Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I can't believe that it is already Wednesday evening! This week is flying by. Our long week-end was soo good, and I hope all of yours were as well.

First of all I feel like I have to start by saying such a humble thank you for all the nice comments and encouragements I got from my last post. I think I need to clarify some of the things I said, as I think I may have used the "wrong" words to try and express how I have been feeling. By "ordinary" what I was trying to say could have maybe been expressed better by using the word average, or typical, or just regular or something. I guess as I type this even now, ordinary still springs to my mind, haha  But even as an ordinary/average woman, I WANT to live extraordinarily for Him. My job here is not to figure out necessarily what grand thing He might want me doing, (even though I feel like I should be doing something HUGE to properly express my gratitude for all He has blessed me with), but to just be willing to do whatever it is He gives me the opportunity or strength to do. To point my finger to all He does and give Him glory for it all. No matter how small or insignificant it may seem to me. To sing His praises, and love Him as long as He gives me breath to do so. I feel it is important for you to know that I too feel that being a mother and a grandmother is a VERY important job, and one in which I took very seriously and still do. No job is really too small when done with the right heart. I think maybe I should stop here, haha, as like I said before, I KNEW I would have a hard time expressing how I was feeling.

The week-end was such an unexpected bonus as I was not figuring I would get much time with Mike and Mel. They spent the first night here at Mike’s grandmothers, and the second night they were to attend the wedding, and the following morning they were to fly home. BUT! As it turned out, we went to dinner with them (and Mike’s grandmother and my parents as well) Friday night, and Sat. I got to spend a few hours with Mel while she got her hair done, and then they decided to stay on an extra day. This allowed several hours for Jeff & I to visit with just Mike & Mel. Probably doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, haha, but it just soo seldom happens when they are here; always soo much to do, soo many to see, and not enough time to do so. It was REALLY nice to sit and hear their plans and dreams for their lives and future. Then, for an even bigger bonus, Jimmy & John & Yolanda were able to join us for dinner that night and we all sat up till almost midnight visiting and laughing. Again, doesn’t happen often, though we did miss Larissa and Joe & Leah. But I will take what I can get, haha. They didn’t leave until late the following afternoon, so Mel & I got in ANOTHER long breakfast and chat. AND! She will be here a week from tomorrow for Jessie’s wedding festivities. Mike won’t join us until Sat., but still even more time with him coming up soon…

Today, was an important day….I got my prosthesis, and I am ever sooo pleased. MUCH better than I thought “they” would be, and is already helping me feel back to my old self. I tried on several tops after I got them, and managed to find a new pretty one for the wedding. How grateful I am that it all looks soo much more natural than I thought, and so far pretty comfortable too.

Mel right before she left for the wedding

Mike & Mel at the wedding ~ love those shoes

This was taken at another wedding they went to a couple of weeks ago in New Mexico ~ a college friend of Mels `~ just thought this was cute so thought I'd share it


  1. Debbie,
    I didn't read your previous post til just now. I was away and didn't read all of my blogs as usual. I want you to know how much you mean to me. Just me. One person. That doesn't even count the many, many others, whose lives you have touched in some way. And I am not even speaking about the way in which you handled your recent health scare. I have been reading your blog since the beginning, I think, and I always leave with a happy heart. Your words are meaningful and heartfelt, and your message is always sincere and comforting. I am so happy I have had the chance to also meet you in person, and on occasion chat with you on the phone. I consider you a dear friend.
    PS SO glad you have gotten some more Mel time!!!!

  2. Hi Deb. I feel the same way as my Mom. I know I commented on your last post, but after I did I thought that I should have said that you are much more than "ordinary"! But I think I understand what you were trying to say too. I am so glad you had such a nice weekend visiting with Mel and Mike and your family. Those visits are such treasures as we all get older and busier and they do not happen as often. Especially for you with Mel not living here too.
    She is such a beautiful girl.
    Glad you are feeling good about your new prosthetics too!

  3. I thought I got your last piece totally, because it so agreed in my spirit and I feel the same way...but again, these comments can't be heard with tone or completed thoughts.
    I feel you have already lived a more than "average" life and you have shared it with me through your blog. I have been in awe of your testimony.

    What a blessed time you had this past week! Wonderful pictures. Glad for your accessories!!!

    Hugs and so enjoy getting to know you!

    for extra time with Mel
    that so many could all be together (just the best of times!)
    for such cute pictures of your baby
    for new boobs!! (just had to throw that one in there!)

    Have a great Thankful thankful to have met you over the internet!

  5. Deb, your Melody and my Kristin do resemble one another. She is so beautiful and I was glad to read you had more time together.

    Love and hugs,

  6. How I love your heart so dear friend. You are one amazing woman of God. I thank Him that he brought you into my life as you always touch me so in your postings and your comments left for me...always loving, encouraging, inspiring and so very much more.

    Your daughter is breathtakingly beautiful. You know how I love pictures...her smile and grace exudes such beauty on the inside as well as the outside...she must take after her mother, don't you think? ;)

    Love you,

  7. Hey Deb!

    Love these photos .....Mel is beautiful!!

    I also read your last post and your heart felt words echo my heart in so many ways! I, too, have been reflecting alot lately about my life and the journey I'm on with the Lord and long more than ever to know Him in deeper and more intimate ways and live out my ordinary life in a way that is pleasing to his heart and brings Him glory. I stand in awe of His patient love, mercy and grace as He leads us each step of the way....What an awesome God we serve!!

    Thanks for sharing your are one extra-ordinary gal, sweet friend!

    Hugs! : ))

  8. Mel looks like a STUN! I am sooooo glad that they got to stay an extra day!

  9. I'm continuing to pray for you and you are often in my thoughts. I'm glad the prosethis worked out for you. I know that is a big deal from what I have heard from friends who have gone through the same thing.


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