Thursday, July 15, 2010


Well, believe it or not, 6 days later we are moved and almost completely unpacked and set up.  Now make NO mistake, this would have NEVER happened without the help of my wonderful wonderful sisters who have worked on this with me sooo far beyond the call of duty it could never be expressed.  Towards the end as Diane and I were hanging pictures and putting all of my decorations around, we became almost slap happy and would have had each other rolling on the ground laughing if we would have had the strength to do so or a way to get up once we were down there, haha.  But parts of the experience were really very enjoyable and no doubt a memory I won't soon be forgetting.  It is has all come out soooo far beyond my hopes and visions for it.  I TRIED to take pictures of everything, but I quickly could see the pictures just really don't do it justice.  Now maybe if I had a better camera and the ability of some of you to take GOOD pictures (not naming any names Genn) it could be shown better.  But I am going to post what I can and take you on a little tour.  The thing that has just been amazing was how well all of my things moved and found just the perfect place at this house.  Like I had gone out and bought them to fit in a certain area. 

The view as you enter the park.  It is soo pretty here with lots of green belts, tress, and flowers, plants etc.  You really do forget it is a mobile home park.

Our pretty new door...come on in

Porch/patio to the right side of the front door.  I am dying to get out there and get flowers and plants hung and set around.  It will happen eventually.  See the view off in the distance of pretty hills etc.  I have always wanted a front porch.

To the left of my front door ~ under my kitchen window.  I had 4 of these HUGE Sega Palms around the pool at the old house.  We brought one and my jasmine and bird bath.  Lots of possibilites here.  I am seeing wind chimes, and hanging plants for sure.  Bambi had to come.  I have had him since Melody was 4 and got hooked on the movie Bambi. 

The view as you walk into the house.  To really appreciate this you would have needed to see it BEFORE the remodel.  The fireplace was soooo horrid, haha.  My brother did a wonderful job with this one with travertine that he had left over from other jobs.  I LOVE it.  My bookcases look like they were custom built to go there, and my Kincade looks wonderful there.

Another view.  There are 3 windows across the front of the house and 2 to the side.  I just happened to have 5 matching valances, so it worked out really well.  Another perfect spot for another one of our Kincades.

The view as you turn to your left upon entering the front door.  Formal dining room off to the right as you can see.  We created the walk way with tile.  It goes into the kitchen and family room areas.

I will have to stop here as the pictures are taking FOREVER to download and I need to go to the airport and pick up my Melody (yay) as she is arriving today for 5 days for my neices bridal shower which is on Sun. afteroon.  We have soo much to do I doubt I will get back to this any time soon, but you never know.  I appreciate all of your prayers more than you can know.  I am feeling almost 100%....PRAISE God..I have soo much to be thankful I could never EVER properly express it.  I am soo happy and blessed to have this house.  I have soo much more I want to share with all of you.  Hope you are all doing well.  I have read around when I could but haven't had enough time to comment much, but know you are all in my thoughts.  GOD BLESS YOU ALL. 


  1. Debbie, the new house looks fabulous!! I can't wait to see it in person. I want to sit out on that porch with your, sip some iced tea and chatter away.
    SO happy you are feeling almost 100% back to you again. Enjoy your visit with Mel.
    Hugs to you,
    PS Can't wait to see the rest of the house!!

  2. Dearest Debbie, So glad you are firstly feeling 100% and that you are all moved in and nesting...such a huge blessing. I'm amazed at all you and yours did in such a short time. BTW, I have three Kincades in my dining room. You sound like your move was so much easier than ours, and ours last year was just across the street.
    Have a wonderful time with Melody.
    Hugs to you today.

  3. The place looks really nice! I'm so glad that your sisters were there to help out. Enjoy your visit with Melody.


  4. Debbie - WOW - I am so impressed and so excited for you. You have so much done...looks like everything done...and in such a short time. I mean, even curtains...I'm STILL dreaming of curtains! Everything looks so lovely and as if you have lived there for much longer than six days! How special - and what a blessing to have so much great help. I know this has been difficult for Mel but I am sure she will be thrilled when she sees everything - and what a special new home this is for guys!

    I just loved your look around - and can't wait for more of the tour. Now - anytime you want to drop by and work your magic on my new home (seven months into it, mind you) I will gladly take your help.

    So happy for you - enjoy every morning waking up in your new home:)

  5. Just many things are familiar...the grandfather clock is like my moms, the hall table on the tile is like mine!!!!
    I can't believe what all you have done...I have been in this rent house for two years and still can't find my electric knife.
    I am so happy for you...just smiling with joy.
    Blessings beautiful have seen God's hand and touched His faithfulness

  6. You can't taste comfort in those pics, so you're right, the pics don't do justice! The new nest looks so cozy and warm and inviting! May the Lord bless you and protect you at this new abode. Have a great weekend sister Debbie and it's nice to hear that you are going to have a fun time with your loving daughter.

  7. WOW! It looks like you've been settled in for years. So nice. I can't wait to see the rest too. That front porch is so neat. I want a big wrap around porch someday.
    Have a great visit with Mel!! I'm glad you are feeling better.

  8. The house looks wonderful!! I absolutely love your patio furniture! I need to show my Hubby because that is exactly what I have been wanting for our front porch!

  9. Hey Debbie....I love your new home!! Congratulations on getting settled so quickly......Look what the Lord has done!......Just a few months ago, you'd never dreamed that surgery would be over, you're healthy and gaining strength everyday and now enjoying your new "nest"! Awesome isn't He!!!

    Oh, and I love Bambi!!......So, cute!!!

    He is Faithful!!

  10. Oh Deb, Your new home is beautiful, sweetie, and I love your front porch! God knew you wanted one!! Love how He does things like that for His children!! Everything looks so wonderful! I, too, am thankful for your sweet sisters and the big help and support they have been to you! Give them all a hug for me!!

    AND a visit with Melly? Life is good, huh? ;o)

    My Sam and her family are struggling in Nashville. It will be interesting to see if they stay or not. Her hubby doesn't have a job yet. I have prayed that God's will will be done, and have just left it in His care. You know I would love for them to be back here, but only if it is what He wants!

    Enjoy your lovely daughter and your new home, and feeling great!!!
    What a HUGE blessing from our amazing God!!

    Love you lots!!


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