Saturday, February 27, 2010


Thursday afternoon I had picked up my oldest son Joe along with his 3 children to give him a ride to his karate studio, and then to babysit the kids until my daughter-in-law got off from work and was able to pick them up on her way home. Joe's car broke down AGAIN this week, and they have heard that the repair on it is QUITE large. At this point in time, paying their living expenses alone is about all they can manage. They both work hard, but with 5 children their responsibilities are large. I help out where I can and in the meantime, I guess I will help out getting Joe to work. It does just seem as if this particular child of mine can't seem to catch a break and stay on top of his enormous pile of responsibilities. He is forever and always the optimist and just keeps moving along despite set back after set back. This latest one is causing me to struggle somewhat and wonder why it seems he is always the one dealing with life's calamities. But all of this isn't even what it was I wanted to post about today. It was about the conversation I had with his 9 year old daughter Lindsey on the way home. Lindsey is 9 years old going on 15, haha....It seems as if you see that a lot more frequently in today's world than even when my kids were growing up. But Lindsey is always thinking and planning and dreaming about not only who she is, but what she might want to do with her life. I'd personally like her to see her just enjoying her childhood more, and stressing less about what lies ahead, and wanting so much less for that process to be hurried up. But here is somewhat how our conversation went...."Grandma, daddy told me today that when we die and close our eyes that will immediately be in heaven with Him. Do you believe that too?" And I of couse answered, "Yes, I do Lindsey." The Bible tell us in 2Cr 5:8 We are confident, yes, well pleased rather to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. That means that when we die and close our eyes here, we will immediately open them to see the face of Jesus if we belong to Him." And then she said, "Well, I belong to Him. Daddy told me that if I haved asked him to come into my heart and live then I am saved. That is right isn't it?" And I told her, "Yes, Lindsey that is how it works." Now here is where she became quite advanced as far as I am concerned and let me know that as young as she is the Holy Spirit has definitely been at work in her little heart. She then said, "Grandma I don't think that just because I am saved it means I can act however I want to." And again I had to say, "No, you’re VERY right. Christians are saved, but the things they do AFTER they are saved are signs as to rather or not their hearts really belong to Him. We should always try to do the things we know He wants us to do." And she said, "Today at school there were some girls who were making fun of Maddie, and I felt so sorry for her." I said, "Why were they making fun of her?" And she said, "She has a brace on her leg because her leg will ALWAYS be broken." Now of course I have no idea what is really wrong with this little girl’s leg, but that was Lindsey's concept of the situation. And I said, "Well that does seem really mean. And it does seem like a weird thing to make fun of. She obviously can't help that her leg is hurt. Sometimes other kids are just plain mean." And she said, "Well, I told the other girls to stop. That is wasn't funny and it wasn't nice." I said, "Did they stop then?" She said, "Kind of, but they seemed mad at me." I went on to tell her that doing what Jesus would have us do is not always the kind of thing that makes others happy and makes us popular. Sometimes it does make people angry, and might even make them not like you. It is hard to stand up for what you know is right, and that it will get harder and harder the older she gets. She ended up saying, "Well I know that is what Jesus would want me to do, but now I think these girls will probably talk about me behind my back." And you know what? They probably will. Living a life for Him is hard even when you are only 9 years old. How I would like to protect ALL of my grandchildren from things such as this. But I obviously can't. We live in a fallen world and there is sin clear down in elementary school. But praise God that we do know the end of the story and who is triumphant in the end. I told Lindsey, "Well, you can happy knowing today that you pleased Jesus.  It doesn't matter what these girls think. And if there are days when you fail and you know you haven't pleased Him, all you have to do is ask for His forgiveness and He forgives us. Every day is a new day to please Him."

2Cr 5:9 Therefore we make it our aim, whether present or absent, to be well pleasing to Him.

How wonderful it is that this simple truth is true for all of us as well. Living our lives every day to please Him as best we can, asking forgiveness when we fail, and KNOWING He loves us always and forever. Just doesn't get any better I am thinking...

I am asking that you might keep my son's car situation in prayer.  I do believe that the Lord has it in His hands and will work "something" out.  I look forward to seeing what that might be. 

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  1. Morning Deb. Your granddaughter sounds very thoughtful, and mature for her age. I will continue to pray that your son will find a very workable conclusion to his car troubles.
    Have a great day!

  2. Debbie, I am praying for your son and his family, and especially Lindsey, today. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  3. Thanks for sharing such a sweet post. It sounds like you have a wonderful family that love the Lord and are growing in their faith. All the best to you and yours!

  4. Great post, Debbie. Children often lead the way when it comes to spiritual matters. "Except ye become as a child..."

  5. Hi Debbie,
    What an insightful little blessing you have there. I love that she stood up for that little girl because she knew in her heart she should and was aware of the consequences to her. Wow!
    I pray all goes better with your son's car situation.

  6. Debbie:

    Praying for your son's situation. God will provide - sometimes it's not in the way we imagine.

    What a blessing to read about your little granddaughter. It's true, the girls will probably talk about her behind her back, but praise the Lord for her faith and for standing up for someone less fortunate. Jesus said, "if the words hates you, it is because it hated me first..." The blessings that come from obeying Him far outweigh the consequences of what others might think.


