Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Every once in a while you come across something that you just know is going to have a profound effect upon your life....Do you know what I mean?  Yesterday, as I was reading on Sassy Granny's blog, she told us about a woman named Elaine @ Peace for the Journey.  I wish I had come across this special ladies blog a long time ago as it is soo obvious that her love for the Lord just permeates through every area of her life.  She was just diagnosed on Mon. with breast cancer.  Obviously with all I have recently been through, I have no doubt I can understand all the feelings and questions and concerns that are running through her mind and that of her families.  It is a difficult place to be.  And yet her peace that can only come from Him is so apparent and leaves you with a feeling that no matter what may happen, all will be well.  I understand and know that peace as I too experienced it when it was my turn to hear those words.  She does a MUCH MUCH better way of expressing what I tried to say.  I haven't had time (yet ~ trust me I will, haha) to fully investigate her blog but it appears as if she has written a book called Peace for the Journey, which no doubt helps to explain why she expresses her self soo well.  The Lord has so obviously blessed her with the written word.  I intend to order this book and read it as I just know it is going to be full of much needed insight into Him.  Everything I have been through has caused me of course to take stock of my life and REALLY look at what is important in this life and what just isn't.  What exactly is the point of it all.  I have much to learn and find myself weak and lacking in many areas.  But something she wrote on her blog just soo summed up what I have come to the conclusion to, that I decided I needed to share it with all of you in case there are others of you out there who have not come across this blog and this spirit filled woman of God. 

“It doesn’t matter how long God chooses to preserve my earthly life. What matters is how I choose to preserve him in the earthly
life I’ve been given.”   Elaine Olsen

Truer words were just never spoken in my opinion....this IS what it is all about.  We are put here on this earth to love God and to spread His love to those around us that we might bring others to the saving knowledge of Him.

Luk 10:27 So he answered and said, "'You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind,' and 'your neighbor as yourself.'"

None of us the time or the day that our souls will be required of us.  We may be blessed with a long and healthy life here on this earth.  But what would it matter if we are not living our lives for Him?  Every moment needs to lived as if we KNEW they were numbered.  Wait a minute....they ARE numbered. 

If you get the chance visit Elaine @ Peace for the journey and I know you will find a true woman of God who will bless us all with her journey through life with breast cancer.  Pray for her when you can.  Pray that God uses this circumstance in her life to bring others to a relationship with a living and mighty God whose love for His people can never be matched by anything this world has to offer.  Pray for the Lord to show us how to make our lives matter for Him. 


  1. I know Elaine but haven't made it to her blog for the last week. I'm so sorry to hear about this. You know, I just sent her a card like I did for you because she was on my mind. I had prayed for her and now I know why.

  2. Blessings Debbie... I'm so glad that you shared this and also your comment at Elaine's! I had no idea that you, too have gone through this. I am so sorry! I love how you reached out to Elaine. There's another blogger, Stacy His Way...Not Mine, who has been sharing her journey since surgery this summer. I just wanted you to know that I prayed for you, too as I found out. I just left a prayer at The Lighthouse of Prayer for Elaine but had I known I would have added one for you also! My own sister is a breast cancer survivor.

    May God strengthen you and bring you comfort & peace! Your sweet words are so powerful and true!
    Praise God that you can share with others so well & remain strong! May God wrap His arms around you & your family, just like that sweet photo of you & your hubby! God be with you!

  3. Thanks for sharing about Elaine, Debbie, I will pray for her, and I will visit her. What a profound statement she made
    As always You give me so much to think about,I leave inspired , challenged and motivated.
    What a precious sister in Christ you are ,and what a testimony of God's faithfulness you give.
    Much love,

  4. It blesses me greatly to see what a groundswell of support for Elaine there is here in the Blogosphere.

    Believing and praying with you.


  5. Hi Debbie:

    I'm glad you posted about Elaine here. She has become a special 'buddy' through the cyber visits. I am midway through her book, and you are going to love it!! She has a true gift of writing and expressing what god has shown her. And it rings true in my heart. I'm loving her book!

    It sounds like you've been there already, so you wil be an encouragement to Elaine, and together, we will pray and walk through this time with her as blogging sisters!



  6. Thanks for sharing...I will put her on my prayer many fighting the cancer battle, and yet, what you wrote is the TRUTH!
    I have seen her blog and her book, but will check it out some more.
    Each of us have struggles...we are dealing with a rebellious child right now and it is hard to just step back and believe God...just like believing for each day for life.
    May you find God continue to meet you at each corner of your journey!
    Blessings...and you are continuously in my prayers,

  7. Thank you for sharing this!! Will visit and pray.

  8. Elaine's quote is so great and so true! And I love how God allows us to share our struggles, our pain, our revelations from Him to encourage others in the journey! And the truth is all us have very minimally numbered days here on this earth! Thanks for all your sweet words and encouragement on my blog! It always makes me smile to hear from you!

  9. I have come across Elaine's blog before but it has been some time - so glad to have the link again. Isn't just amazing - and wonderful - to see how God can use the things He has allowed in our own lives to prepare us to reach out, emathize and perhaps be a blessing to others who walk the same road after us! I love it when this happens. Truly He has a purpose in every single thing in our lives. I know God led you to Elaine at just the right time...and I know you will be a blessing to her (you are to me!)

  10. You are kind and gracious with your heart here, Debbie... far more than I deserve. I'm sorry we've not "met" before, and I'm not sure of your recent struggles, but this I do know... God is watching over you and keeping you close to his heart. To find true peace is to find Jesus, and that search has always been an easy find for me.

    Blessed Sabbath rest to you and yours. I'll do the same.


  11. Good morning, Deb - hope that you had a great weekend! Did you get away to the beach? Sure hope it was a weekend filled with time with family:) Always the best. Any good plans for the week ahead? Whatever they are, I pray it is a blessing-filled week! Hugs on a Monday morning (my favorite), friend!! Jennifer

  12. Debbie, you and Elaine have much in common. I'm so glad you found her through Kathleen's blog. I've been following her for a few years now and she is the real deal.

    Blessings and love,

  13. Debbie, I have been thinking about you and just wanted to stop in and see how you have been. This was a sweet post and thank you for letting your readers be aware of Elaine, there is power in prayer and we will stand in the gap for her. :)

  14. This quote matches a cross stitch picture that hangs in my kitchen that my mother made in '84 & gave me the month before she died in '02. It says "It matters not how long we live, but how". I LOVE THAT!


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