Saturday, July 24, 2010


Mel & her beloved dog Baxter

Mel & her hubby Mike ~ how does she ever walk in those shoes??

My pretty girl...

Such a happy day

Sooo happy

It was 24 years ago today, July 24, 1986, that Melody Joy made her appearance into this world and changed mine forever…

Anyone who knows me well could tell you without hesitation that I talked about wanting a daughter of my own since I was a very young girl. I longed for the day when it would become a reality, and dreamed of all it would entail. I wanted not only the little girl and all the fun stuff that goes along with that stage in life, but also the woman she would eventually become, sharing all of life’s ups and downs with me in all the ways only a mother and daughter can.  After having had 3 wildish, energetic and active sons, whom I loved to death but also pushed me to the limits of my abilities, I was not very hopeful when I discovered myself pregnant again for the fourth time, that yet another son was not on his way. I was overcome with morning sickness and feeling like I might finally be in over my head.  One day as I was praying and asking God to give me strength, I felt He was telling me to look up Psalms 37:4. I did and it says…Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart….From that moment on, I knew my daughter was on her way…

I can honestly tell you that Melody has truly brought me nothing but joy and happiness since she first arrived. As a little girl growing up, she was just so easy. Obedient and eager to please me, she wore the little dresses and things I made for her and let me do her hair up in ribbons and bows even though she was a total tomboy at heart, haha…As she grew older her interest in ALL sports grew and eventually we found ourselves so involved in her world of sports, it dominated a lot that we did. She played on a travel softball team for years, and we covered a lot of the country going to her various tournaments and games.  What a fun time in life that really was.  But eventually she gave up softball as it took way too much of her time, and settled in a played only volleyball for her last couple of years of high school. As a teen-ager Melody and I enjoyed a closeness that I think most women dream of having with their daughters, but I’m not sure many enjoy. We talked for hours on end, and she seemed to not only truly listen to my advice and guidance, but shared most of her hopes and dreams with me as well. I think I was definitely the first to know of her love for Mike, who was to eventually become her husband. Her college years went by so quickly it seemed, and shortly after graduation she married and moved a thousand miles away from me. These last 2 years have definitely been a lot of adjustments for us both, but I think we have both settled into our life on the phone, facebook, and occasional visits. 

I am soo proud of Melody and love her with all of my heart.  I pray the Lord blesses her and makes His face to shine upon her now and always…HAPPY BIRTHDAY my beautiful girl and may God Bless you always and forever…


  1. Happy Birthday Mel!!! It is always so obvious how cherished she is to you!!!!
    : )

  2. PS I don't know if Diane is checking her blog at all, so if you would.... please tell her, I am anxious to talk to her regarding my new obsession....YARN!!!!!!! Also, tell her I miss her blogging!!!!!

  3. She just gets prettier every year! Tell I said "Happy Birthday!"

  4. HI sweetie, Birthday Blessings to your Melody. What a wonderful tribute; I knew that we had a lot in common and after reading of your closeness with Mel it is obvious because I feel the same way about my girls. Your daughter is so beautiful! Love all the photos-and her Baxter-what is he?
    May you both have a wonderful day.
    Love and prayers,

  5. What beautiful girl you have too, hope she has a very happy birthday, yeah I have not a clue how the ladies walk in them spikes, but then I use to, hugs

  6. You have a beautiful daughter and Happy Birthday to her. May God bless her richly. I'm afraid I'm posting something like this in about 9 years from now :) God bless you sister Debbie and praying all is well.

  7. Happy Birthday to Melody! Your daughter is physically beautiful but it also sounds like she's beautiful inside too. What a precious relationship you two share.


  8. What a sweet post for Melody. It is so obvious how special of a relationship you two have. Happy Birthday Melody!

  9. Hi my friend,

    Your daughter is absolutely beautiful. What a blessing she has been to you and you to her. I hope that her special day was a happy-filled one.

    I've been by to read your postings. I love your new home. It looks so warm and inviting. It must seem so nice to be settled in now. So much has gone on in your life over the past few months. My prayers continue to soar to the heavens for you sweet friend.

    Love you so much.

    Peace & Hugs,

  10. Hi Debbie,
    Hope all is well with you and you are feeling back to your old self.
    What a lovely post, your daughter is very special to you and a lovely gift from God. Happy belated Birthday to Mel.
    Enjoy your day.

  11. PS - I just scrolled down to see pics of the new house....VERY NICE. You will make many happy memories there. Congrats!

  12. Good morning, Debbie - and yes, the Debbie who was the winner on my post yesterday! Now, Hubbie totally drew the name out of a hat but I have to admit I was right happy when it was your name he drew:) Trust me, I have just a little something but would love to send it to you!

    My email address is : All I need is your new address and its on its way:) Hope your Tuesday is starting off well - a cleaning day around here (getting ready for that boy to come home and all!) but hopefully a productive day!

    Enjoy whatever you have on your agenda today - hugs, Jennifer

  13. Goodness - you are an earlybird (something else we have in common!) Glad you stopped by this morning. I received your email yesterday - thanks. Great news from the doctor - well, officially being released:) and, well, patience with the rest, right? They tell me patience is a virtue:)

    I will do my best to get to the post office this week but honestly it could be this weekend. Something should be in the mail soon, though. Have a great day, friend.

    Hugs - Jennifer

  14. Beautiful!

    So glad you got your baby girl!


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