Saturday, July 10, 2010


It's FINALLY happening!! Yes, that's right we have finally spent the last night at Diana Crt. The move is officially on....It's 5:20 and I just woke up and threw our sheets into the washing machine and decided to write a QUICK post before I jump (not that I really "jump" anywhere haha) into the shower and begin what is certain to be a REALLY LONG DAY. You will never know how grateful I am that we did not move last Sat. Now today we will make the move with my new house COMPLETELY done (with the exception of a little touch up painting here and there) WONDEROUSLY clean and both bathrooms totally put together, all of our clothes hanging in the new closet, AND the ENTIRE kitchen put away complete with rugs on the floor and darling new curtains hung at the window....What a good feeling. I am sooo excited. I am pretty sure it will harder than I am thinking to fit some of my furniture into it's new smaller places, but one way or another the "new" look is about to happen. I am soooo grateful to my wonderful sisters Diane and Danae and to my mom who have helped me like you just can't begin to imagine. 4 women (counting me even though I wasn't totally up to snuff) worked in that new kitchen yesterday for almost 4 hours getting everything put away into their new places. When we were done with the dishes and pans etc., we took turns arranging my "decs" trying to "create" the new feel. How much fun that was. OK, I guess I will say ~ Diane's arrangement won, haha, and everything sits waiting over there for all the memories yet to be made. My WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL husband went over to the house last night when everyone had gone but Diane and I and got down on his hands and knees (something with this arthritis I could have NEVER done EVEN if I wasn't still recovering) and scrubbed every last inch of our new tile, which let me tell you is extensive. It took him over a hour and a half. How beautiful it looked when he was done. I felt bad after he was done as there is sooo much heavy lifting and work to be done today and we didn't get home and into bed until 11 o'clock. But he knew it was important to me so he never really even complained. The man is soo good to me ~ how blessed I am. All 3 of my sons will arrive at 8 today, along with one of my BIL's, and a nephew. The truck sits in our drive way waiting. The women will all be here to help make decisions as to where the furniture should go, and begin the massive putting away chore. My heart is soo FULL of gratitude this morning it is hard to express. Yes, it is FINALLY time to begin this new season in our lives and I am excited, curious, and sooo looking forward to it. God is soo good! I will try and take pics of all of this happening, and some pics of the new place. I want to not only show all of you, but document it to go along with the memories. Good bye to Diana Crt ~ you have served your purpose well and held all the times of our life for the last 25 years within your walls. I will NEVER forget this house and all that has happened here ~ it will rest in my memory forever. Hope you all have a wonderful week-end. I don't know how much visiting I will get done in the next few days, but I will try. Surely I will take a break now and then, haha. God's blessings to you all. 


  1. Oh Debbie, I'm so glad you've had all that help with this move. What a sweetie that hubby of yours is! I know it's hard to leave but it sounds like this new place will be home before you know it. I pray that there will be much love and blessings in this home.

    Blessings and love,

  2. Good luck getting all settled in today and tomorrow! How wonderful to have your sisters and sons and all that family to help. And what a guy your husband is, to scrub the floors for you. With the kitchen put together, and the bathrooms clean and closets hung, it sounds like the move might not be so bad. Congratulations on your new home Debbie!

  3. That last comment was me Debbie. I had to sign in under a different name because blogger wasn't recognizing my password! I had to reset my password! Weird. Anyway, it was me. :)

  4. Debbie:

    God's timing is always perfect and I know you feel much better having everything completed before the move.

    Don't overdo it the next few days, but enjoy this time. Looking forward to seeing pics of your new place.


  5. Good morning Debbie. How great to read this post today!!! I am so excited for you. When you are all put away, and settled, I would love to come visit and see your new home!!!! Hugs to you...NOW DON'T OVER DO it!!!

  6. How exciting sister Debbie! But with the old mem'ries come new ones still waiting to be created! God bless you and protect you.

  7. How exciting. I hate the idea of packing up to move but I like the idea of a new place. Not that we're planning on doing that ourselves, but I'm not opposed to the idea.

  8. So excited for you...blessings, blessings, blessings. May God fill your walls with All of Him as precious memories start today!!!
    Hugs, wish I could help,

  9. Oh Deb, What a huge blessing to have all that help and a hubby that is so wonderful too! God has it all under His control, and is blessing you as I'm sure you have blessed others!!

    I am praying a blessing on your new home and trust that it will be filled with the same love, joy, laughter and fond memories as the old one! My newer home is an incredible blessing to me and my family.

    Have a great week, Deb, and just bask in the Lord's lovingkindness.
    Love you!

  10. Hi Debbie,
    Pleased to meet you and to find your blog.
    Exciting times and I pray that you will continue to be richly blessed!Enjoy your new home!

  11. Hi Debbie
    Sorry to have been such a stranger. Congrats on the move, I am so excited to see the pics of the new house. It sounds wonderful and I am sure you will have many many happy years of memories with your family there. How fun to have a new start. I will be patiently anticipating your pics...happy moving day and remember to pace yourself.
    Much Love


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