Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Well I have given quite a bit of thought to this, and I have decided I am going to accept this "one" award from my friend Kristi over at RUSH HOUR. I don't usually accept awards for a number of reasons, the biggest one being, though it may not look like it (I gets LOTS of help from many different people) I am somewhat "computer challenged" and completing the various different linking back and forth requirements etc. etc. stresses me, and also because I don't like to single out which blogs I particularly enjoy by passing them on, when I sooo enjoy them ALL for many, very different reasons. But having said all this, I decided to accept Kristi's, though I am not completely sure how to even copy it and get over here to my blog. (like I said, somewhat slow on this stuff, lol) And the reason I am is because I feel like if it weren't for Kristi, I wouldn't be a blogger today, and for me, blogging has become a way of life I not only just flat out enjoy, but a way to meet new people and be challenged and inspired in ways I had no idea were even possible. I have ALWAYS loved to write, and I had heard of blogging and bloggers, but I really had NO IDEA what was involved. I began following hers (secretly) for a few months after I discovered it after ordering one of her delicious cakes that you can find HERE. I finally decided I would try one of my own. Somehow I managed to get one together and began posting. Now the writing part is easy. I just type from my heart. But the designing and decorating and the gadgets and pictures and links and all that is involved has taken me MONTHS AND MONTHS to figure out and somewhat handle, and I still struggle. In fact, I "somehow" changed the template I have got going now, and have no idea what to do to change it back. I may be walking in winter wonderland (even though I live in sunny California) for a LONG LONG time, haha. I finally began to follow some of Kristi's other blogs (when I figured out you could do that from her posted blog list) and met some truly wonderful people. For a few more months I followed their blogs till I finally began commenting etc., which has resulted in getting to know Kris, Maryrose, and Genn. I can't tell you how much I have come to care about these women and their lives. They are such a blessing to me. But today, let me tell you about Kristi. She is a beautiful young mother of two DARLING little girls, and is one of the hardest working, productive women I have come across in a long time. She works FULL TIME out of her home while taking care of her daughters, AND operates a very successful cake/cookie decorating business as well. Her cakes are truly works of art and unbelievable yummy too. I have ordered soo many I have lost track, and have received numerous compliments on her cakes (like I did anything other than order it) every single time I have bought one. You really do need to check out her blog YOUR SUGAR RUSH, and see for yourself. She is sweet, generous, funny, and her blog entertains me every time I visit. Her blog BTW is as creatively designed as she does everything else, and she designed it herself.  She helped me get mine together once when I went to "stretch", but I have messed it up and of course cannot find her carefully typed out instructions..(see # 6 below, haha) Oh, and I orginally discovered her cakes and cookies as she is the best friend of my niece Crystal. Sooo now, I will now attempt to follow along on the rules of this award which is to list 7 random facts about myself you probably don't know....even though as I was thinking about this all morning, and wondering IF I can even come up with 7, haha

1. I come from a large family where there are 6 kids whose names all begin with D....Diane, Debbie, David, Danae, Dean and Donna. My mom would get soo confused at times we were often called combinations of the various different names...haha Mine was frequently Di-ebra...How we knew this was me, instead of my sister Diane, I'm not sure, we just knew.

2. I am a fanatic when it comes to vacuuming. Why, I am really not sure. I just like that freshly vacuumed look. When my living room has been freshly done, I don't allow people to walk through it from the front door to the kitchen. That way you don't "see" footprints, the carpet stays really clean, and I always have a room that is company ready, even though I seldom have company. This drove all of my kids crazy, but it was my rule.

3. I play the piano fairly well. I have NEVER done anything with it though. I could have studied, practiced, and learned to "do" something with it (such as played at church or something) but I just chose not to for some reason. I play occasionally for my own enjoyment as it helps me to relax, and it does give me an outlet for stress. My kids STILL beg me occasionally to play.

4. I LOVED the movie Gone with the Wind for a number of reasons, but the biggest one being I just so enjoyed the love story between Scarlett and Rhett, and have collected MANY fun collectibles from it over the years.

5. I am somewhat "afraid" of my house cleaner. I have known and loved this wonderful woman for 20 years, but she is just kind of scary. Maybe it is because she is one of the rare women in my life who is not afraid to yell at me, haha See number 6 to know one of the reasons why.

6. I just can't keep an organized closet. I'm not sure what my problem is. My house "appears" to be neat, tidy, and organized at all times. Again, see number 2. But if you open ANY closet door, there is no telling what might be in there.

7. I am a VERY competitive woman at times, haha. I have always told everyone that my children get their competiveness from their dad, but I think they "may" have gotten some of it from me as well. I have recently beaten not only my husband, but all 3 of my highly athletic sons, at bowling on our Wii. Sooo fun.  And me with my arthritic knees guys...

OK, there you have it. 7 VERY random facts about me you might have been better off not knowing. I am not going to pass this award on to any other bloggers as WAY too many of you have BEAUTIFUL blogs as well and I could never chose just 7. HOWEVER, if anyone wants to post 7 random facts about themselves, this was really pretty fun, so please go right ahead. And we might get to know you a little better too.


