Thursday, August 12, 2010


I am a little behind, but better late than never right?  haha  It is time for thankful Thursday and I decided to list some of the "little" things I am thankful for.  I think sometimes they are much easier to overlook than you might think.  Especially when the "big" ones are right there for all to see.  Let's see....

I am thankful for all the BEAUTIFUL weather that So. California has been enjoying this summer.  Everyday for days and days now (or so it seems anyway) we have been hitting "maybe" the low 80's.  Cool ocean breezes (and we are still a ways from the ocean) blow accross the land at night and keep us all soo comfortable during the day.  Generally this time of year we are sitting at the upper 90's or even into the low 100's in the inland valley (though I have technically moved from there into Orange county, haha) making everything you do (short of sitting in a pool) pretty unbearable if you are outside.  Now I am sure it is bound to change and heat up, but in the meantime, boy I for one am REALLY enjoying it.    I am thankful that Jessie was able to help my hair dilemma's yesterday and I left there a pretty happy camper.  She added quite a few highlights to start with.  Now my hair had already lightened some just with washing it several times as I had been sooo blonde it was bound to do.  But the highlights really helped.  And then she cut a GOOD 2 and a half inches of the length and layered it all over.  The result is a much fuller, bouncer style and I just hope I can kind of work it like she did.  You know how that rarely ever look again like you did when you left, haha, or I don't anyway.   I am thankful that my son James & his little family are coming up for the day on Sat.  We have not had this kind of day since WAY before the surgery and I am sooo looking forward to it.  I am happy for the time that my husband and I have enjoyed here at our new house "alone".   I am thankful that I am ready now to add some plants and flowers to my front porch.  I have been soo looking forward to it.  And lastly, Melody will be here AGAIN the first week-end in September for a friends wedding and this time her hubby is coming with her.  I haven't seen Mike in 8 months and I have missed him too.  I am thankful my mother lives close enough to me now that she can come out and we can do things together.  She is coming tomorrow and we are going to one of our favorite little stores that is having a 3 day sale.   Sooo, I guess that about sums it up for now.   Again, my heart is light and my spirit is full of joy.  This verse in Proverbs is one of my favorites, and just sums up how a thankful heart is a happy has just been stuck in my head for a couple of days since I read it on Loren's post...thanks Loren  = )

A cheerful look brings JOY to the heart,

and good news gives health to the bones

Just couldn't resist adding this picture of Cody at the beach...
"What is this stuff on my hands?"  haha

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  1. Always such a blessing to read your post....your cheerful heart is like medicine to others souls!!!

  2. That is such a cute little expression on that baby's face. Loved it.

  3. Oh, I was hoping for a new photo of the new hair!!!

  4. I admit - the picture of Mr. Cody is adorable...but I really want to see a picture of your new hair!! So glad that you like it better:)

    Those summer temps sound like perfect temperatures...we should be there in a month or so - and I can't wait. I was in HomeGoods today and all the Halloween/Fall stuff is out - my favorite! Enjoy the weather - and getting those plants potted:) Great times....

    Happy Thankful Thursday!

  5. Oh Debbie I am so glad that you like your hair now!! I was hoping for a picture too. I bet it looks great. You're right about those short cuts, you do need to keep up with trims so very often. My Mom and I were just talking about that.

    How fun to get to see Mel and her husband soon too. That is nice to look forward too.

    Have a great weekend Debbie.
    Oh yea, and thanks for sharing with me your camping story at June Lake. Your vacation experience with kids beats mine by far! How awful that must have been!! Glad you can all laugh about it now.


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