Thursday, July 29, 2010


I wasn't going to do my Thankful Thursday post today as I have been in a "weird" frame of mind. I am not sure why...I think there has been soo much going on for soo long that suddenly now everything seems strangely quiet. I think it struck me on Sunday as I sat in church listening to my son give the message, with my DIL and my little granddaughter Capri sitting next me (she wanted to "see" her daddy ~ how sweet is that?) that I have traded places in life with her as it seemed like just yesterday it was me working all the kids and busy ALL the time. She'd hurried through her morning alone as my son had to do the early service as well, getting 3 little ones fed and ready for church not to mention herself, and having to pull together her house enough that she would be comfortable having her "in-laws" over for the day as well, haha. She never mentioned that, I just know how I would have felt if I had been her. Well, the house looked wonderful and the kids were ADORABLE. How I have missed them. Donatella looks and reminds me soo much of Melody when she was young it is downright overwhelming. Her hair is the same white blonde her's was and her eyes the same ice blue. She has the same little body and many similar mannerisms as well. Now Donatella has her mama's Italian skin and is as brown as a little berry which Melody NEVER had, haha, but still....soo similar. Larissa talked about school starting in a few weeks and getting together Capri's uniform and back pack and school supplies. She will start KG this year. And it made my mind wonder back to when I was busy with very similar things. JD was busy talking about the plans they have for his "pirates themed" birthday and it is amazing that he is already to be 4 years old in September. Time truly does fly by. But again, it made my mind wonder back to when I would begin planning for my kid’s birthday party in advance as well; gave them something to dream about. And then yesterday I was feeling like I felt like a day with my other grandkids so I called my son Joe who was busy with his pack and tried to get together a plan. As it turned out he had already made swimming plans with some of their school friends. Joe is taking care of his kids during the day as he does not have to be to work until 4. Leah is off at 3 so it is working well for them. But it is funny to me (you'd have to know Joe) to watch my son working "play dates" with the older ones around naps for Cody. He does a good job with them. His days are long and busy. Mine in comparison have become quiet and often slow. Though my hubby pointed out this morning his are a LONG way from that yet, haha....But today I am grateful for all the years I enjoyed being a stay at home mom. For busy school years and schedules, and long, lazy summer days getting kids to the beach and swimming and afternoon matinee movies. I am also grateful for my grandkids that brighten up my days occasionally with their sweet presence and for my kids who are busy taking care of them. I am grateful my son John got a new job that he is quite excited about. I am grateful for the absolutely BEAUTIFUL weather we have been having and the NO need to run the air conditioning. I am grateful for the home He has provided us with and that I am enjoying decorating and adding little homey touches to. I am grateful that I was FINALLY released on Tues from the surgeon’s office, even though it is to be ANOTHER 6 weeks before I can finally be fitted for the prosthesis. Again, I am grateful I am done with treatment and can enjoy my summer without the stress of radiation or chemo. I am especially grateful for this time and season in my life with my husband where we can enjoy each other and our time together WITHOUT anyone else sharing our home with us. I realized the other day that this is happening for the very first time in our 35 years of marriage. Even these last two years since Melody married our middle son John has been back at home while he got his life back together after his divorce. Now he was RARELY home as he worked soo much, but he was still there. I am sure I could on, but I will stop here. Sometimes I wonder just how much I could come up with if I just let myself go on and on, haha. Hope you are all enjoying your summer, and get the chance today to spend some time counting up your blessings. To join the other grateful hearts, click HERE


  1. You know when I was a young Mom and stayed at home it was so hard. But, then I found the Lord and HE taught me what a gift it was to be a Mom and then even more to be a stay at home mom! Sooo thankful to be able to invest in the life of my children and NOW grandchildren! What a gift!

    Love to you Debbie!

  2. Thanks for always sharing your gratefulness...I had been praying for you, since Melody went home, knowing that some emotions might arise.
    You are an inspiration as I mentioned in my emails.
    Blessings and your grateful heart is such an encouragement

  3. I'm blessed by your positive spirit and thankfulness.

  4. I'm so glad you decided to post today! Your another confirmation - God is so AMAZING!
    I'm thankful and rejoice with you that you are done radiation and chemo. Keep your eyes on Jesus!
    Thanks for posting!!
    Julie :)

  5. You are such a heart blessing.

  6. morning deb...typing w 1 finger cuz noah wants my arm around him. just wanted 2 say as usual, luv ur post.

  7. Wow Debbie,

    You made tears spring to my eyes. In a few years, just three, my youngest will be heading off to college.

    I just loved reading every word about your family, the children.... your legacy. You are an amazing woman of God. Thank you for sharing your heart. BIG hugs, Lynn

  8. What a blessing!!! Thank you.............

  9. Mom - I finally got a computer now! My brother got me my own laptop!
    Sunday mornings are the hardest.. you should've seen how frazzled i was before you got there.... But I was so glad you came! We sure do miss you guys, and will be glad to get back to our normal visiting schedule.

  10. I loved this blog. I too have been thinking back to the days of kids at home and all that goes with it. I miss it. Tonight the kids are all coming over for dinner and I'm soooo perky for it! I cannot wait for the day when the grandkid part starts.... At least Jess is getting married..step 1 accomplished!


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