Saturday, March 6, 2010

Well, this has been a difficult week for me in that I have spent the majority of it sick and running back and forth to the doctor’s office and laying somewhere in a heap. Oh how I hate to be sick. But as I look back at how this week has gone I can see how the Lord has worked in my heart.

Phl 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I have spent a great deal of my life battling anxiety. I have researched this dilemma and spent time (probably too much) trying to figure out just why it is that this particular problem seems to plague me the way it does. Certain things trigger it, (such as an illness that is particularly lengthy or troublesome) and I avoid them when I can. But as with most of life, control is not just something we can claim. Life happens. So I find myself many times like I did this last week, battling this enemy rather I want to or not. My dependency on the Lord for this is the only way I have ever gotten through it. I have discovered that it is not a question about trusting God or my faith in Him. If anything it seems to be quite the opposite. It just seems to be the thing my body does quite literally without my permission. And once the process is in motion, I have no choice but to deal with it the only way I know how, and the only way that is ever successful. I run to Him. I pray. I trust Him to see me though. And He always does. He quite literally again gives me the strength to do something I honestly can't without Him. He battles it for me. So again this week for me it reared its ugly head and I felt myself falling into the familiar patterns of anxiety. It has been QUITE A WHILE since I have dealt with this, but it's memory was all too vivid. But I began to pray and seek Him passionately and asked others to pray as well, and it wasn't long at all and I felt His peace begin to wash over me. How grateful I am. Like Paul I have asked the Lord MANY times to remove this particular affliction away from me, but I feel like the Lord allows it for the same reasons He did with Paul. It keeps me dependent on Him. It reminds me that I CAN do all things through Him who will give me the strength. He is able to show me His abundant love for me IN SPITE of it. So, as much as I would like to think that I have dealt with this problem for the last time, I am pretty certain that it is not the case. But I do know, my God is mighty and powerful and loving and IN TOTAL CONTROL and He alone will see me through. Praise God.

Mar 10:27 But Jesus looked at them and said, "With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible."

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  1. I've also dealt with anxiety for about 10 years. It tends to come and go with good days/weeks/months and bad ones but I have to say it has never been worse than the first panic attack when I thought I was dying. Thank God for that!

    I hope you continue to feel better!

  2. Hi Debbie,
    Yes, we can do ALL things through Him who gives us strength. And the thing that gives me peace in the midst of the storm is the fact that He promises not to give us something that He knows we cannot handle. We serve a compassionate and loving God! Thank you for stopping by and leaving me a comment; I so appreciate hearing from you. Have a beautiful Sunday.


  3. Praying for God's healing touch, Dear ~ Blessings ~

  4. Debbie, I hope you are feeling better soon. I know how miserable it is to feel so awful for so long. About the you ever take Xanax? It sure does help!

  5. I hope this week goes better for you. Remember, the Lord is with you... always.

  6. Yes He will see you through....and I pray this week goes just the opposite....and is the best one ever. Stay strong ok. Sarah

  7. He is always faithful to remind us and comfort us about His presence and not leaving us, especially at those tough times. Praying you are feeling better by now sister Debbie. May the Lord bless you and protect you and your family always.

  8. Hi Deb, I have found that some anxiety can be expected with menopause...even after we feel the process should be over. It seems to affect my coping skills, and I can be sent whirling emotionally sometimes at things that shouldn't make me feel that way. Like you, I pray and seek God and He sees me through.

    I am going to start tracking these times and see if I can make any sense of them. Some folks say that even if you're post-menopausal, you can still experience a variety of symptoms on a monthly basis, just as if still having cycles.

    Praying for you gal! Pray for me too! I have a lot of irons in the fire right now!!

    Love you!!