  1. Okay, seriously Debbie, I'm grinning ear to ear right now. Your words are so sweet! Thank you so much for the little bit about me, that really means a lot!! We need to have a get together so that we can get your blog the way you'd like it. Thanks again Debbie! I think I might bookmark this page and come back to it when I'm feeling down. Hahaha!!

    Okay, loved your seven, and I'm afraid I might comment on them all. Your number one is hilarious. Growing up, for me, it was us three kids, Stacy, Kristi, and Sean, and on numerous occasions, we'd hear my Mom shout something that sounded like Crustacean. Number 2 - I too love that fresh vacuumed look, nothing beats it. When I was a kid, and I had freshly vacuumed my room, I'd try to walk over my same footprints so that my room still looked vacuumed! Number 3 - I took piano lessons for about 5 years when I was a kid, and I loved it. I had to quit in junior high because I got so involved with sports. I'd love to get back into that one, it is very relaxing. Number 5 I just plain laughed at, that's funny! Great post, I loved it, and thanks for excepting the award. Your blog is beautiful, and even if it was not pretty (design wise)which it is, the words that you speak on your blog are beautiful. You touch people, well at least me, hahahah!! So congrats on your beautiful blog award!!

    P.S. If you want to try to change your background, you can do one of two things. You can either pick a new template through blogger, and lose almost all of your widgets, and start completely fresh, or, you can pick a different background, from the same place you got this one. What you do, is you will pull up Leelou's html codes like you did with this one. Don't copy the entire html code and paste it into yours. If you look through her html code, you will see direct links. One for background, one for a header, and one for an outer wrapper, the direct link will look something like this (http://photobucket...). All you do is find where she has her links, copy them, and paste them in your html where she has them. Does that make sense??? Probably not, but if you are feeling adventurous, I'd give it a try, you can always call me and I'll walk you through it.

  2. Debbie,
    This is a great post. I love your 7 things and since I am on my break (self declared) I shall comment ;)
    Kristi addressed #1 and I can totally remember. I always wanted to come from a big family but have only one brother, so I am envious of your large family. 2. I to love a freshly vacumed carpet. I bet your kids do the same thing when they vacume in their own homes 3/4. I have always wished I could play the piano and Gone with the Wind is one of my favorite movies of all time. 5/6 I think we should go to a closet organization class together ... I have bad closet ettiquette. 7. and my personal favorite...you are competitive. Me too and I love it.
    Thanks for sharing and I am so glad you started blogging. We will have to plan another blogging get together. I think Kristi is making plans.
    Oh, now I have to go and think of
    7 things about myself. Wish me luck.

  3. I also don't put awards on my blog or give them out. I did enjoy reading your 7 random things though. Those kinds of lists always tell something about the person that helps me get to know them better.

  4. Loved your 7 random things! I almost put that I am known as a vacuuming fool on mine too. I have friend, who is from Peru...and she calls me Gringa...and she would often call me up and say...Gringa..you vacuuming? You are always vacuuming!!!
    Love Gone With The Wind. Read it at least 3 times, and practically had the movie memorized. NOT competitive though..so you got me there. In fact I hate it. Usually not too fond of it in others either! My husband, btw, is SUPER competitive....and most often times that results in obnoxious behavior!! But if you can keep your competitive drive under control....I will let that one slide........

  5. Hi Debbie,

    I do hope we get to meet in 2010 sometime! You are so sweet, and I am so glad to have found you through blogging too. I loved your 7 facts, and getting to know a bit more about you.

    6 kids in your family! Wow! And all with "D" names! I'd never keep em all straight when I was hollering at them!

    My Mom is a big vaccumer too. We have a family friend who jokes about it and if someone says "where's Kris?" She will say, Oh she's probably vaccuming. :)

    So funny that you mentioned how you love Gone With The Wind because I just told my husband that I wanted to put it on our Netflix because I've never seen it! Now I can't wait to see it. I love a good love story.

  6. Congrats on your award!! You are just precious ~ I love your random facts....your vaccuum lines bring back memories of my stepdad ~ OH MY....gotta have those lines LOL

    Have a blessed day

  7. OH! Debbie, This is so cute and funny, I so enjoyed reading these seven things about you, I didn't know until today that you played the piano, I have always wanted to do that. So congratulations my sweet friend on your award.

    Reading about your computer woes reminds me of mine, but have learned so much by trial and error.
    I am now always changing mine, and have found some wonderful sites to change my template. sometimes I am successful other times I am not.

    I have another blog that I am now using four columns with, and am enjoying that. If I can help you I would so love to, LOL. I can tell you the name of that site and she has wonderful instructions. I

    I started out with a two column template, on my main blog but wanted a three column, I worked for months trying to change it calling and asking everyone, no could do. Finally I found Paisleyscraps, and on her side bar she had instructions on how to change your two column to a three column, bingo!!! her instructions were so easy to follow.I hope I didn't confuse you, I am always looking for new ways to decorate my blog, it is so much fun. But the most important thing about blogging is meeting and making wonderful friends like you. I so treasure you, you have so blessed me in many ways.

    Thank you for introducing us to Kristi I will go over and visit her, have a most blessed day.
    Hugs and blessings,


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