Monday, February 8, 2010


How cute is he?  He's "reading" haha at the little table in our grandkid room!

She is DEFINITELY a little Valentine sweetie... Sooo adorable!  She is sitting on her "own" new little chair, complete with her name on it.

Well, I have survived my busy week-end, but I am not going to lie, I am DEFINITELY tired today, haha.  I have lots to tell you, and soo many pictures.  I have spent the day going through all of my pictures, making collages and videos, and in between doing laundry.  I "think" I might be happy with them all, so I am ready to share them, haha

I will start with Friday night.  Not exactly like I planned, but then whatever really is?  Annabel's bus was late which meant we got a late start.  Her appointment was at 5, but we did not get on the road until 4:25.  Not really one of my better idea's with a 5:00 pm appointment on a Friday night, WAY out in Newport Beach in the first place.  Not quite sure WHAT I was thinking. Of course to tip this off, it was ABSOLUTELY pouring rain.  I actually contemplated telling her maybe we should just do it another time, but one look at her excited face and I was toast.  Sooo we of course sat in bumper to bumper traffic on the 91, which for all of you Southern California's I need say no more.  It was somewhat of a nightmare....It was raining soo hard, and was soo dark, and Annabel, bless her heart, was soo excited to see me and had "Sooo much to tell you Grandma" was talking a mile a minute while I desperately tried to concentrate, haha.  We pulled into the parking lot at Jessie's shop a FULL hour late.  SIGH...Thank goodness my sweet niece was understanding.  After she finished, (her hair was ADORABLE by the way, thanks Jess) we squealed (and I do mean squealed) out of there with only 10 minutes to get to the movie theater.  Again, her excitement level meant there was no way we'd wait until her next visit to Joe's.  Let me tell you it was raining EVEN HARDER if that was possible.  I am not real familiar with all parts of Newport and yet thanks to Jess's good directions we did find the movie theater right away.  HOWEVER, we had to RUN (yes with my hobbled knees ~ not REALLY running, but VERY fast for me, haha) through the rain and puddles in the parking lot, across the shop area (still in rain) down 2 flights of steps, (is this happening?) and finally up an escalator (mercy) only to find out AFTER of course standing in a LONG line, that not only was that show sold out, so was the next one.  We were now drenched, freezing, and REALLY disappointed, AND still had to repeat our tracks back to the car.  As we were driving home, Annabel still chattering a mile a minute, we decided that IF there was a movie playing early enough the next morning, and IF her daddy didn't mind and said she could spend the night, and IF Grandpa would come with us, as there would be no time to go back for him afterwards as we had to get to San Diego by 2, THEN we would go the next day.   Otherwise, we'd have to wait for 2 more weeks when she again would come to her dad's.  Well she got on her cell phone (ever notice how quickly teen-aged girls can work those things?) and believe it or not got everything arranged.  We got up early the next morning and had a nice breakfast (Grandpa made her waffles....he is such a softie) and got our stuff together and headed out to the movie.   The plan was to drop her back at her dad's house and we would squeal out (yes we would be somewhat late) for San Diego for Donatella's birthday party at her other Grandparents house.  Well, the movie was REALLY good in our opinion.  We ALL (including Grandpa) enjoyed it soo much.  I have not read the book, (surprising as I usually read all of his) and I have heard it is not much like it.  But having nothing to compare it too, I loved it.  I will read the book now however.  Annabel and I both used a few tissues, but it was pretty much what we expected.  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed my time with this girl.  It seems like yesterday Mel was this age.  Time goes soo fast, and intend to enjoy her every moment I can.  After dropping her off we headed down to San Diego for the party.  It was a very good time, and Donatella was just as sweet as she could be.  We thoroughly enjoyed our day.  On our way back we stopped at Kristi's (@ Yoursugarrush) and picked up the cakes for the next day.  They were absolutely adorable Kristi as usual.  The "smash" cakes were MUCH bigger than I was thinking, but sooo cute.  The babies LOVED them.  Party day was such a rush.  We did get up and go to early service (wow that seemed early) and then headed back home to get everything ready.  It was such a nice day.  Jimmy & Larissa had promised Capri on her 5th birthday in December that she could have a Jumper.  On the day of her party it was pouring rain so it didn't happen.  Soo then they told her they would get on Donatella's party day, and guess what?  Rain again....Sooo, he packed it up and brought it up to our house and the kids all got to enjoy a Jumper on the day.  Soo fun.  The food was wonderful.  I ordered everything from an Italian market near us, and it was soo good.  Between that and the tasty cake I am afraid I did NOT do very well with my diet.  SIGH...But I am right back on today, so guess I will just pretend that didn't happen.  Here are some of the pics of the day.

