well, it started out easier than I thought as I very quickly had all but the 2 Simon's I needed to complete my their collections.  After exahusting 5 different McDonald's with NO Simon's I had only 1 more to go.  I figured worse case they would all have a few to play with, and what would it matter if they didn't have THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE!!  haha  I saw days of searching which just might include my husband and others searching for me as well as far as I could see.  I pulled into the drive thru and told the gal what I was looking for.  She told me they did INDEED have two Simon's.  I was giddy.  I paid my money and pulled ahead to the pick up window and got my little bag.  After driving away from the window I decided to check the bag and sure enough, there was only 1 Simon!!  and some other girl one.  I quickly pulled into a parking spot and hobbled in and told the gal behind the counter my problem.  She said, "Oh I KNOW we had 2 Simon's.  I SAW them."  Soo she begins digging through this box and there is NOT another one.  Feeling sad for whichever of my grandkids was not to get the sought after Simon I turned to go and this older gentlemen who was standing there (having heard the whole thing....I PROMISE I wasn't loud) and he said to me...."Who are you looking for?  I have got 3 boxes here.  Maybe I have one."  Now I am thinking, "OH yes, would you PLEASE dig through your boxes and see!!" but aloud I said, "Oh sir, that is OK...I don't expect you to dig through your boxes just to see."  But he says, "Oh it's no problem."  Box 1 and 2 held the same easily found girl one, BUT in box 3, the much wanted Simon!!  I said, "That's him!" wanting to grab it out of his hand, but completely controlling myself.  He hands him to me saying, "Here you go..."  I quickly gave him the other random girl and thanked him sincerely and left quickly.  Sometimes you just run into the NICEST people.  Thanks to this random stranger my grandkids enjoyed the FULL SET of chipmunks and had hours and hours of fun playing in their little imaginary world this week-end.  I believe JD slept with one of them, and I know they joined us for pizza... THANK YOU whoever you are!!

Just noticed how long this is, sorry!!  haha


  1. Deb, I love the photos! You have the cutest grandchildren. And as far as your Friday bible study goes, if I'm ever in your area I may just take you up on the offer.

    Love you,

  2. The kids....all of them are adorable..beautiful, gorgeous! TOOO CUTE! Just not enough words.


  3. What beautiful babies you have!! And I will see if I have Simon? I know I have Alvin and Theodore.
    If I lived closer, I would love to attend your Bible Study.

  4. Such cute pictures of your grandkids Debbie. It's so hard to take younger kids to get their pictures done.

    I had no idea that the Alvin and Chipmunks gang was going to be the hot thing from McD's. Hannah went to see it with my Mom and she wasn't too crazy about it.

  5. You have a very beautiful family. It's nice that you are able to spend so much time with them.

  6. Blessings this New Year!
    Thank you for sharing such lovely photos of your family, our GOD is soooo Good indeed!
    Becky told me that your daughter lives a distance away just like my daughter does. =(
    How I miss her and she is expecting her second baby up in Louisville, KY while I reside in Central Florida. Sigh. But GOD.
    May HIS Love infuse all we think and do!

  7. Your grandchildren are sooooo adorable! They did awesome in their photo shoot!

    I will be beginning a new bible study on Thursday...Beth Moore Kay Arthur and Priscilla something. Its called Anointed Transformed and Redeemed :) I can't wait! IT's gonna be sooo good

    Happy Birthday to your sweet Annabel...she is a doll! HOpe she had a wonderful day

  8. Such cute grandkids! I laughed at your McDonalds adventure to get the toys. Sounds like something I'd do! lol

  9. You definitely get the "best gramma" award this week - all for McDonalds chipmunks!! That is too sweet:)

    Happy Birthday to your newest teenager - I hope you both have a wonderful time on Saturday! And I am loving the pictures of the little girlies - the "sister shirts" are too sweet..with matching pants even!

    Thanks for sharing about the Bible study - I am really wanting to do something...not positive what?? that we are in the new house. I just fell, maybe. Not sure - but I am praying much about it. Praying that you all have a wonderful time together -

    Have a beautiful Tuesday. Our daughter and Miss Riley arrived about an hour is wonderful already just to have them in the house (first order of business - a nap for the little traveler, who did great, by the way!)

    Take care, friend -

  10. Hahaha! I'm laughing at your last story. That is too funny and so cute! I love when Riley wants to sleep with a toy that is new, and from her Gwamom.

    I would love to come join your Bible study group, that would be so awesome for me. I just put Riley in Preschool though, and her days are Wednesday and Friday mornings, she starts tomorrow!! So excited. We should all try to get together and do lunch one day. The only times I get to see you are when you are picking up a cake, hahaha!!

    I love those photos. You really do have a good looking group of Grandkids. They are all so cute, and love you so much! That's great!

  11. Great post Debbie, you do have the knack for telling a story. I too wish I could join your bible study. Perhaps someday when I am out of captivity :)


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