Monday, August 23, 2010


We had another busy, productive, enjoyable week-end, and I hope you all had the same. Friday nights Jeff & I try to have a "date night"..This means he does his best to get home as early as he can (which coming from LA is NOT easy) and we DO something. Go to dinner, to a movie, get frozen yogurt, or have friends over to talk and play cards or something. Or when we are really lucky, we do them ALL like we did this week-end. We had a nice dinner out (soo many new places to discover around here) and then brought home frozen yogurt to enjoy later and played a card game that we all enjoy soo much. We play boys against girls and the girls are up by 3...haha... Soo fun. Then on Sat. Jeff and I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and then got started on our week-end project. I have a feeling we will be having one of these for a while until we get all the little things done around here we want to do. This week’s was hanging the wall stencils I had found the week before at the store with my mom. We had just the perfect place for one of these and I saw it in my mind’s eye before we had ever moved in. I was excited to see it up. I don't know if Jeff shared my enthusiasm as it meant crawling up on a ladder, but he (as always) was ready to give it a try. It actually came out better than I hoped, and Jeff was pleasantly surprised it wasn't as "fiddly" and hard as he thought it might be. He has always done all the wallpapering, painting, etc. we have done over the years and does such a good job. Here are some pics, though again they really don't do it justice, but you will get the general idea

Getting started....Of course this came after much measuring and finding the center of both the wall and the stencil....already too "fiddly" for me, haha

LOTS of rubbing with this little stick!

First part up....looking good

Second part coming out ever so slowly....

I LOVE it....and this verse.

I had also bought some wrought iron scrolls (this is what I have been calling them, I am not sure "what" they really are, haha...but we hung one on either side of this.  Measuring for the exact placement of them was the harder part of this....

Soo pretty

I had to take this pic from soo many angles as you can see how the light from the sky lights played on the wall and it was hard to see.  This isn't the best angle, but you get the general idea.

Found the perfect spot for my new picture...I love it Jennifer and everytime I answer that phone I will think of you I'm sure..

Sunday found us visiting the same church, and there are many things we are discovering we really like about it.  The Pastor seems to be really anointed by the Holy Spirit and we both enjoy his style of teaching.  The people are warm and friendly and the church is only 5 minutes from our new house.  Could it be we have already found a new church home?  We are doing lots of praying about this.  Though I did notice they have a womens Bible study group starting up in Sept. on Tues. mornings.  Could just be perfect for me.  Guess we will see what the Lord has in mind.  The rest of our day was spent at the swimming pool.  Hubby swimming, me sitting on the side in the shade with a drink, haha.  We bbq's a nice Salmon and some veggies for dinner, and I watched a marathon of the Love comes Softly series on TV.   Hubby hung with me for a while, but finally went into the Grandkid room and watched some of his beloved football.  He always misses Mel about now as she was his game day partner during this season.  I will watch BIG games with him, but that is about all I am good for.  Sure am glad we still have two good TV's, haha....

Little Jeffie and Lindsey started their first day back at school today.  I honestly cannot believe summer has come and gone and the kids are back in school.  The holiday's are around the corner.  Did I say that out loud?  haha  Leah sent me some pictures of the kids via my email.  Isn't it wonderful that we can do such a thing and be able to SEE things soo quickly? 

She's not excited or anything, haha

How darling is this little first grader??  Can't believe he is already in the first grade!

I pray all of my grandkids have a GOOD year and the Lord watches over them all.  Soo hard in today's world to feel good about it all.  Good thing we know the Lord is watching too. 

Hope you all have a wonderful week. 


  1. Hi Debbie. You had a nice weekend it sounded like! I too love that verse, and I think it looks perfect on your wall, and I love the iron scrolls on either side. Your home is looking so warm and cozy!!
    Indeed summer is coming to an end, although with these triple digits, it is hard to believe!! I should start to think about the upcoming holidays, but I don't wanna!!!!! Have a great day!

  2. Absolutely love the stencil...and kuddos to hubbie getting up there and working that all the way across the wall. Love my hubbie to death but totally do NOT see that ever happening at our house! It looks great "up" there (much higher than I had imagined...all the more reason - not happening here!)

    Sounds like a great weekend. I love a productive weekend - with plenty of time worked in for the pool! Like the picture above the phone - glad it will remind you of moi:) And if you use the phone half as much as I do...that will be aplenty reminding!!:)

    Have a wonderful week, friend!! PS - Kiddos look too cute for school:)

  3. Stenciling looks so difficult. You man did a fine job.

  4. The vinyl stencils look great...I have some around my house and just love them!!!
    Looks like you had a nice weekend...Blessings and praying for continued healing and strength...enjoy your fall!!!

    Oh and for your comment on my post...I think a lot of us are going through seasons of growing deeper in His truths!!!

  5. Hi Debbie, Love the verse and the stencil looks perfect with the scroll work next to it! Loved seeing the grands first day of school and so glad you may have found a new community of believers.
    Hugs, Noreen

  6. Sounds like a nice weekend. I love that verse and the scrolls on your wall!! They look so pretty. I love that kind of stuff. Your home does look so nice and cozy. Very inviting. I bet you are enjoying making it more yours everyday.

    Stay cool in this awful heat! I can't stand it.

  7. Your weekend was certainly jammed packed. I love the stencil on the wall; looks great. I love that you two have a date night. That is so good for marriages.

    Blessings and love,

  8. Love, love, love the stencil verse, Deb!!! And the scroll accents look absolutely perfect!!

    Hope the new church works out for you.....There's nothing like being part of a body believers that He plants us in, is there!....Maybe this is the one!

    Have a blessed week!


  9. I'm so glad to hop over here and see your creative and good post! I love the stencils, and your hubby is a 'good guy'... mine on a ladder... not so much!

    Thank you for your always encouraging comments, and it's been fun to peek into your life today! I hope the new church is the right one, and if not, there will be one!

    Blessings sweet friend!


  10. Love the project you and your husband tackled together! Looks absolutely beautiful! Blessings!

  11. I love that scripture verse as well and it looks so pretty up on your wall! Glad you're settling in on a new church. Love the pictures!!!

  12. Happy Wednesday - hope it is a great day for you! Did your appointments go well? Hope that you are still healing beautifully:) Just wanted to stop by and send you a smile:)

  13. love the wall art! and the kids pics are adorable~you knew that :)

  14. I love the stencils you did on the wall. I've seen pictures of similar verses but never knew how they got them on the wall. Duh! I guess I'm really behind craft-wise. ha ha Anyway, for real, it's beautiful. Mississippi


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