The adorable cakes

He loved it!!

So did Tella!

Well, that's about it.  There were WAY too many other pictures to even put into collages so I put together a little video.  Be sure and turn your speakers on and hit the button that says FULL SCREEN.  When finished just hit the escape key on your key board.  WHEW....I am soo done right now.  I think this Grandma needs a little rest.  Hope you all have a wonderful week.  ENJOY...

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  1. I loved the slide show! You went all out for both of them! And that's the only way for such adorable grandkids! The day spent with your other granddaughter sounds just as nice.


  2. Oh Deb, how awesome to have grandchildren! They are simply adorable. And just think; with your blog you will have their lives chronicled for prosperity. How cool is that?

    I'm sure driving in the rain on the LA freeways wasn't fun. However, having such great conversations sounds fun and memorable.

    The cakes are adorable. What a great job she did on them.

    My aunt lived in Glendale and my grandma lived in Burbank before she died. I've spent much time in San Diego and also Santa Monica and love that area.

    I smiled throughout your smilebox and that's a good thing right now.

    Love you,

  3. Wow, what a busy weekend. I'm tired just from reading about all that driving in the rain and running through puddles and up two flighs of stairs! Mercy is righ. :)

    Glad you had fun though. I'm so curious about that movie. I'm hoping we get a chance to go see it.

    Your grandkids and their cakes are so cute. Looks like a fun birtday party.

  4. The slideshow was awesome! And so were the cakes. They are so adorable! You're tired but I know it's all worth it :) God bless you and keep you.

  5. You have a beautiful family Debbie. Happy Birthday to the kiddos! Love the pics of them chowing down on the cakes!

  6. You were right when you said you were BUSY! phew!! I am tired reading it all but isn't that the best tired to be!! Loving, playing, and being with your precious grandkid ~ it's just the best!

    You took some awesome pics and what a treasure having all of them together like you do :0)

    You are such an awesome grandma!!

    Bless you my friend

    ps. My word verification is liblerge.....makes me think of live large...and live large you did :)

  7. Hi Debbie!

    The kids looked so cute! I love that picture of Donatella with her face in the cake just chowing down! Adorable!

    Glad that everyone enjoyed the cakes, it was a pleasure making them for your Grandbabies. They really are super cute!

  8. Debbie,

    What a great weekend! How very special to spend such great times with your grandchildren. We miss most of the "big events" with our Miss Riley down in Florida and it really makes me sad. BTW - I had never heard of a smash cake until her first birthday this past June?!? Did your kiddos have a smash cake? We were so old-fashioned, we simply cut them a piece out of the regular cake! But those two certainly look like they knew EXACTLY what to do with a smash cake:) What fun!

    Hope you have a few days to sit..and recover. Rest those poor achin' knees:) Have a beautiful day, friend.

  9. I feel like I've been to a party! Thanks for sharing.

  10. the pics are soooooooo cute!
    It's funny you mentions "seems like Mel was just this age" because that's exactly what I was thinking as I was reading this. How weird that you are now taking someone else to their hair appointments, listening to someone else's stories, and dad is making someone else breakfast. it's so bizarre. seemed like such a story that would include ME as the main charactor. very weird for me. probably for you too but I'm pretty wrapped up in my own feelings. Miss you.

  11. PS- I have yet to see the movie but the book was really cute. You'd definitely like it. In fact, I thought you had stolen in b/c I looked in my book shelf to re-read before the movie but couldn't find it. Maybe you have it lying around there somewhere.

  12. Hi Debbie,
    Boy theses pictures and the video tell the wonderful story of your weekend, I so enjoyed looking at them.
    And am so glad that that all turned out well, I do not like to drive in the rain at all. It seem you all are getting bombarded like we have been. Though we have sunshine today but winds are gusting to over 50 mph.
    How blessed to be able to celebrate birthdays together, enjoy your rest.


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