  7. Blessings Debbie, What a wonderful relationship you have with your grand daughter Lindsay and they all look adorable! Such wisdom and guidance you gave! So wonderful that she was willing to take a stand! It is hard to do especially when the rejection or negative repercussions afterwards.
    How strong she is. May God provide in a mighty way for your son and break this curse of calamities that are hampering his life...but he certainly has done well with his daughter. I pray that you also receive abundant blessings from God. Thanks for sharing your life.
    EnJOY a Spiritual Sunday!

  8. What a wonderful story and a precious granddaughter you have. I can just imagine all the prayers the Lord get from parents and grandparents.

  9. Wow, that is quite a girl you have there!!! What a joy it must have been to have this conversation with her. It was a joy hearing about it.

  10. Your granddaughter is wise beyond her years. Thank you for sharing her experience with us. I'm praying for your son and his situation.
    Prayers and blessings,

  11. Sounds like you have a very special little granddaughter there, Debbie! What a joy it must be to talk to her about the Lord! I wish I had had someone in my life to talk to when I was that age! I will pray for Joe's situation. God will answer soon, I'm sure. Thank you for sharing.


  12. Your granddaughter does sound very mature for her age. I too will pray for her and your son and their situation.

    Hope you are staying warm and dry this rainy weekend.

  13. You have such a sweet granddaughter, and you are teaching her well. It is a shame that other children react like that. Praying for your son and his family's needs ~ Blessings ~

  14. What a blessing to have such conversations with your granddaughter. Wow. Out of the mouths of babes....

  15. Goodness. I'm sorry to hear your son and his family are having hard times. My prayers are with them and with you as well.

    Your little granddaughter sounds so precious. Bless her heart. I just know Jesus smiled down upon that little girl and cradled her in His loving arms.

    Matthew 19:14 - "But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for such is the kingdom of heaven."

    It's a shame Christians, especially little warriors for Christ have to put up with ridicule and hatefulness, but Jesus spoke of it often. He wasn't immune from it and neither are we.

    Thank you so much for sharing this post with all of us. Such a blessing to me.

    God bless you today and every day!


  16. praying for your son and out of the mouth of babes....great post. Sarah

  17. thank you for sharing this beautiful post...children are His special angels!

  18. What a precious resource is your Lindsey! ... Like a beacon, spreading love and light ... you are so blessed!

  19. I look forward to the years ahead and conversations like this with my granddaughter! Praying about the car.

  20. Ah yes, "Every day is a new day to please him." Thanks for sharing this story. Life is hard sometimes. Even for nine year old girls...or 75 year old men. But "Every day is a new day to please him."

  21. Praying for your son and his family's needs. It's nice to know that he remains optimistic despite trials after trials. Praying for the Lord to give your son protection and provision.

    Your granddaughter is amazing. There is no young or old when it comes to obedience. I can feel her pain. But I salute her courage to stand up for what is right and to go against the flow!!! I deal with it at my workplace. So I can relate a little bit to what Lindsey felt. But the great thing about the Holy Spirit...He is surely there to protect us and give us the words to say. It's not surprising that the girls will even hate her. Like how the world hated Jesus and some still do. So, if she is persecuted because of His work in her heart, glory to God! May God bless her and continue to protect her and give her discernment, same with your other grandkids.

    I enjoyed this sister Debbie. Felt like I was right there when you were conversing with Lindsey.

  22. Enjoyed your post very much. "Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace" has been a big help to me over the years. Love the smile on Lindsey's face.

  23. What a little angel she is and she does sound very mature for her age. I think she'll be making a difference in this world.

    Will be praying for you and your family Debbie!

  24. sorry you are feeling under the weather Debbie. I just said a prayer for you for strength and healing in your body. You are a blessing! -Laurie

  25. Hey Debbie....
    What a precious heart Lindsey has!! And what a precious time ya'll had together talking about Jesus!

    I'm praying for Joe and his family!!

    Sweet Blessings!

  26. Debbie,

    That is the type of conversation every grandma longs to have with her grandchild...what a blessing. Our Miss Riley is just a baby (well, almost a big two year old) but my heart beats for the day she can so clearly explain that she not only knows and understands that she is saved and trusting in Jesus...but she also knows it will not always be easy to live for Him - but she still wants to!! WOW -

    Thanks for sharing...this story so touched my heart this afternoon. And thanks for stopping by my blog - your comments always make my day and I look forward to your visits. I, too, think we could chat and chat for quite a bit over a cup of tea:) My goodness, that California is so far away. But, I do enjoy your posts and your comments.

    Have a great Tuesday!!

  27. Debbie,
    What a sweet family you have and your granddaughter sounds like a very smart young lady! Thank you for sharing your heart with us on Spiritual Sunday.


  28. Hi Debbie,
    After reading this most inspiring post, I hardly know what to say. I too have a son who is just so wonderful and is the best father, husband and pastor. He too has to struggle financially, and has the most giving heart.
    I will pray for your son and his family and ask that you pray for mine too. Now Lindsey, has blessed me so much, and she is wise beyond her years. She reminds me of my Abigael, also 9 yrs. old. And the conversation you and Lndsey had is similar to many I have had with Abigael.
    You are such a great mother and grandmother, and I know your family rise up and call you blessed. What a great calling to be able to pour into their lives.They will ever be thankful for you. I am ever so greatful for my paternal grandmother.

    As always I am so touched and blessed. I am praying for complete healing for you in every area of your physical body.
    Thank you for coming by and for always encouraging me. I treasure you.


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