  9. Praise God, indeed ,,,,
    Holding you in prayer tonight!


  10. I got this scripture in Mark also yesterday. I'll be praying it for you. He is able!

  11. My youngest son has had bouts with anxiety, that is why I home school him. The first one he had in 5th grade on one of the first days of school. He wanted to go back to school, but he could not because each time he would have an anxiety attack. I have another friend that struggles with anxiety, as did her grandmother and other relatives. I really think there is a biological element involved in this thing that goes on. She is now gluten free, which she found affected her nervous system. It is all very fascinating. I think you are awesome though, and clearly love the Lord and you family. You have a great head on your shoulders, and with Him, all things are possible! Have a great week.~

  12. I battled this problem for quite a few years when I was younger. I know how you mean, it just pops up unexpectedly sometimes. I'm grateful that I haven't had to deal with it for a long time now. Maybe that is one of the blessings of getting older. I don't know. I know I spent a lot of time praying to get through it too. And I have known so many people who have also had the problem. Perhaps God allows these kinds of things to cause us to depend more on Him. I think sharing these concerns as you have here helps others who need to know they are not alone.
    Hugs, prayers and blessings,

  13. Thank you for sharing from your heart. Your post will help many people. I have often turned to Tim Hansel's devotinal book Keep Dancin' for help with anxiety. I have gotten out of bed in the middle of the night and read and prayed until the anxiety went away. He has an excellent book with almost the same title. I think it's You Gotta Keep Dancin'.

  14. This is a great post and I'm sure we can all relate to those weak spots in our lives that only God can help us with. I love your spirit and heart that looks to God for His divine help. Have a blessed week, Friend and feel better.:)

  15. Hello
    I understand the anxiety too...I have dealt with some over the years but menopause and Lyme Disease increased it. How wonderful that God has helped you through the anxiety when it comes to visit. It is an unwelcome guest, but with God's strength all things are possible.
    I noticed that Clif wrote about Tim Hansel's book, You Gotta Keep Dancing...Tim is my husband's first cousin. Max Lucado's book Fearless has helped me alot this month.
    Thank you for sharing Debbie. I am praying that God will wrap you in His loving arms. Amen...

  16. Hope you're feeling better, Debbie!

  17. Hi Debbie,
    The scripture in Phil.4;13 is my son Michael's favorite scripture. And one of mine too.

    I will be praying for you in this area, but what is so wonderful to me is that you recognize its ugly head and you know exactly where it comes from and you know where to go. You are such a strong Christian, and satan doesn't like that and he will do any and everything to stop you.

    My dear Friend keep on keeping on doing what God has called you to do., you and I have read the last chapter in the Bible and we win!!. Thank you for always encouraging me, and for your friendship, I treasure you.
    Hugs, and Blessings,

  18. Debbie thanks for your comments on my posts, they lift me up. I, too, have this same battle... I hope I learn the lesson as well as you have. I've taken to asking God to alter the chemical composition of my brain and it has helped a lot!!! I don't know why it took me so long to pray this prayer, but when I did, I can't believe how fast my thinking changed. God can do all things indeed, and He strengthens us immeasurably more than we ask or even imagine.

  19. I sure hope that this can get better for you Debbie. It does not sound fun. Hope your weekend was good despite all that's going on with you!!

  20. Debbie, I can so relate to this post today. Thank you so much for sharing this. I hope you are feeling better.

  21. I do hope you are feeling better. Blessings and prayers your way....

  22. Hi Debbie,
    I have anxiety problems also. I am praying for you . I am praying you will be well from your illness soon,also. Any time we feel we have lost control,like getting sick,can cause more anxiety. I agree with you we must rely totally on Jesus."He who keeps his eyes on Him , He will keep in perfect peace ."
    Hugs & Blessings,

  23. Debbie,

    I noticed that the comment I left on your previous post was not there. I think I must get going to fast and clear my screen before I know for sure the comment has been posted. Anyways - please know that I was praying for you this past days and also grateful for the beautiful family God has surrounded you with to love you so much when you are sick. Your post abour them was so sweet.

    I sure hope that you are feeling better today and this Monday is the beginning of sweet week for you. I cannot say that I know too much about anxiety but there are other things that seem to "rear their ugly head" and usually when I think maybe I have put that aside.

    However, it is evident that God is using these times in your life. You are running to Him in prayer and are even willing to share your struggle - that, no doubt, He can use to help someone else. God is blessing even during your dark times.

    Thanks for sharing your heart so openly. Sorry my comments did not get to you - but I'm dropping by every day and always blessed by your blog. Still praying for you this week, sweet friend.



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